I was mad at her and said things that I am regretting now that I said them. After that I stormed out and never saw her again. One of our friends told me she moved to the states with her baby and the guy left her automatically when he knew she was with child. I got frustrated and never forgave her. But after five long, painful but lucky years. I am now earning millions of dollars and a rich real estate broker in California.

I went back to Milan after another five years and it felt good going back to my roots and my hometown. I never heard of Leila or her baby, not even her family. Our friends never saw her again and for almost 15 years all in all. I never thought I would see her again. And this is the part that I cherish most and is worth telling.

I am 40 years old now and is still single. Well, men and women wanted to get their hands of me or maybe my money but heck I never found that one for me. Leila was the only one but she broke my heart and I never forgot it until now.

I was walking down the same spot Leila and I walked. I feel the same but maybe is matured looking since I cut my hair to shoulder length. Leila always loved my hair long but since shes out of my life I wanted to have a fresh start.

I was walking and then saw a young woman who is wearing an office outfit and all. I was shocked when she turned to face me, she looked like Leila or so it seem. Leila should have been my age and would look the same but not younger. I almost got a heart attack and couldn let her slip, not this time that I found her. Maybe shell be able to tell me where Leila is. And what would be her relationship with Leila?

The girl was nice to accompany me with my daily walk and talked about her and her family. She is indeed Leilas relative, her own daughter, her own flesh and blood. She said her name is Liliana and I can call her Lana. She told me what happened to her and her mom. It was a sad and long story but I was willing to listen and invited her to my mansion near the store. Lana agreed to meet me but she couldn tell me what happened to her mom which I was eager to know more about. She said shell do that later. Anticipating later, I couldn think straight, since Im not straight anyway, hehe! I waited and my door bell rang. It was Lana. And here I knew what truly happened with Leila, fifteen years ago!

In moments that I felt pain, regret, guilt and compassion I never doubted that Leila would intentionally hurt me. There must be a reason why she did it. I knew her but maybe I didn know her enough to even stop and listen to her explanation. Maybe I didn know myself that when rare situations like that happened, I never knew that I couldn forgive her for that one mistake. Maybe because my ego was hurt and that because I couldn make her pregnant since Im a woman like herself. But never did I feel that I am different nor someone despicable when Im with her. She always made me feel good, beautiful and courageous inside out. She made me feel that I could do anything in the world if I wanted to and I did, do everything and made money out of my talents, until today.

I was unhappy in spite of my money, popularity and goodness. As if a hole in my heart Is left open for anyone who can make me feel special and pretty once again. But not anyone I know or I meet seems to have the qualities I desired for my heart to accept and let that person in, stay and reside in me. Only one person has touched me deeper than I could ever imagine. Only, Leila, could and can make me feel safe, loved and desired. She is my one and only love, I guess the sole woman I could ever love….

Sasa!….Sasaaaaa!….Sasa, hey! Whats wrong with you? Can you hear me?, Leila said while I was busy looking at an ant walking with a strip of berry on top of its head going toward somewhere. It was so prompt, hardworking and busy. Hmm….I think when I grow up I would be like this ant, busy, hardworking and smart. Hey!, Lei, you shouldn be so serious . You think you can help me here, please? I think this ant, Pablo, hihi, needs a lift. Haha!

e crazy! Sasa, that ant can go anywhere if he wants to, plus, I think they can travel the whole world if they desired it, Lei added which at the age of 8, would be the smartest answer I could get from a grade schooler. Leila is an honor student and in class she always get top scores on tests and quizzes. I usually get even marks on mine, like 80 or 85 at the most. But its just fine with me. I don like school that much. I love travelling and making money in school such as selling my drawings or creative artworks. We go to school together at St. Louis School Colonna in Milan.

My parents moved here for work since my dad is an engineer and my mom an arts teacher. Leila, on the other hand, is a beautiful girl who has talent for singing, dancing and musical creations. I always thought she would end up singing in some hotel or become a pop star who would travel the world and all. Its summer now in Milan and about to head to season of fall. Leila and I would always walk at the street of Via Montenapoleone, since Leila loves shopping and until the age of 16, we skip school and roam around this street most of the time than not, we were up to no good in some other street which we could just eat some pizza and burgers but most of all the ever famous Panini or Panino or a bread roll with cheese spread on Ciabatta bread with lettuce, tomatoes and more cheese.

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