Beauty is a Beasty

Chapter 2 - Rose

If I had been asked what I wanted to do tonight, I would have said stay at home. Believe me, the last thing I wanted to do was attend a ball. I would have been perfectly happy staying at home and reading a book. But seeing as it was the crown princes birthday, and my family was one of the oldest noble families in the kingdom, I could hardly afford to skip tonight. Especially since my mother was forcing me to go, or else she would burn all of my books.

I wore a silver gown that was fitted to me, as was quite common for me to wear to a ball. It was something that would hug my body where appropriate without showing too much cleavage. I always preferred to wear clothing that would allow me to go unnoticed. It was also the complete opposite of what my mother would have me wear.

If my mother had her way, I would be wearing a gown that would make me the most noticeable lady at court. As my maid put on my makeup, I thought about my plan to escape the ball tonight. I was so far in thought that I didn notice that my maid was trying to get my attention at first.

”Lady Rose. ”

”Im sorry, what? ”

”My lady, Her Grace is outside and wishes to speak to you. ”

”Let her in, Hildy, before she gets an axe and knocks down the door. ” I said with a sigh. I knew exactly what my mother wanted to talk to me about. I was about to get a lecture about how it was my duty to find a husband and carry on the family line, never mind that I don want a husband.

Besides, even if I were to want a husband, I doubt any man in his right mind would be attracted to me. I am considered to be too smart for my own good just because I can actually think for myself. I know how to defend myself and I am quite skilled with a dagger and hand fighting, and I can curse something awful much to Mothers ultimate annoyance.

”Yes, my lady. Let me just say that you look beautiful, Lady Rose. ”

I looked in the mirror and saw that she was right, I looked beautiful, for once. In fact I hardly recognized myself once I looked in the mirror.

My mother chose that moment to enter the room, stating ”I can believe my eyes, my daughter is actually a noble lady. ”

”Well, Mother, you can thank Hildy for that. She can work miracles on even the ugliest looking woman. ”

”Rose, I have told you this many times before but it never seems to sink through your head. You should use tonight to find a husband, a man who will give you a good life and continue on the family line. Try not to let your, ah, knowledge show through. ”

”So you mean for me to pretend to be a brainless twit who only cares about what a man can do for me. Mother, didn Father have to deal with the same kind of trouble before he met you? ” I said with annoyance.

”That doesn matter. You have a duty to the fief and to your father and I to see that you have a son that will become a duke. ”

”Oh Mother, its nice to know that you actually care about me but when will you understand that I don want a husband and I am perfectly capable of becoming a duchess without one. ”

I was going to this ball but I didn have to like it. Knowing Mother, she was going to require me to stay the whole time, so I had already slipped a book that I was currently reading into my purse. My plan was to find a quiet corner to hide in and read the whole time away. Social events always seemed to go by quicker when I was reading.

My mother simply frowned in disappointment and left without another word. I was always nothing but a disappointment to her.

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