Night Time(2)

I retreated as fast as possible, but I can confidently say it was like jumping out of a volcano only to enter a sharks mouth. As I left the cave I felt the killing intent surrounding me, and when I looked up I saw multiple beasts emerging from their slumber, and coming out of their caves, on top of their heads I could only see question marks, I was completely confused as to why I couldn see them, but I decided not to linger on it too much, the most important thing right now is finding a way of surviving the night.

So I continued running without looking back but after a few hours of running, I realized that I wasn being chased, I was completely and utterly, bewildered. As I wasn being chased I decided to take a rest, but it truly was c weird the more I ran the further away from the

I tried looking for an empty cave, only to find myself attacked by the inhabitants, I then theorized that the closer I get to a monster cave the more hostile they get, so as long as I don close to a cave I am theoretically safe, but that doesn mean I can just rest on the floor, with so many monsters surrounding me, so I continued to look for an empty cave.

After about an hour of searching, I finally found an empty cave and decided to rest there for a few minutes, after resting I got up and decided to search the cave, after about thirty min of searching I found traces of a beast nearby, it was probably going out to get some food.

I kept going deeper into the cave and, eventually, I encountered a nest, a nest full of monster eggs, after searching the surroundings, it seems to be a mother and she was alone.

I searched the surroundings for anything that could tell me the monster that inhabited the cave, after a few minutes of searching I found a scale, so it was probably a lizard-type monster.

After which, I looked at the eggs, and just like the other monster in the canyon, I could only see question marks as their level, after checking it out and looking for clues as to why it hit me if they had question marks on their heads doesn that mean their alive? So I decided to test my theory, with all the strength I could muster in my body I struck the first out of the three eggs, as my sword entered and came out it was full of slimy, weird goo.


Level up


Level up


Level up

”Amazing!! ”

I couldn believe that from killing just one of them my level went up twice.

Immediately after I felt all the energy in my body restored, and I could feel the power running through my body, and all the injuries I had, were completely healed, it was truly wondrous.

I then checked my status window, and all stats had significantly improved.


Overall Level-9









Stat points-15


– (Haste) Lv.4,

– (Evade) Lv.2

Beginners Swordsmanship (level 5 Beginner)

Overall Battle Power-20


System Notes- Interesting, the trash has levelled up from trash to baby killer, he truly is the worst of the worst.

From my calculation, it seems that whenever I level up my stats increase by three, and since I levelled up three times, all my stats increased nine times all except for luck, I wondered why.

After checking through my stats some more I realized that I had gained two passive skills, Haste and Evade it seems that I gained them because of the amount of running and dodging I did, I think it was especially because of those wolves, it sent shivers down my spine thinking ill have to face them tomorrow, but I decided not to waste time with unnecessary things and killed the last two eggs.

When I killed the second one my level went up only twice, and when I killed the third one my level went up once.

It seems that the higher my level is the harder it is for me to level up.

Before I could even finish figuring out how the system works, I was hit in my ribs by a large green tail and flew straight into a wall.

I was in complete pain and I wasn able to think straight but I knew that if he hit me with his tail again ill surely die. So as it swung its tail to attack again I dodged to the left and summoned my sword from the inventory, I then remembered I had that skill, I don know why I didn use it on the wolves it would have come in handy but I guess it because my intelligence had increased, I was able to think and act more calmly.

So I activated the skill and every time it swung I parried and I dodged, I knew I won be able to beat it so I focused solely on dodging and escaping, but one thing for sure, I could feel just how much I had improved… no wait I was still improving as I fought it I could feel my skills improving, as I fought it I could feel each of my stats improving little by little, I could already tell that my stats were higher than my level when I first levelled up, but this, this is astonishing.

I wonder just how strong I could get, but this doesn change the fact that I am trash yeah sure I could beat somebody at my level easily but Im still incredibly untalented. I thought this because I don know why but something felt different like beginners swordsmanship isn as strong as it supposed, furthermore, although I could barely remember my face I knew for sure, that when I climbing the tower I took even the worst, of the worst of my comrade barely two weeks to reach the level I am in ”Beginners Swordsmanship ” yet it took me two months, the only reason Im this strong right now is that I killed two unborn monsters, if it was someone else they would probably be twice as strong as I am.

Before I could even get deep enough in my thought the lizard blew its flames, from its mouth right at my face, I quickly dodged to the right and stabbed it in its eye, as it screamed in pain, thrashing and bashing around the cooped up cave, I took that opportunity to escape, but unfortunately for me the sound most have gathered the attention of other monsters.

Because as I left the cave I was met by a group of them, all with question marks above their heads.


Overall Level-12









Stat points-15


– (Haste)

– (Evade) Lv.2

Active skills- Beginners Swordsmanship (level 5 Beginner)

Overall Battle Power-31


System Notes- Crazy Fucker only Knows how to kill babies, doesn even know he is supposed to escape before the mother comes and is about to get himself killed. Hope he dies a painful death. KeKeKe:)

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