Becoming a demon lord

The time I was called by god

I went to our meeting place on the way to school but Suzuran didn arrive. Im going to pick her up despite what happened yesterday. My stomach hurts. I hope I don get killed.

「Good morning. I came to wake up Suzuran」 「Oi, you already stopped using honorifics? You sure are getting along」 Im being hold up as expected. Im feeling intimidated but I can feel any bloodlust. Am I okay for now?

「Well… The person herself wished for it?」 「Thats right, since she said so you have no choice right?」 Am I still being hold up? 「Dear? The children are going to be late you know?」 With an icy, razor sharp smile, Ichii-san let out his bloodlust. 「T-then, you go wake her up okay」 With that said, they started talking while I was heading towards Suzurans room.

「Ive been telling you since yesterday, no matter how you look at it, Suzuran was the one that started it. Its just that Caam didn feel like doing it yet」 「But you know, he did nothing even though she went that far. What does he not like about our daughter?」 「Caam is a gentleman. Wouldn you feel bad if that girl was taken while she was drunk?」 Ichii-san, Ricoris-san. I can hear you, you know…

When I knocked on the door, there was no response as usual. 「Im coming in」 I waited for a bit after I called out before I entered.

Shes still asleep as usual but the short pants that she normally wears has fallen beside her bed. I wonder if shes in her underwear inside of the futon… Well… ”that ” already happened so I did various things while I was alone to vent out but thats not strange. [TN: in other words, he was choking the chicken, beating the bishop, buttering the corn…I should stop now…] Shes already of age, huh… I just stayed on the doors blind spot. ”I just came you wake you up as usual you knowー ” Lets just pretend thats the case.

I shook her shoulders as usual while saying ”wake up ”. As she was starting to wake up, I noticed that there was underwear has slipped down and is stuck on one of her knees at the bottom of her bed. It seems like my lower half is waking up as well. Is she only wearing her shirt inside her futon… Ookaay…I already enjoyed myself yesterday right. Alone!

What should I do… if I leave the room as it is, would she just go back to sleep… or would Suzuran be embarrassed…

We are going to be late because Im a coward. In the end, I just decided to shout and close the door of the small room so that it would produce a loud sound. And also, the color was white.

The awkward mood was still there when I returned to the living room. While I was drinking the tea that I received, I was held up by Ichii-san as expected. 「What do you think of Suzuran? You were in such a situation yesterday but why did you come back immediately?」 It seemed like I shouldn beat around the bush so I just looked straight into his eyes and answered. 「I think that…no, I like Suzuran. I think that I made the right decision yesterday to return immediately because I didn want to do it with someone who is drunk. I think I want it to be under mutual consent and not under the the influence of sake. To be honest, after I put her in her bed, she caught my arm and pulled me with her and it almost happened but I did what I said earlier. And after it looked like she was convinced, she let me go」 「ara, I thought that girl was a late-bloomer but she surprisingly isn 」 Uhm, Ricoris-san, Suzuran is a carnivore you know. In food and also in love.

「…well, I can do anything about it if Suzuran likes you. Its just that its my dream to hit a guy I don know who suddenly comes and says ”Please let me have your daughter ” with all of my strength」 I decided to not say anything and just sip my tea. 「But still, if that girls comes home crying, even if you are at the ends of the world, Im still going to come and beat you up. Understand? Do you have that resolve?」 「…I understand. Please don hold back if that time comes」

There is no sign of Suzuran arriving yet.

「Tell me about your plans. And it better not be about what youll do to your wife」[TN: I think this is probably right but Im not sure what よっちゃ means] 「First of all, we will complete our schooling. This will not be a talk about not finishing school because knowledge is wealth and a very important asset」 Even on Earth, having qualifications and licenses can be an important asset. Knowledge, in some ways, can be considered as weapon. 「Ha! The guy who used magic during harvest to make life convenient still wants to go to school, huh」 「School is used to deepen your friendship with your colleagues from the village. That connection won be severed when you are already working after you finish school so it you won lose anything even if you leave. After graduating, the first thing I will do is to leave the village and try to earn money in the town. Money will always be needed be it in marriage, in living or even in raising children」 「Ka-chan, isn this guy better than me right now? I suddenly just lost my dignity as his senior though」 Well, thats because its somebody who has lived for 30 years inside. [TN: I hate that he still acts like hes just possessing that body…]

「After that, I would like to earn money by having some kind of stable occupation. An adventurer seems to be a job where you aim to get rich quick but I don want to do that kind of dangerous work」 「When I was your age, I was swinging a stick way saying I want to be an adventurer you know? I did it together with your father, Hail. We know that you have a secret base in the forest. It seems like you made it yourself. Thats what Hail told me while we were drinking」 「Well…its true that I am doing those things. I heard from sensei that there are humans who hate us demons so I am training to be able to protect myself. I come up with my magic there too. And also, thank you for thinning out the monsters around the village. Thats why I can continue to train safely over there」

I can hear a clattering noise coming from Suzurans room. She may have seen that her short pants has come off and her underwear is caught on her feet. I wonder if that really happened? Its okay, I will just say ”Ore wa nanimo mitemasen yoー ” when I see her. [TN: said in a foreign accent like in anime]

「Its unusually noisy, did you do something?」 「I called out like usual. Since there was no response when I knocked, I entered and I simply shook her shoulders. I saw something embarrassing that fell though」 「…Should I ask?」 「Its fine if you hear it from me but you better not ask Suzuran. She will hate you as her father」 「Ill ask about it next time when I have sake. Ill resolve myself at that time」 I think that some male strategy was more or less mixed in there but, isn our bar snack a bit indecent? [TN: This might not make sense but I think that Ichii-san just created an excuse to drink sake] Ricoris-san, please stop smiling. Im scared for Ichii-san in a different meaning.

