The presence of the beasts alone where enough to make me freeze in fear. The Lizard then took the opportunity to attack me with full strength it struck me with its tail, and flung me into a nearby boulder.

I barely had any energy left, at this point, even a rock could kill me, on top of that I didn even have the strength to fight because of blood loss, plus I could feel myself slowly losing consciousness. I guess at that point I decided to give up

As the beast was about to stab me, I saw a faint blurry figure, cut off its head, it then reached its hand out to me, but by then I was already long gone.

Usually, people aren able to remember their dreams. but I could clearly remember mine, I kept remembering falling off a cliff to my death again, and again, and again, and every time I fell I was pushed I could see, the persons face but, I couldn remember who it was, it was scary, the feeling of getting betrayed, by the person I trusted, was completely scary.

As I was falling from the last time there was something different about the person pushing me off the cliff, but couldn , really tell what it was, but as I was about to hit the ground I woke in a hurry.

As I woke up I quickly summoned my inventory to get my sword, however, it wasn there, I must have left, it was where the lizard was, still, it should have been summoned back into my inventory, but that didn make sense, then again Im alive and completely healed that shouldn make sense either, but for some strange reason it did.

After sitting down and thinking for a few minutes, about how I could be alive, I decided not to ponder on it for too long, because I had a more important matter to attend to… Where The Hell am I!!

After looking around for a few minutes, I concluded that I was in a cave.

”Pfft No shit ”

I practically jumped, and just like before I tried to summon my sword but it didn work, so I substituted for a stick lying on the floor.

The man IN front of me burst out laughing ”Do you intend to attack me with a stick you
e truly crazy aren you ”

I don know why but I was even more irritated when he started laughing, it was probably because it was true.

I then launched myself at him and and started to attack him, but I continuously hit him again and again but nothing came out of it.

He didn even budge, I guess at that point, not only me but also the stick decided to give up and just broke.

I was completely shocked, but for some reason, the stranger seemed more shocked than I was, ”Interesting ” said the stranger.

”Wow, kid!! Theres no hope for you in magic so I thought youd be good in other areas but thiss just bad, I mean could tell that you would be bad at martial arts from your body but I didn know it was this bad ”

”Those were the moves and technique of someone using beginners swordsmanship at the beginners stage but it doesn feel close to as strong ”

I was even angrier by his words now I tried to attack him again even though my sword (stick) was broken, but this time he simply caught it and threw it away and pushed me away.

I fell to the floor, thats when I finally accepted that he wasn my opponent.

He then asked me if I had finally calmed down, I nodded that yes I had, he then stretched out his hand to help me stand up, in anger, I slapped it away and stood up myself.

I expected him to get angry because of this but he just continued smiling like an idiot. I then sat back on the rock bed I woke up on and tried to tend to my previous injuries I then realized that most of them were already healed and the rest were patched up.

I looked back up at the man (who was still smiling stupidly), at that moment I didn bother to even look at his physical features.

He had long hair, and both his eyes and hair were red, he was wearing what looked like a sleeveless onesie…

”It isn a onesie you Ass-hat its rulers armour is made and it is made out of sopaz, it just so happens that the person who made it is a dickhead who doesn like me so deal with it you little shit ”

I froze, there was no way I said that out loud, he couldn hear me.

I Hesitantly asked How.

”Im a magician how else, and a pretty strong one at that ”

No matter how much I tried I couldn believe him.

I guess he read my mind again because he proposed to show me his status window, he probably wanted to gain my trust, because out of the memories I was able to rack up, I knew that going around showing people your status window isn the best idea. So I nodded yes.

Name: Eden Sanders, Age- 1000+

Job: Great Magician(9thclass)[SEALED]

Title- Great mage

Race: Half dragon/Half evolved human


Level-10,000+[True Level Sealed]









Stat Points-10,000

[Skills] [Hidden]

Overall Battle power:10,000+

System Notes: Wtf… I refuse to believe that this bastard still has even a shred of humanity left in him.

System Notice: Ninety Percent of all abilities have been sealed.

”What the hell ” I had heard that the strongest being in the tower had a battle power of 5000.

”Wait so you
e telling me this Bastard is at least five times stronger than that!! ”

As I saw his stats I got down on all fours and begged for forgiveness, hoping he will forgive me.

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