Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 23 - Fortune Is Found Amidst Danger

this conclusion was like a bucket of cold water poured on him.

“He didnt use a lifebound beast. I suppose his cultivation would be roughly mine.” Jiang Yilin kept her head lowered as she spoke.

“If you dont believe us, chase in that direction. He just left.” Jiang Tao suddenly cut in.

“That so?” Liu Qing and Li Yanfeng gave each other a quick glance. Seeing was believing after all, and the group of three hurriedly made their way in that direction.

“Dad, why did you let them go? Its going to be troublesome if Liu Qianyang gets the manna.”

“No choice. We have to let them meet the young man. How else am I going to explain myself after this? If I have no one to back up my testimony, they may even believe I privately stashed away the manna.”

“Anyway, if they snatch away the manna, thats offending the princess,” said Jiang Yilins uncle.

Jiang Yilin nodded.“I understand.”

“How is that young mans strength compared to Liu Qianyang?”

“Hes definitely weaker with Liu Qianyang, even if he didnt use his lifebound beast just now. Liu Qianyang has broken through to Spiritsource after all. The person just now relied on that strange armour on his left arm to beat me. His beast ki might have been scary as well, but it wasnt invincible.”


After leaving the lake, Li Tianming looped around to avoid being followed. Using the mysterious connection he shared with his lifebound beast, he felt the little chick approaching. The link also let them know each other was safe.

The little chick appeared from the thicket, chortling. “So, bro, got the manna? Im telling you, I led that croc on a wild chicken chase this time. That lumbering thing couldnt even see the feathers on my tail!”

“Pipe down.” Li Tianming hurriedly stopped him. He wasnt sure whether anyone was following after all. “How far did you lure the crocodile away?”

“It shouldnt take long to return to the lake. Why?”

“I encountered people from Lightning Manor after obtaining the manna. I managed to get out using the princess jade pendant.” Li Tianming said thoughtfully.

“Then what are we waiting for? Lets skedaddle back to Flamehaven!” The little chick was already salivating after seeing the manna.

Li Tianming frowned. “If we leave like this and you refine the manna, were not going to have a chance to look at that well again. Lets go back to it. Fortune is found amidst danger.”

Li Tianming wasnt quite ready to give up on the well despite the circumstances.

He had met up with the little chick, the Razor-Backed Colossal Crocodile had yet to return and Jiang Yilins group was probably no longer hanging around. All the cards seemed to line up nicely for a chance.

“My third eye has an advantage inside the lake. As long as we go in, I dont think they can find us.”

“Then lets go, go, go! This is exciting!” It really didnt know what fear was. It too wanted to see if the manna could open the well.

After making a giant loop back to the lake to avoid being followed, they discovered the crocodile indeed still wasnt back, while no one was around anymore. They quickly dived in. The lake was huge and their entry caused no disturbance.

But just as they entered, Li Tianming noticed a youth riding a Lightning Bolt Cheetah appear at the shore. “Liu Qianyang.”

Li Tianming watched him, but he definitely didnt notice Li Tianming.

Then, Li Yanfeng and Liu Qing appeared. The bewitching beauty was dressed in tight fitting clothes that showed off her curvaceous figure. Red Twill Mountain itself already had a hot climate, and her appearance only added to it.

“We didnt find Princess Qings subordinate. Did Jiang Yilin point us in the wrong direction?” Liu Qianyang said irritably.

“Possibly.” They had returned to try and ask Jiang Yilin more questions, but they were no longer around.

Li Tianming thanked the heavens that he had made a loop and made a narrow escape, or else he would have been caught.

Then, something more fun happened. At this moment, on the far side of the lake, the Razor-Backed Colossal Crocodile happened to make its way back at this moment, and it immediately noticed the mannas absence.

Alas, the Lightning Bolt Cheetah Liu Qianyang was riding was both a first-rate and large beast. It instantly aroused the crocodiles ire, which bellowed as it charged into the lake, leaving a spray of foam in its wake as it blitzed towards the cheetah!

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