Haa…haa… ”I can go ”

Shes breathing heavily today. Im surprised that she is able to be flustered. She didn sound sleepy so she probably got up right away. Well, I didn see anything okay?

While we were on our way to school, she suddenly asked me, ”Did you see? ” with her usual tone. She had a voice of someone in a hurry this morning and now shes trying to touch up on this subject. I wonder what shes trying to confirm. I don know how I should respond.

「What? I saw the short pants that you usually wear. You slept after drinking sake so when you got hot in the middle of the night, you took of your clothes. I thought that you would only be in your underwear under your futon so I immediately left the room」

I think that I gave her a safe answer but I still checked my facial expression. I have my poker face right now so it should be fine.

「Ecchi」 「Ha? I just saw the short pants that you usually wear fall down. What made you say that? 」

I try to keep pushing the short pants issue until the end. She has a slightly relieved expression so she probably thinks that I didn see anything. Feigning ignorance can also be an act of kindness.

When we arrived at school, Suzuran and I got bombarded with questions. I got surrounded by the boys and Suzuran with the girls. I was expecting that to some extent but I didn expect the teachers to also ask about that… And also, the girls who were looking at me like filth yesterday realized that it was just a misunderstanding so they became embarrassed.

After that, we had a mock battle in our body training class but for some reason, it became me versus the rest of the boys in class. I sense a bit of jealousy from sensei.

[Damage Resistance: 1]acquired

lightー. [TN: ですよねー.]

I went to the forest after finishing lunch after school. I drank my daily undiluted poison and then practiced my throwing. As the White Death said, ”Practice. ” and also, ”I only did my duty, and what I was told to do, as well as I could. ” I can do what Im told to do right now though. [TN: I just literally copy pasted the whole quote. I didn expect to do any reading about Simo Häyhä when I started translating this chapter…]

Well then… I took some rope yesterday when they were constructing the venue. I cut 5 pieces of that rope of equal lengths and attach pebbles on each of the ends.…and then I fold them in the middle and bind them all together. 「I did it, it a bolas」 [TN: I haven seen bolas with that many weights on it but, what do I know…] It is a throwing tool that is used for catching a target.

Next, I cut a slightly longer piece of rope and attach stones at the ends. 「This one is called a somai I guess」[TN: If you didn read the bolas link, its a type of bolas with only 2 weights] Because the stones are bigger with this one, if you hit someone in any part of their body, you can expect some damage. And even if you miss, the string would wrap around and bind them. With my throwing skill right now, I can probably hunt two rabbits. I will not hunt prey using magic. I will be the one to decide when I would use magic. And with that, lets immediately go to the next step.

The problem I have right now is how do I find those rabbits.

So that I can get used to the bolas and the somai, I tried throwing them for a bit but it flew farther than where I was aiming at. Is the correction given by the throwing skill surprisingly high?

And then, there is the somai. If I use the centrifugal force when I throw it, the rotation should help it fly so it would be good if this would be neatly entangled when I throw it at that thin tree.

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While I was doing my throwing practice, I heard a rustling sound and as I turned back, the three idiots appeared.

「You are here after all. I had a feeling that you would be here.」 「What do you want? If you don want anything in particular, should I get even with the mock battle earlier?」 While grinning, I jokingly said that while messing with the stones in my hands. 「Oioi, stop that. Ill die if you hit me with that」 Wurst returned the joke while grinning.

「So, what is that for?」 「Want me to tell you about what happened yesterday?」 Schinken looks really interested to hear it. Hes a gentlemans child but it seems like he still has interests in those things.

「However, there are conditions. I need you to teach me a path into the forest. And also where I can find prey. If you teach me those then Ill tell you about yesterday」 「So you want to know those things. That should also be enough to pay to back for the magic training we did the other day. If thats fine then I will teach you」 「Okay, the negotiations has been completed」

I told them every detail of what happened till the end.

「You are a wimp, huh」 「I was not expecting you to be a gentleman. You are still a wimp though.」 「Wimp! Wimp!」

Huh? Is there such a thing as a wimp in this world? 「Is that so? Well, Im okay with being a wimp. Its still a fact that I did not want to do those things with a girl who is drunk. But the kiss at the end was good right! I get a passing grade right? Right?」 「If you could go that far, you should have just done it till the end」 「Thats why Im saying that its rude to force myself on someone drunk! How many times do I have to say it!」 Schinken-san? Please stop giving me a look like Im some kind of pitiful child. Speck too. Please stop looking at me with that complicated expression of a dog who thought he was just going for a walk but was suddenly brought to the vet. [TN: Not sure which one of expressions he was making]

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「Okay, fine. Geez. I already told you everything. You better not talk about it in school!」 「Don be so mad, wimp. Ill give you an apple later, okay」

At this rate, wimp would really become my nickname. Could somebody please stop them somehow.

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