Becoming a demon lord

When I became friends with 3 idiots

Three months after the futon pulling incident, it has reached a point where I go to wake her up by hitting and shaking her shoulders as much as possible . The person herself says that its fine to mercilessly pull off her futon but I won be able to hold back my lower body if I need to restrain myself from morning . The person herself was disappointed by it but how she feels about it is of no concern to me .

I don know about the marriageable age in this world but, lets just leave it until we finish school . I wonder if its fine to say that my instincts are still OK? Well, its different from when we
e inside the classroom but in the village but, there are times where I can tell apart the adults and people developed early . There are 4 seasons in this world . And when it gets hot, everyone wears lighter clothing so I can see plenty of dangerous things from the healthily growing girls and the beautiful women of the village .

I understand that the bra culture doesn exist but, Im surprised that the custom of wearing a sarashi-like* cloth on their chest is nonexistent . I can see the small pointy things on their chest . When it rains, their clothes stick and I need to avert my eyes . [TN: Bandage like thing that is wrapped around the chest area like . Could also be wrapped in other places]

When Fig-sensei feels hot, she can wear even lesser clothes . [TN: because shed be naked] Thats not really a bad thing okay?

「As I said before, magic is all about your imagination . The power inside of you will increase when you get accustomed to using it . Todays task is to produce magic . Please think about the image of what kind of feeling you want to come out of your attack . Magic may be weak against physical attackers but, if you make use magic to create an opening on your opponents, you can destroy their defenses . 」

Is it like the announcement flowing in my head? Would my offensive ability increase when that digit gets larger? Our magic classes have always been about getting familiar with our magic power . Im not sure if its for the sake of being able to make use our magic power but, we were told that its fine to freely use our preferred specialty attribute . Would Suzuran also be able to control her gas burner used in making asphalt-like flame to the point where something small would come out? [TN: Yeah, I went with what was in the raws because, why not]

「Teacher . Are there examples of what kind of shapes that are usually used for magic?」 I asked since I was curious .

「Thats right . The most used ones are the sphere types . After that are the spear and arrow types . 」

Hmmー, those should be fire ball, fire lance and fire arrow . Well, its certainly easy to make an image of firing those things . Its like throwing a clump or something long and narrow and attacking with plenty of small projectiles . We still haven been taught any long-range magic . Im not sure if it doesn exist but I haven heart that term being said in class .

I still have my memories from when I was reincarnated so I think I can imagine images and innovations that doesn exist in this world . Im not sure whether or not it will work but Ill try .

Lately, Ive been using my time after school for some self-training . I go home to have lunch then go to the forest to find and drink the sap of crushed poisonous plants and throw stones . After that, I keep on practicing whether or not Id be able to make magic according to my knowledge until my limit .

”It seems like the harvest season for those wheat-like plants is almost here so wouldn this be convenient? ” is what I thought while having an image of a horizontal wind blade flying towards the distance . I saw those sickle-like things that foreign devils and the grim reaper had be used for harvesting after all . Was it called scythe or something?

This particular magic doesn have a name so Ill call it with something simple that I got from a game somewhere . Ill call it Wind Cutter . At first, I let strong winds come out from my palm . Its not possible to cut anything with it yet so I applied an image of making it thin, really thin . I won come out from my hand so I added an image of it coming out from a thin gap .

Continuing with that image, I was finally able to cut a thin branch without breaking it after 3 days .

The next day, rather than the forest, I went to the vast, undeveloped field with the long grass to try it out .

『Image: A really thin blade of wind・Red・3cm from the ground・Angle: 0 degrees・Pace: Walking speed・Width: 1m・Visible 20m range・Target: in front・Execute』

So that I can accurately portray what I thought in my head, I tried it out with the image of a lawn mower cutting the grass on the embankment . Since its dangerous, I tried adding an extra color .

A red blade of wind appeared by my feet moving at walking pace and neatly mowed everything for about 20 paces . This success is good right? Its good right!

「Hell yeah! I did it! WOHOO! Yeah! Ouch!」

As I was celebrating, I fell down and hit the side of my head so hard that tears came out . Even though Im almost a 35 year-old fine adult inside, I did it because its my first useful magic . I felt happier compared to the time I got accepted at university and when I was easily accepted at my company even though there was a recession .

Ill show it to my parents tomorrow .

「Father, mother, I have something I want to show you but can you come out to the fields?」

I told them to go to the field yesterday to show them the image I used in making Wind Cutter . I told them ”Could this magic be used for harvesting? They have to pick up the crops by hand afterwards though . ”

「Isn this amazing! It will be much easier in the village with this and I think everyone would appreciate it!」 My father placed his hands on my shoulders and praised me while shaking me back and forth . He was already telling me reasons to help out the whole village with the harvest . I was obviously going to help though .

「Its wonderfulー . Since you
e our child, I thought you wouldn be able to use any magic other than fire or water . I wonder why this wind magic have that colorー? Wouldn that be useless when attacking?」 was what my mother nonchalantly asked . I replied ”I added a color since it would be dangerous if you get hit by it because you couldn see it . I can quickly make it so that you can see it you know ” . I was satisfied with their tremendous smile .

We returned home and I explained to them in detail about the time I learn this magic while we were enjoying our meal even more than usual .

AN: You don have to particularly mind the crops harvest season . [TN: Its not relevant to the story… I guess XD

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