Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 20 - Next: Manna!

e hormones, eh?” The little chick didnt miss this opportunity to laugh at Li Tianming.

“Ill give you a choice. Grilled or stewed?” Li Tianming kept the pendant, his eyes still staring in the direction where Jiang Feiling left.

“Ha! I can beat you single-wingedly.” The little chick jeered back smugly.

“And now?” Li Tianming brought up his left arm, the dark arm in full view.

“Ahh brother!” The little chicks attitude took a hundred eighty degree turn. “Do you need a nice massage? Perhaps I can get you a drink?”

“Much better now,” Li Tianming teased.


“Hmmm… Manna.” Li Tianming tried to recall the stories he heard about this treasure.

It was said that manna was divine blessings given physical form. It came in all sorts of shapes, some stones, some gems, and some even appeared as liquids. Whenever a lifebound beast or a wildbeast obtained a manna matching their type, it could trigger an evolution that enhanced the beast, boosting both the beast and its beastmasters limits.

Out of the four different tiers of manna, even the most common imperial ones were said to evolve a lifebound beast to seven-stars. Seven-stars! That was sufficient to forge the scariest beastmasters! In Vermilion Bird, seven-star lifebound beasts were known asRoyal Beasts, crowned as the king of lifebound beasts!

Profound and terrestrial manna had even more absurd effects. For example, terrestrial manna was capable of evolving lifebound beasts to legendarySaint Beasts! Saint beasts stood at the pinnacle of the entire Flameyellow continent, and the Saintbeast War-Soul that Li Tianming once had was related to them!

As for celestial manna, they appeared only in legends and myths.

“Ying Huo, you mentioned that manna would be of great benefit to you?” Li Tianming asked on a more serious note.

“Thats right. When I heard about it, I managed to fish out quite a lot of information from my memory. Although my abilities as a Primordial Chaos Beast were restricted when I became a lifebound beast, the evolution caused by manna can help me get rid of these restrictions. My primal instinct tells me that if I keep evolving, I may eventually go back to my original form as the Aeternal Infernal Phoenix.”

“Then what are we waiting for? We know you need the manna, and we know where it is, so lets not dillydally any further.” Li Tianming told the little chick.

“Are you telling me you want to rob Lightning Manors manna? They have seven contestants, each of them guarded by parents or seniors who could easily squash you,” The little chick exclaimed.

“The pendant will come in handy against their parents. From the way Zhang Chong reacted to the princess, theyre probably middle-class members of the Lightning Manor and do not have that much power in Ignispolis,” Li Tianming explained. The jade pendant meant that he had princess Qing protecting him.

“Therefore all I need to deal with are the younger generations.” Li Tianmings eyes shrunk. While Lin Xiaoting may be the main culprit for Midass death, plenty of disciples from Lightning Manor were at one side watching and cheering him on. Even if the ones in Red Twill Mountain were not present on that night, Li Tianming just couldnt see them being friends, and probably would not resist his urge to punch them on sight. After all most of them, like Zhang Zixuan just now, were rotten to the core.

“Hey, I just realised something.” The little chick suddenly said.


“Liu Qianyang mentioned that he would be staying in Flamehaven for a month, right? The only reason for him to stay that long is because he is contesting for the manna as well! As someone in ninth level Beast Vein, he probably has the highest chance of getting the manna!” The little chick spoke with a hint of disgust, as it remembered how that teenager robbed Li Tianming of his Flameyellow Order.

“You are right, he must be here! That means his sister Liu Qing and my father would be here too. Now this is getting interesting.” The challenge ahead had gotten Li Tianming burning with anticipation.

“What kind of a father is he? Giving the Flameyellow Order to Liu Qianyang, then bringing him here to win the manna. Are you sure you are his real son, not Liu Qianyang?” The little chick spat. Indeed, how ironic it was that his father ousted him from the family and gave everything to an outsider!

“He used to come to Red Twill Mountain quite often, so you probably cant find someone more familiar with the terrain here. This Liu Qing, you reckon she married Li Yanfeng for her brothers Flameyellow Order and manna?”

“Quite possible.”

“Touching.” Li Tianming stood up, looking at the direction Jiang Feiling left once again.

“Then thats even more reason for me to snatch this manna from you and ruin your plans, Li Yanfeng! And Liu Qianyang, just you wait, because I will take back what is rightfully mine!”

With that, Li Tianming and Ying Huo delayed no further, as the two of them marched on towards an inevitable fight!

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