Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 13 - Manna At Red Twill Mountain!

tah alone would make short work of the little chick.

“Well lets test you if you are not going to respond!” A thunderstorm brewed with a single palm from Liu Qianyang, bolstered by beast ki from his ninth level beast veins. It was a ghastly move, and just the pressure from the attack was enough to suffocate Li Tianming! Overwhelmed by the attack, Li Tianming was forced off the stage. As the storm persisted, the gust caught up with Li Tianming, forcing him back another thirty steps!

The difference was simply too huge! With a difference of five levels, Li Tianming could barely stand straight in the face of the storm!

Despite his raging hatred, Li Tianming remained rational. Three years of hardship and tolerance had taught him what it took to be a hunter. A real hunter never tackles the beast head-on, but instead waits for the perfect moment to land the deadly strike!

What happened today couldnt be altered, and he undoubtedly failed to achieve his goal. Nonetheless, Li Tianming had proven himself. By defeating Li Zifeng and shaming Li Yanfeng, Li Tianming showed that he wasnt some trash that they could toss away on a whim!

As he landed, Li Tianming looked up towards Liu Qianyang sitting on his Lightning Bolt Cheetah, who said mildly, “Your beast ki can only reach the sixth level of Beast Vein. With this one-star lifebound beast of yours, what difference is there from being crippled for life? If this is all you are capable of, then begone. You arent worthy of being my opponent.”

Looking at how Li Tianming couldnt even put up a fight against Liu Qianyang, the crowd realised the difference between Flamehaven and Lightning Manor was beyond what they had ever imagined. This Liu Qianyang was younger than Li Zifeng and yet he was two entire levels higher!

“Before I go, let me ask you a question.” Everyone thought Li Tianming would be disheartened by now, but his composure turned a few heads. However, no one noticed the murderous look he was giving Liu Qianyang. He would return the humiliation of this palm back to him eventually.

“Sure,” Liu Qianyang said, as his Lightning Bolt Cheetah gradually grew impatient, growling restlessly.

“When will you be leaving Flamehaven?” Li Tianming raised up his head. If Li Yanfeng couldnt scare him, why should Liu Qianyang?

“Probably in a months time.” Liu Qianyang thought briefly. His sister was married, and he had obtained the Flameyellow Order, so there was no reason for him to stay too long. A month felt more than sufficient.

“Very well. One month later, at this very place, I will punch that annoying mug of yours. If you lose, the Flameyellow Order is mine. Do you dare accept my challenge?” Yet again, Li Tianming made everyones jaw drop. He had admitted defeat, and there was no doubt his opponent was way more talented than he was. One month later Liu Qianyang would be even stronger, while he would still be just hanging off his one-star lifebound beast, so what even gave him the courage to issue that challenge? It wasnt like he could improve tremendously in just a month.

“Whats in it for me?” Liu Qianyang snorted.

“Just my life.” said Li Tianming.

“The bets on. My brother-in-law raised you, taught you how to cultivate, even sent you to the institute. Yet you betrayed his trust, committed crimes, and refused to repent for your wrongdoings even after being punished by big brother Xiaoting! Today was supposed to be a happy occasion, and yet you chose to disturb the peace. An ungrateful little bastard like you should be removed. If my brother-in-law cant bear to kill his own flesh and blood, Ill help him clean house!” Liu Qianyang announced to everyone present at the Zephyr Square, the righteousness in his speech drawing praise, especially from the nobles in Zephyr Tower.

Li Tianming laughed. What a touching speech. To add on to the irony, Li Yanfeng had barely reacted to everything that Liu Qianyang said, making him almost doubt whether Li Yanfeng was really his father. Throughout the past three years, Li Tianming had asked his mother this question multiple times, and since his mother never lied to him, he had to believe it was true.

It was ironic indeed. An outsider from Lightning Manor, claiming to help Li Yanfeng to get rid of his own son, and Li Yanfeng didnt even react. Whats more, he was holding this exact outsiders sister by the waist, staring at Li Tianming indifferently from up high.

However, since he had long given up hope on Li Yanfeng, he found it amusing rather than upsetting. So much for parenting.

At least, he had secured one last chance to get the Order. It was the only way for him to return to the institute, and also for Li Yanfeng to send his mother and him out of the city with dignity! Everything that happened today, and the tricks Li Yanfeng pulled off, would only delay this.

The only real loser today was Li Zifeng. who was not only defeated by Li Tianming, but also had his Flameyellow Order snatched away. As he gazed mutely at Liu Qianyang, he probably felt the same way as Li Tianming did when he was abandoned by their father. Karma sure worked in interesting ways.

“So hes going to challenge Liu Qianyang again in a month to compete for the Flameyellow Order?”

“Do you think thats possible? The governor said he was just relying on his past experience and he can never go beyond the beast vein stage.”

“Then why did he act like he could compete with the prodigy of the Lightning Manor?”

“Ha! Of course he had to at least retaliate a bit before leaving, or else what is he gonna do, just crawl out like a dog?”

As everyone laughed, they looked at Li Tianming sympathetically. In the end, he was just a clown, dreaming of his dramatic revenge stories. Little wonder Liu Qianyang didnt even bother with him.

Only Li Tianming himself knew that his statements were not meant as a joke. He took a final look at Li Yanfeng. On top of Zephyr Tower, the man had the young beauty in his arms, both of them chatting casually. Liu Qianyangs appearance today had disrupted everything that Li Tianming had planned, getting Li Yanfeng out of a tight situation.

But could this be the end?

“Just you wait and see!”

Would it even take a month?


Night fell, as a sense of victory lingered in the bridal room. Li Yanfeng had a cup in his hand which Liu Qing refilled with alcohol constantly, the two of them clearly enjoying their time.

Liu Qings face was red from the alcohol, glowing faintly like a juicy peach. However, Li Yanfeng was properly dressed and seated, the beauty clearly not the first thing on his mind right now.

“Yanfeng, regarding the competition for manna at Red Twill Mountain, my brother will be relying on you.” Liu Qing refilled the glasses yet again, before finishing her own portion. Her snow-white skin was especially charming in the candlelight.

“Dont you worry, Red Twill Mountain is my territory. Any manna there has my name written on it.” Li Yanfeng was very confident.

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