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Italy is a lovely country. I have been living here for five years now and as if I can never get over the lights, the music and the people. Romanticizing Milan is an insult for theres no city more romantic than my old town Milano. Mutto Bene!, Magnifico!.

Its been a while since I came for a visit to Italy. I can still remember that rainy day when I met her. Its started out with a little conversation, what was that we talked about…uh!. Oh yes, about our stay in Italy. Rain is pouring but my heart was beating faster than the droplets of water that was making her blouse wet and her black colored bra sticking out, literally sticking-out with her breasts seen because her tops unbuttoned its upper three buttons. She didn care for she laughed with my lame jokes about the rain, the people we met while we were walking. I can remember where we were headed but I just knew that she was the girl for me. I am a woman, born and raised in Italy until I reached 15 years old. I needed to go to a dormitory in the states and graduated at Harvard University. Leila was a friend of mine back when I was 12 or 13 years but we grew up together in Italy and had so much fun in our grade school years.

When I went back to Milan to visit and stayed for a month. I saw her while walking to get some milk at a nearby store near my apartment. She just happened to appear right in front of the store and I happened to see her and said hi. Leila said hello and I said hi, we smiled, then, that was it, we hooked up and walked in the rain with our heels on and our skimpy, formal and jackets for cold weather outfits.

I am Marissa and this is my best friend and Is story. Lets just say that Leila is just a friend but we were more than that. When we were in elementary we were close at the hip but when we went our separate ways in high school up until college. We both knew that our friendship was stronger and long lasting than age, distance and gender. Leila made a promise that wherever we are or whoever we are with, we will remain best of friends. And that was so true. When we saw each other again after ten years of so, she was the same Leila or Lei I loved and I was the same Marissa or Sasa she adored back in the days when we were young, innocent and naïve.

Lei hugged me when saw me at the store. I noticed her face was smudged and her eye liner was all melting, I just thought maybe because of th

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