But could I really help her then. I didn have a job nor finished college yet. I couldve made things worse since I wouldve relied on her strength and courage rather than she relying on me or my abilities. But I am rich and strong now. I hope I can uplift her and make her feel the same again. The same Leila I knew, the smart, funny and beautiful…

And saw Leila at her front porch fixing the beautiful flowers in front of her. I asked Lillian to show me where they live and that I would like to see Leila again. I am seeing her now. She is still the same pretty girl I knew back in elementary and high school. She is still beautiful but a bit older. She is wheeling her wheelchair around like a pro and she didn mind that she is walking using it like its already part of her body. Leila still looks amazing until now….

Ah, whos there?, Leila said, can I help you? Lillian? Its a good thing you came early. Id like you to hand me the tools for gardening. I want to put some fertilizers on the flowers we have on the porch. Leila is also blind. Lillian didn tell me but I was up for the challenge. I will make Leila happy again. I will make it up to her until she forgives me and makes her fall in love with me again, just like before.

Mom, I have someone here to meet you. She said she is a friend and you love her as much as she loves you! Would you happen to remember ah….., Lillian was stopped by Leila and her face turned serious to mad.

I know her and I don want her here. Marissa, I don need your help and neither would I need you now!, Leila said getting emotional.

Leila, Im not here to judge or what. I miss you and Im sorry that I was angry with you. I didn know. I want to make it up for you! And…. Sasa hasn spoken much when Leila interrupted her swinging her wheelchair to confront her. She felt Sasa standing in front of her.

She stopped a bit because she smelled Sasa and she always loved how she smells and how she makes her feel when shes around or near her. Sasa felt it too, now she confirms it that just like old times, Leila still loves her until now. Its the same with her too, this feeling of longing and inner desire.

Uhm…I don need you. Thanks for coming over. I appreciate it but Im good and I don need your pity!, Leila added now moving her wheelchair away from Sasa and Lillian. But Sasa pulled her wheelchair and stopped it from moving. So, now we can talk better. Plus you won be able to move or runaway anymore since I have caught you and I think its a blessing that you
e on this chair. I can do whatever I want from you and you can do anything about it, anymore but to give up and talk to me. What happened to us Leila? Talk to me and tell me what you really think and feel. Just be honest spill it out, please!, Sasa said like she was begging Leila to open up to her just like old times.

Hmm! You got me there! You want the truth! Ill tell you the truth. When the time I was about to come and pick you up in your class room, Craig was there and running after you, trying to kiss you. I got jealous and wanted to confront you but you looked happy and I was worried what if I couldn make you happy like that. I would be making a big mistake and make your life miserable. So I tried to run out of the school grounds and found that Jorge (Horhe) was waiting for me outside and asked to talk to me in private. So since I was emotional and all I tried to make out with him.

When I remembered about you and how much I love you, I asked Jorge to stop and I want to go back to school. He didn stop what hes doing and raped me instead. I wasn able to talk to you because I panicked and got scared, ashamed that you might dislike me or despise me. Then, when things got out of hand, I felt I needed to check if I was pregnant since my period was delayed. Sure enough I was pregnant but I didn want to abort it just like what Jorge wanted. I left for Canada since mom and my new step dad wanted to move there.

And so I stayed with them for ten years but my step dad and I didn get along, so I decided to move back to Milan and tried my best to make ends meet while finishing college. But after I got promoted at the store I was working at I had a terrible accident that left me blind, and cripple for life. Now, I paint and sell them online or down at e bay. So far, I have sold more than a dozen since my accident three year ago. Im sorry I left without telling you. And Im sorry, I didn trust you enough to tell you what happened to me, Leila explained and Sasa freed her grip on her friends wheelchair. Leila reversed her wheel and faced Sasa who has gently seated on one of the upper staircase of the porch.

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