Chapter 2: Night Time

I remember waking up in the middle of a great canyon surrounded by dead bodies with no memories of who I am, or where I came from, as I tried to stand up, to search my surroundings I felt a striking pain surround my body and immediately fell back down it seemed like I had fallen from the top of the large canyon and broke almost all the bones in my body, and looking up at the height of the canyon I can confidently say that Im incredibly lucky to have survived, unable to stand up or even lift a finger I decided to accept my fate.

As I lay on the ground slowly dying I tried to remember my past but nothing came to mind, but the word… ”system ” immediately I said the word in my head some kind of hologram or something there about appeared in front of me, and immediately I saw I knew exactly what it where I was, and where I came from. I lived on a place called earth I was a 15 and I was in high school I was a typical loser with no friends or family, I was an orphan, and the only thing I had to my name was my intelligence and for that, I was bullied, wait I don even remember my name. As I was leaving school one day I and all the students around me were suddenly transported to what I thought was a different world but turned out to be a tower, a tower they called ”THE TOWER OF VIE ”.

But no matter how hard I tried I couldn remember any more… not even my name, nor who I met in this tower, the only thing I could remember is that this tower had over a thousand floors and Im currently on the fifth floor, or at least I was right now I have no idea where I am, although no matter how hard I tried I still couldn remember exactly how I got past all the other floors, all I could remember is that it was very hard and I almost died on multiple occasions and during the battle, I was betrayed by someone in my group she, no he pushed me into the canyon during battle, I couldn remember his name neither do I remember the names of my companions, that I had travelled with. As I was trying to recall my memories I suddenly remembered that I had two low-grade healing potions in my low-grade inventory that I got from raiding the boss monster on the fourth floor it looks like a long curved red sword the and when you say the words inventory it appears before you can have as many as possible but either have to be given one from the tower as a reward or make one, which is something only high-class magic engineers can do.

I summoned my low-grade inventory which only had six slots two low-grade healing potions, one long sword, one shield, and one magic potion. I took both healing potions and a few minutes later I took the magic potion originally you were only allowed to drink a magic potion at least thirty minutes after you take the healing potion cause because if the ingredients of them are mixed it will become poisonous but I figured out a method in which you can use the magic potion increases the effects of the healing potion because by this time beast had already started to gather because of the smell of blood coming from the surrounding bodies.

After around an hour and thirty minutes, my body had almost completely healed so I stood and decided to check my stats, and I realized that even in the tower I was trash…




Agility- 16






Overall Battle Power-12.5

Stat Points-6


Beginners Swordsmanship(Level 5)

Overall level-6

EXP- 45

System notes: Complete trash among Trash; Little to no hope of becoming strong.

I was completely shocked by how low my level was thought I was at least level ten, and what was up with the system, calling me complete trash among the trash is a bit harsh. I decided to at least allocate my stat points so ill have a fighting chance against the monsters in the canyon where the weakest is at least level 30. I decided that the best option for me was to allocate my stat points between strength and agility.

After I finished sharing my stat points I was completely healed at first I thought that I would try to climb up the canyon but that plan was quickly shut down. I then decided that my only chance of getting out is to fight and if die fighting so be it.

I guess I shouldn have said that because immediately after I said that, i suddenly heard a ”Ding ” and then an urgent mission notification suddenly appeared IN front of me saying:

[Escape or kill the blood wolves]

”Rewards if Kill: ”

”Two low-medium grade healing potions ”

”One high grade mana potion ”

”One A rank ability of three ”

”30 Stat points per kill ”

”Time Limit: Non ”

”System Notes: If this is chosen then maybe there is hope for you after all. ”

[Rewards if escape]

”A set of C grade swift Boots ”

”One high grade healing potion ”

”One high grade sword (no special abilities) ”

”10 Stat point per kill ”

”Time limit Non ”

”System Notes: If you choose this not only are you trash but you are also a coward ”

Six wolves surrounded me, with the lowest of them being level twenty and the strongest being level thirty I knew that there would be little to no chance of me outrunning them, so I decided to fight them head-on. it seems the wolves saw this and decided to attack. The first wolf lunged at me I then dodged to the left the wolf then slammed its head into the wall, I took my sword out of my inventory and tried to stab him, I succeeded but all that was left was a measly scar, the second wolf tried to scratch me with its claws with the speed I brought out my shield and blocked, I then proceeded to counter with my sword but again that had little to no effect, knowing the situation I was in I had to take a gamble and try to escape but to do that ill had to distract the wolves, the only problem would then be, how.

I decided that the only possible way to escape was to act as if I was launching an attack on the pack leader and use that opportunity to run as fast and as far away as possible. So I did exactly that but it seemed like the leader had already figured out my thoughts because it decided to attack me first before I could even reach him.

As it tried to bite me with its razor-sharp teeth I took that to my advantage and shoved my sword down its throat then I paced away as fast as possible. The next thing I knew I was being three of the wolves luckily they were both only level twenty.

As the first one launched an attack on me from behind, I swung my shield into its face and kicked the second one luckily I remembered to activate my body enhancement magic, although its the most basic form of magic and requires little mana, it may save at time-critical times.

After slowing them I found a nearby cave and decided to hide them, of course, while hiding my scent with mud, and blending in with my surroundings. After hiding and a few hours, it was getting dark so the wolves decided to retreat, it was odd though, it was as if they were running from something.

I then felt the presence of a very powerful monsters, it had been so long i didn even realize it was getting dark, at this time of the day is when the truly strong beasts resurface from the day slumber, I then felt a huge breath behind me, it was the breath of a very powerful monster.


[New Quest Survive The Night]

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