I love it so much as much as I love Leila and seeing her happy makes me even happier when were together slacking and lurking around Via and more. I was already fluent in speaking English when I came here and Leila was fluent in Italian. The first time I met her was when I was walking near the 7/11 store at Piazzale Loreto since I just live at about four apartments before the store. So I always go there and Leila was always standing in front of the store like she was waiting for someone. So, I said hi and she smiled to say hi too. Then, a young man came to greet her, who I thought was her boyfriend but turned out to be her brother, named Lorenzo.

She calls him Enzo and since Leila is my best friend I became close to Enzo, that when I came to visit their home one time Leila invited me to come over, he kissed me in the kitchen when their mom asked me to get a bowl for the salad Mrs. Rodrigo. I was so shocked I almost lost my footing and throw the bowl in his face when he caught me off guarded. He apologized afterwards but he always tried to do it again every time I visit, so, I would ask Leila to come visit me instead in our apartment. My dad loves Leila and she always call my parents Mr. and Mrs. Smith, like the movie Mr. & Mrs Smith, yeah, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Anyway! I love her making fun of our last name but one time, we were at the corner of 7/11, we saw her boyfriend across the street being kissed by another girl after he was loaded off the car the girl was driving.

Leila looked stunned, then she ran way and cried at the ancient structures of Loreto. The buildings here, it they could talk would have spoken of the many happy, sad or even bizarre heart breaking stories of couples, people, young and old about their lives, relationships and personalities. I could only look and hug Leila but I wanted to comfort her so, I accidentally kissed her on the lips when I finished kissing her cheek and forehead. She was even more shocked when I did what I did but she didn run away. That was the first time I felt right on something. And this thing between Leila and I continued until high school. But she or weirder and weirder when she wanted more than just kisses but hugs, cuddles, petting and necking. She wanted to have sex which I couldn give her since I respected her and love her more than my life. She insisted but I refused to do it. I wasn ready but she was desperate. She said she loves me and wanted to feel and touch me.

When I didn do it with her, she went to some bar in Via Montenapoleone to drink with a guy and made out with him. The thing is he wanted more than feel her, he wanted to place his to hers and get done with it. Leila got scared and tried to run but the man got a hold of him. I was strolling around there with my bicycle when I saw them come out the bar. The man was holding her hand arm and I drove my bike to catch Leilas arm and told her to ride at the back. We drove as fast as we could so that the crazy man won catch and harm us especially Leila. I told her how that what she did was crazy and irresponsible, but her only reply was a sob and torn skirt, bruised arm, foot and leg. I asked her to come with me at the apartment and we will call her mom so that she can spend the night with me.

Just to make sure shell not go crying again in front of her mom and blew her secret. I asked her why she did what she did but she said she didn know. I think Leila wanted to feel loved and shes scared to be alone. Well, I was always alone but never felt the need to be with someone just to feel safe or wanted or loved. But Leila is a vulnerable and needy flower that always needs to be watered, given attention and love. I put medicine on her bruises and placed patches on them so they would heal faster. I just hope they can heal overnight, so her mom won see them and ask about where she got them. She can just say we had a big fight and we tried to settle it with karate or better yet in playing football. You can get cuts, bruises and broken ankles doing it. Yup, thats a perfect alibi, but does Leila know how to play football though? Hmm!

I took a quick shower and Leila stayed in the tub for about an hour. I was worried because she is still in the bath for more than an hour now. I knocked at the bathroom door, there was no answer and when I opened the door Leila was crying and she was biting a towel so I couldn hear her. I ran to her side and though she was naked and all but it didn matter. I took her arm and hugged her to comfort her, I was soaking wet too after, but it didn matter. What mattered was she is okay and I tried my best to make her feel safe. Leila looked at me with her deep set eyes, smiled and moved towards to kiss me. I didn stop her and I kissed her back to let her know that Im here for her, even to the point of giving her what she wanted ever since that time she told me that she liked me and that I also told her that I liked her too. We kissed and since its a bit cold in the bathroom.

We moved to my bed and continued kissing until we ran out of breath. I touched her face and neck down to her breasts and leg. She placed her hand on my cheek and kissed me again until we couldn stop anymore and played with our tongues at each other. Doodled her fingers on every inch of my skin that felt so good inside. I felt that I am wanted, loved and desired. Maybe that was what Leila wanted to feel desired, loved and made love to. We were just 16 and we weren old enough to feel love but I am sure that this is love. I moved down to her private part and meddled with her virginity. She is still a virgin and I would know for its still intact when I tried my finger to go deep inside her.

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