Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 24 - Identity Exposed!

or Jiang Tao made this person up to trick us.”

“He wont dare to, hes not the type to play dirty and break the rules.” Liu Qing shook her head.

Hearing the conversation, Liu Qianyang got even more agitated. “Then stop wasting time here and keep searching!”

Not only did they find the manna or the person who took it, he also got a beating from the crocodile. Liu Qianyang was holding grudges against his brother-in-law by now.

“Find Jiang Tao and Jiang Yilin, and we can ask him what that young man looks like.” Li Yanfeng came to a final conclusion.

“Fine.” Liu Qing agreed, as the three of them reluctantly left to find the other groups.


In half a days time, Li Yanfeng met up with Jiang Taos group again. Following a series of arguments, the three of them had no choice but to believe that there were indeed aPrincess Qings subordinate around who took the manna and eluded Li Yanfengs capture.

A day later, the six of them ran into another family of three, consisting of the Zhang Chong couple and Zhang Zixuan.

“Whats with that sulky look, who got the manna?” Zhang Chong could tell that something went wrong.

“The manna was located inMirror Lake atop that hill, guarded by a three-star Razor-Backed Colossal Crocodile. By the time we reached it, a random boy had already taken it away.”

Zhang Chong was flabbergasted. “A random boy? Even if our younger ones couldnt overcome him, why dont yall just take it back? How can you let a stranger touch our Lightning Manors treasure!”

“That boy had Princess Qings jade pendant, do you dare to touch the princesss subordinate?” Jiang Tao rolled his eyes.

“Princess Qing!” Zhang Zixuan gasped.

“Did you see Princess Qing around?” Surprised by Zhang Zixuans reaction, the six clueless members stared at him anxiously.

“Yes we did, and what did you say? A young boy, with Princess Qings jade pendant?” Zhang Chong was in shock too.

“Do you know that person?” Li Yanfeng inquired.

“Heres the story: A few days ago, we ran into this boy…” Zhang Chong briefly explained the dispute between Li Tianming and Zhang Zixuan.

“After Princess Qing brought the boy away, she even gave him the jade pendant? Whats so special about the boy for the princess to treat him so well?” Zhang Chong was still trying to fully comprehend what had happened.

“Have you all seen this boy? Are there special any features about him? Or could he really just be a plebian from nearby?” Li Yanfengs brows were twisted into a single line.

“Its hard to describe what he looks like.” Jiang Yilins group had run into the boy too.

“He has a little chick as a lifebound beast. A tiny yellow one.” Zhang Zixuan supplemented with more details that he could remember.

“What!” The Li Yanfeng trio jumped up in shock. A month ago, a particular little chick had left them a strong impression, and it was quite impossible to find another lifebound beast as special as that one.

“Are. You. Sure?” Liu Qianyang was breathing heavily, his face as red as an apple. “Describe his looks in greater detail.”

Jiang Tao and Zhang Chong each took their turn to describe the young man, and they came to a conclusion as all the information came together.

“Li Tianming, it must be him! Li Tianming!” Liu Qianyang could not understand, how someone that he had despised so much could possibly spoil his plan and ruin his trip to the Red Twill Mountain!

“Isnt he just at seventh level Beast Vein? How did he defeat Zixuan and Yilin then?” Liu Qing was still doubtful, despite all the evidence that was pointing towards the truth.

“He reached Spiritsource before, and has some degree of battle experience. He must have used some tricks to get the manna.” Li Yanfeng stared into the distance. His mind had went blank momentarily when he heard that name earlier on, and even now, his voice was still a lot coarser. Li Tianming, his own son, coming to spoil his plans again and again!

He had already promised Liu Qianyang to get the manna for him, but Li Tianming was here to disturb him yet again. If Li Tianming managed to get the manna, what would Liu Qianyang think of his brother-in-law then? A governor that let his own son ruin his plans not once, but twice?

“Whats next?” Liu Qianyang was so pissed off that he couldnt even control the disappointment in his voice.

“He will eventually return to Flamehaven, and when that happens we just have to stop him halfway. Rest assured, he is the last person I will hand the manna over to,” Li Yanfeng hissed, looking towards Flamehavens direction.

“Why would he return if he had gotten the manna?” Liu Qianyang tossed out the question that the rest of the crew had in mind as well.

Li Yanfeng did not respond to that. He had no intention to tell them that the sickly Wei Jing was still in Flamehaven and Li Tianming needed to pick his mother up.

“Did you mention that this boy used a blood pact to get himself a one-star wildbeast?” Jiang Tao asked.

“That is correct.”

“Then theres nothing to worry about. No one-star lifebound beast could refine a manna. This boys efforts are futile.”

That sentence made Liu Qianyang a lot calmer.

“Even if we dont find him on the way back, he will make his way back to Flamehaven within a weeks time.” Li Yanfeng finally managed to appease the group, bringing the discussion to an end.

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