es, I am sorry too. I shouldve ran after you or did my best to find you, or talk to you. Its my coldness and carelessness that made you lonely and felt alone during those years that you needed a friend or you needed me, but I didn have the guts to show up or to show how much you mean to me. I still love you Leila!, Sasa replied smiling and standing to move close to Leila on her wheel chair.

I still love you too, Sasa!, Leila said trying to reach for Sasas arm and the woman gave her arm and bent down to look at Leilas face. Sasa touched it and dried the tears that flowed down Leilas cheek and kissed her face several times.

I think I would make coffee, or tea, anyone?, Lillian asked but since her mom and Sasa is busy she just moved along and smiled while going inside their home. Lillian cooked dinner of penne cheesy pesto with prosciutto bread and a bottle of Tavernello which I don usually have but mom wanted to pile some bottles of wine if friends would come to visit and drink. Mom drank a lot when she was depressed but she got a hold of that anxiety and helped herself to get well by planting and pruning her plants. Now that Aunt Sasa is here, maybe, just maybe, mom would forget about being depressed and live more for herself. I tried to tell her to live a little or maybe go to an opera just like when she was little listening to orchestras. Mom remembered the time she had when her mom took her abroad to see Auckland Symphony Orchestra.

It was the most popular and amazing band in New Zealand that could all different kinds of music like Pirates of the Caribbean, Thames, and other contemporary, pop, rock, alternative songs of old and the present. I loved Liz and the blue bird and I think Mom and Sasa would certainly fit the story just like Liz and her friend the blue bird. So beautiful and touching, but I hated the ending when Liz needed to let blue bird go so she can be free to fly where ever she wants to and stay free always. For if she stays with Liz, she will just be confined in a cage and that isn a healthy way of living since as a bird, she lives to fly and explore the world. I wonder if mom felt that way too, that when she got pregnant, since Sasa loved her so much she didn want her to be trapped or be caged of the responsibility? Maybe! Supper is ready, come and get…., Lillian shouted and the two women went in laughing and giggling. Lillian couldn be happier seeing her mom glowing and blooming red with joy, excitement and love, maybe.

Thanks, dear, hmm, it surely smells good as always! Lillian here loves to cook and all her meals are superbly delicious!, Leila said smiling. I bet she does!, It smells lovely!. Lets eat then!, Sasa said also smiling at Lillian.

Thanks mom, come sit with us! This is the first time we will be joined by your best friend Leila, right?, Lilian said happily and a bit excited how Leila make her mom feel, filled with mixed emotions, one can explain.

Would you join us, Lei? For old times sake?, Sasa added trying to hold her hand and Leila reaching for her loves palm. Of course, I don have any plans for tonight. Besides Ill be wallowing alone at my kitchen anyway, so, might as well be with you guys. My favorite girlfriend in the world and her baby girl!, Leila cried happily and kissing Sasas hand. Sasa gripped Leilas hand and almost cried with tears of joy waiting for this moment to be with her girl for almost a decade. And now thats shes right in front of her, she wouldn want anything or anyone take her away, never. I love Sasa so much that I want to make her happy. If I screwed up before, I want to make it up to her now and let her see that I have changed and I am willing to do everything in my power to make her happy, safe and well.

We ate Liliians cooked meal and I decided to stay with them for the night. I sneaked in Sasas bedroom and squizzed myself while shes tucked in her blanket. Sasa giggled. Though she couldn see, she knows right away that it was me who wanted to cuddle with her that night. I missed her sweet, refreshing smell. It never changed, she never changed, like it was just yesterday. Like we were just playing in the playground at school and walking at the store to buy stuff for snacks. Wow, I wanted to fly back to that day when she left from Milan since she got pregnant and take care of her. But I think this is fate. If I took her in then, I wouldn be able to do what I needed to do and get rich. Not that I am rich, I can help her more and make her see. With the advanced technology nowadays, we can find eye donors so that she could regain her sight again. Itll make her happier since she could see what I look like now and how she remained beautiful and strong who I knew her to be ever since we were young girls.

Sasa, stop it!, Lei said when I tried to tickle her on her side which is her ticklish area. She held my hand and tried her best to confront me by looking snobbish. But I know that when I tickle her neck by kissing it, her guard would go down and It did. She laughed hard and tried to push me away which made me fell to the side of her bed. On the ground laid flat and laughed harder than I can ever imagine. Leila was worried at first but when I laughed she giggled and tried to search for me with her hand. Im here! I will always be here for you, starting today!, Sasa added and held Leis hands and kissed both of them. Its dark in Leis room but the light in her eyes made me see her unchanging beauty, her flawless, smooth skin and her divine heart. Her face has aged a little but she is still lovely just as the first time I saw her in the school grounds that summer day in Milan.

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