”Great master please forgive my rudeness to you I didn mean to hit you with the stick… please don kill me ”

As I was on the floor begging for forgiveness the man called Eden Sanders burst out laughing, he then asked me what I was doing while wiping a tear from his eye.

I told him that I didn mean to offend him and I was begging for forgiveness, this time he fell to the floor and was laughing even harder, this time I was even more if anything I expected him to be angry because I was hitting him, but he wasn .

I knew he was odd but this, this guy surpasses that level called odd.

”Hey kid don judge me, I haven met anyone like you in years, being this odd comes with years of being left in isolation with three old geezers ”

This time when he read my mind I wasn as shocked as I was the first time.

After that the man told me to take a few minutes and process everything myself, he also told me to start calling him by his first name, that he isn a fan of formalities.

After taking my time to think about my situation a lot of questions started flowing through my head, he seemed to have noticed that and told me that I could only ask three.

Any other person might have asked why, but I knew that he just couldn be bothered to answer my questions, so out of all the questions, I wanted to ask I picked the three most important to ask him.

”First question who are you? ”

”You already know the answer to that kid I just showed you my status window ”

”Second question in your status window I said sealed what does that mean? ”

”It means that Im only capable of using ninety percent of my true strength, and all those stats you saw were only ten percent of how strong Im supposed to be ”

”Third question… where is this place? ”

”This place is the basement of the tower no at the very least the entrance that monsters and beasts here are mere guards stopping people from going further into the basements, the monsters here are insects compared to the horrors that truly lie deep within… horrors from every floor in the tower ”

I was completely shocked when he answered my question of all the places I could think of this was the complete last, I didn even know the tower had a basement, and now Im in it.

I felt like I was about to go crazy, no I almost went crazy but, I was able to compose myself.

After sitting down to think I was about to ask him another question, but before words could even come out of my mouth, he interrupted me.

He said that even if I ask the question he won answer me, but he decided to allow it seeing the shock I was in.

”Is there any possible way I can get out ”

”NO, it is impossible ”

”As expected ”

I wasn surprised by his answer, just disappointed.

He suddenly hit me on the head with his hand, which felt like a rock.

”You didn let me finish, for the current you, its impossible to leave this place you are simply too weak. ”

”Didn you just say a few minutes ago that it was impossible? ”

I said asked stammering.

”I said don interrupt! ”

He hit on the head again with his hands, but this time much harder.

”But if you can grow stronger then it should be theoretically possible…but Im not sure ill need to talk to the others about this. ”

I asked him what he meant by others and exactly how ill be able to leave this place, but it was like he didn hear a single word I said, instead he just continued to walk around the room and talk to himself.

He suddenly stopped after a few minutes of walking, and because of this, I bumped into him while following him to try and get him to answer my question.

He then turned his head and looked down at me after I had fallen unto the floor he then turned his head back, and mumbled to himself then he looked back at me, he then did it again two more times, and stretched out his hand he then asked.

”Do you want to become stronger? If so follow me to become my disciple I can make you the strongest in the whole tower. ”

I had no words for what he had just said, all that could come out of my mouth was why. He then said that he was tired, of being stuck here for so long and that Im his only chance of leaving this place, he also said that this is the only way that I could also leave.

After sitting down for a few minutes and asking myself questions as to why he would ask me to become his disciple, I decided that I wanted to survive and if this was the only possible way for me to become strong then so be it.

I shall become his disciple, furthermore, I have nothing to lose from this I have quite a lot to gain from this, but before I could accept his offer I had to know something.

I stood up and proceeded to ask him the question.

”Wouldn it be better for you to wait for a person much more talented than me to come here? I mean, even you said it yourself Im not talented at all. Im incredibly weak and considered trash. so why choose me of all people!! ”

”Kid before another person falls down that canyon and lives like you it will take centuries, the fact that you are alive means that you are not only extremely lucky but our meeting was made out of fate, imagine the chances of me finding you half dead about to be killed by a monster when I was just happening to pass by that area. ”

I wasn surprised by his words at all he was being completely reasonable by asking me to be his disciple.

I thought he was a childish man, who didn know anything, but now I see he is an incredibly smart person who can think on his feet. Ive decided!

”I shall accept your proposal. Master! ”

”Good know follow me ”

I then asked him where we were going. And then he answered.

”You know how I told you that the canyon is like the entrance to the basement to the tower well, know we are going to the true basement of the tower, the place of darkness, the place of the abandoned. ”

I then asked him why we are going to the basement, and why we couldn just train here, where is safer.

He then answered me and told me that the basement is where the others are. ”Others? I had asked.

”Yes four others to be exact, four old, cranky, geezers, but also extremely powerful almost as powerful as me. They will be helping you with your training ”

”Understood, ” I said.

After an hour or two of walking the sun finally started coming up. What a night I had sighed, a night filled with ups and downs.

On one hand, I almost died and on the other hand, I figured out a way to, both leave the canyon, and a way to grow stronger.

For some weird reason, Eden started laughing very loudly.

”Do you think that last night was the same night, as the night you fainted? ”

I was completely lost by his words.

”W-what do you mean by that ”

”HAHAHA kiddo you were asleep for three days in other words last night to you was three nights ago ”

I don know why I wasn shocked by his words, maybe I had gotten used to getting shocked by him, or deep down my body already knew this but my brain didn realize it.

The weirdest part about it is that I didn even notice I was hungry until he told me I was asleep for three days.

Eden continued laughing for a few more seconds, and then asked me if I was hungry, I embarrassingly nodded yes.

He then summoned a huge piece of meat from out of nowhere and gave it to me to eat. He then summoned one for himself and started eating we sat down for about an hour or so and were just eating and talking it was quite fun.

After we finished eating he told me it was time for training.

He told me to sit in a crossed leg position, he then stood up and walked towards me and said.

”Now Im going to transfer the mana control technique control to you so be prepared ”

He then put his finger on my head as his finger came in contact with my forehead I felt my brain get flooded with the information I had never felt before, as all the information was entering my brain I felt nauseous and threw up it was the weirdest feeling I had felt in my life, immediately after I blacked out.

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