Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 19 - The Princess Arrives!

Lightning Manor doing here? I saw a few others from your manor around here two days ago.”

“Errr…” Zhang Chong hesitated for a brief moment.

“Tired of living?” Qinger asked.

“I plead for your forgiveness, Princess. Ill talk.” Zhang Chong was sweating all over, a totally different figure as compared to when he just appeared. Unfortunately, he ran into someone way more powerful than him.

“My patience is wearing thin,” Qinger said. Li Tianming was equally curious about their business in Red Twill.

“Heres the full story, your highness. The Lightning Manor has found manna at the Red Twill Mountain Range, and we selected seven juniors to compete for it. They will each have seniors accompanying them, but we are not allowed to affect the competition in any way, and are only here to ensure their safety.” Zhang Chong explained the entire event.

“What tier is this manna?” The wordmanna clearly sparked Qingers interest. Even if she didnt need it, the lowest royal manna were still pricey treasures.

“Your highness, it is but substandard manna that cant even be rated royal. It is only capable of evolving a lifebound beast to six stars.”

“Substandard? You are aware of the consequences of lying, correct?” Qinger looked slightly disappointed. Clearly the manna wasnt good enough to rarouse her interest.

“I would never dare to. My son didnt have much hope of getting it anyway, so theres no reason for me to deceive your highness.” Zhang Chong gave a bitter smile.

That being said, the lowest tier manna could already be considered a treasure in Flamehaven. Perhaps only the real elites from Heavens Division or the Vermilion Bird clan would find no use for it.

“I doubt you have the gall to do so anyway. You may disappear from my sight now.” Qinger waved her hands again, her eyes filled with impatience.

“We thank you, Princess, my family and I will take our leave now.” Zhang Chong was clearly relieved that this was over. As he signaled his wife and Zhang Zixuan to take their leave, the couple approached Li Tianming, ready to bring him with them.

“Wait.” Qinger glanced at Li Tianming, and said unhappily, “Leave the pig here.”

Li Tianming stared in disbelief. Did she just call him a pig?

“But Princess, hes just a local bumpkin who assaulted my sons lifebound beast. We just wish to teach him a lesson,” Zhang Chong said.

“Your highness, may I ask for permission to take revenge for my lifebound beast…” Zhang Zixuan finally mustered up his courage to speak in front of the princess.

“No, you may not. I want this pig here. Now begone.” Qinger said again, leaving no room for bargaining.

At one side, Li Tianming couldnt help but sigh. If it wasnt for the two girls stopping him here, he would be long gone. Instead he was stuck here listening to the princess calling him a pig.

“But princess…”

“Out of my sight. Now. Dont make me repeat myself.” Qinger was not going to give them any chance.

Zhang Zixuans face bloated up in anger, but he couldnt utter a single word as his father forcefully dragged him away. Even when leaving, he continued to tremble as if he was having constipation. He even turned back multiple times to stare at Li Tianming with a burning hatred.


Only when they were completely gone did Li Tianming turn to face Princess Qing.

“What are you staring at? Not happy with me calling you a pig?” Qinger stared back at him, her puffy cheeks making her cuter than usual.

“Of course Im happy. How dare I be unhappy with the princess?” Li Tianming replied.

“Qinger, dont treat big brother like this. He did save me a few days back.” Jiang Feiling ran back to Li Tianmings side the moment the Zhang family left. “Big brother, are you injured?”

“Not at all, thank you for your concern, Linger. Gentle girls like you are hard to come by these days.” Li Tianming smiled.

“Are you hinting that Im not gentle?” Qinger quirked an eyebrow.

“Hey, I didnt say that.”

“Whatever. I give you leave to return to your farming, while we return to Ignispolis. See you, or rather, hope to never see you again. ” Qinger dragged Jiang Feiling back to her side, as if she wished for Li Tianming to stay as far away from her Linger as possible.

“Qinger, a moment. I have something important to say to big brother.” Jiang Feiling said.

“Something important?” Li Tianming was taken aback.

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