Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 25 - Great Fortune: Godsoul Canon!

e and the eye on it.

Suddenly, a golden mist coalesced in front of him, which reformed into golden words.

“First stage of Godsoul Canon, the Bewildering Eye.” Li Tianming read out loud. The golden script was too long and complex, but every word he recited was indelibly etched into his mind, never to be forgotten. It took him a minute to parse through it all.

“When the Bewildering Eye is mastered, the Godsoul Canons second stage can be learnt.”

Li Tianming was still confused, and when he shook his head to clear it, he realised that white world was gone. He was back in the hidden chamber with the white jade sphere, but the eye from before was gone.

Ying Huo stared at him.“What happened, why did you suddenly start reciting some scripture?”

Li Tianming took a while to respond. He examined the white sphere for a long while. Its glow was starting to dim, but nothing he did elicited any further reaction. The inheritance had ended, and perhaps only when Li Tianming made some accomplishments in the Godsoul Canon would there be a reaction.

“Do you know somewhere called the Wondersky Realm?”


“I think I got some good fortune.”

“What kind?”

“One called theGodsoul Canon. It seems to be the technique of illusion-type beast masters.” Li Tianming said.

Illusion-type lifebound beasts were a rare breed, all of high rank. Supposedly, Liu Qing was one of those rare beastmasters who possessed one. These abilities to cast illusions were impossible to guard against, and in battle, they could be used to confuse the opponent or even take control of them.

“Well, then try it. Ill see how you fare when Im done with this.” The manna refining had already started, but the process still needed some time.

Since it was going to take a while, Li Tianming took a seat, planning to examine the Godsoul Canons first stage, Bewildering Eye. “This is a technique, not a battle art.”

Illusion-type beast masters also had their own illusion-type battle arts, but the Godsoul Canon wasnt one of them. Illusion-type battle arts were based on the foundation of being an illusion-type beast master to use, and ordinary people couldnt use it.

The Godsoul Canon worked by transfiguring the eye to make one become an illusionary-type beastmaster. Such outrageous techniques would be called secret techniques.

Techniques had two kinds. Apart from secret techniques, there were the more standard cultivation techniques like the Darkgold Technique and Aeternal Infernal Codex.

Cultivation techniques helped convert the spiritual energy of heaven and earth into beast ki, make breakthroughs, form the spiritsource and so on. It was the fundamentals, even more important than battle arts. Li Tianming had heard of some specially created secret techniques that could be added onto the base system of cultivation techniques. Today, Li Tianming found one, one that didnt conflict with the Aeternal Infernal Phoenix at all, the Godsoul Canon.

He began to practice it.

“Scary, scary! The idea is to establishillusion-type spirit veins in the eye to let beast ki flow through. Theyre tiny and they need to cover the whole eye. A slight failure could very well lead to your eye being kaput!”

“The Bewildering Eye needs you to establish a whole eighty-one illusion-type spirit veins in an eye. This kind of thing that needs such delicate work is very dangerous. Those without special eyes basically have no chance of mastering it.”

“But success would lead to the eye becoming a Bewildering Eye. It can still cast illusionary effects even if youre not an illusion-type beastmaster. It may even be stronger than one! Its already so complicated. I wonder what stage the Skypolarity Eye that can make the spirit core open the Wondersky Realm is?”

Li Tianming had a premonition that this was a huge windfall. If he could master it well, it would lead to untold benefits. “I wonder how it compares to my Saintbeast War-Soul?”

His sixth sense told him the spirit core wasnt worth any less.

“From within the great unknown, huh?” Li Tianming felt so many things still felt unknown and mysterious to him. His meeting with Jiang Feiling felt like one of them. He really did have some belief that he had obtained this spirit core not just through luck, but also through its owners beckoning.

“Lets begin!”

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