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Chapter prologue

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My name is Nagi . I was enjoying my life but when I died, it was quite a simple death . The cause of death was suffocation . I wasn strangled by my lover for cheating or something like that . I just quickly ate a lot of rice cakes1 .

I was eating rice cakes that were sold at the supermarket, baked in a cheap oven toaster and cut into pieces . Even though I was chewing it carefully before swallowing, it still got stuck on my throat . That was my fault since I was eating rice cakes alone so it was inevitable . Lets just give up gracefully . I won be able to do anything about it anyway .

Even though I kept my interaction with the neighbors to a minimum, I was at my neighbors entryway frantically hitting the doorbell and violently knocking on their door . Unfortunately, my two neighbors were away .

In my panic, I left my phone on top of the table in my room . 119? Or should it have been 110?2 I should have contacted them before I went to my neighbors for help .

In my last-ditch effort, I tried to push out air from my lungs using the apartment corridors aluminum handrail . I got dizzy and collapsed on the corridor . The rice cake won come out . I should just give up… . I had a friend who frequently came to my room and I told him to「physically destroy my HDD」when I die so I don have any regrets, I think .

…everything is white . And theres a strange floating feeling . Theres also an old man…

Im an atheist, so Id only believe in what I see .

But, it seems that god exists .

「Youー, I just happened to see it but, you had a pretty interesting death . 」 Theres an extremely frank old man in front of me . Because Im Japanese, I thought that in the netherworld, Id receive judgment and go to either heaven or hell but, when I took a look around, a god-like deity appeared . [TN: He didn expect to meet Kami-sama]

He looks exactly like the character from the chocolate wafer sticker I saw when I was a kid . Huh? That sticker of god had a heavenly god feel to it? Well…whatever .

「…are you…Kami-sama?」 「Thats technically correct but, why was there a long pause?」

I should respond politely right?

「I am technically a Japanese person but, are you not called differentl

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