kissed her lips, and its been a long time since I have dreamed of tasting her sweet lips, thus, her mouth opened, letting me in with gladness. She missed me too. Its not at all hard to make love to her, though she couldn see, she knows me and my body. It felt so light, bright and sexy that she let herself go and led me on to love her once again.


I have missed you Lei, so much that my heart ached and longed for your touch!, haaaaa…aahhhhhh!!!, Sasa cried while letting out a faint moan so that Lilian wouldn know we are doing something very much illegal, maybe, hihi!

I have missed you too, my darling! For many years I have waited for this day, to touch and be with you. To own you, once again. I love you and it never changed, not in a single moment, I yearned for your embrace, kiss and yours on top of me, your fingers caressing me and inside me to excite, adore and satisfy me. Hmmmmm!!!!!

We continued to kiss and took off our clothes one by one. I helped Sasa to take off hers and we were laughing when Liliian called out for someone outside the front yard. She thought there might be stray cats in heat playing or mating around their place. But its just me and her mom all along. Haha! This is so us when we were younger. Delinquents, rebels….out to raise havoc and all sorts of crazy things back then which are legal or just teen games then and now!

I remember back when we were teenagers. We love to party and do sleepovers. Sasa would always come to me whenever shes heartbroken and when she was either dumped or she dumped a guy which made me feel worthless. I felt like a rag or a tissue paper, that after she has used me for her comfort and satisfaction she would leave me empty handed and alone, again. Yet, Sasa has a good heart. She always hears me out and listens to me about my weird nonsense talks or inventions about business or products. Yup, I was already an entrepreneur even before I became a tycoon, business magnate. We both have our imperfections but nevertheless, we compliment one another the best way we can. Sasa and I love being who we are when we were together. Bad asses with smarts and beauty all together.

Hey! Are you coming or not?, Lei cried when she was asked by Bud to join them for a joyride to Sacramento. I bet its one of those days when they would ride up to the ends of the earth and drown themselves on a drinking spree.

And hes got a new thang to make us super high!, Hehe! Come on, don be a pussy and lets have funnnnnn!!!!, Sasa added drunk with the gin she and the others already started to drink even before she invited me to come with her.

Okay but just this one time and no more care less get aways! Welll.. hehe! a I think thats an overstatement! Hahaha!, I added while laughing. For when I said this is the last time, it meant we are only just beginning and itll never end, ever, the fun, I mean.

Lei and I are both standing up and feeling the wind gush through our skins with Buds rover jeep. We were on the moon which was literally true since going to the place, we were overlooking a wide sea bed where the moon is so full and bright like we can catch it with our hands, or the drug is already kicking in. It was that hard that I woke up somewhere, like a motel maybe, and Lei is sleeping right next to me with her arms around me on her undies and bare smooth skin and chest round my back. Oh God!, I think I would die right then and there, she is so gorgeous that I wanted to touch her skin, her face, and her…ah..boobies? No, yeah, ah no!!! This is totally insane, I told myself when I rolled over gently and quietly to have a good look of my best friend and love, Sasa. She is like an angel when shes asleep but a devil when shes awake. Well sort of a hot and smart devil, that is still an angel in a way. Shes been a bad influence on me but I felt good when shes around. She never made me feel inferior or less of a person when shes with me. Though we have lots of differences, we somehow connect with eachs heart and soul. Thats a rare awesome feeling ever, when you get to like, dislike and love, hate a person at the same time, its **ing crazy…

Hey! Sasa!, why are you looking at me like that??? Wow!, you were totally out when we arrived the motel. Bud and the rest of the crew almost died carrying your heavy ass here. But for all its worth! I love you and thanks for coming! You
e always the best pal, my favorite girl!, Lei cried and shes out.

Haaaa!, Lei you
e a gem. What would I do without you?, I said whispering to her ear and said I love her so much. Lei sleeping managed to give me a smile and breathed as she floated away on her dreamland. I hope I am inside this wonderful dream of hers. I hope that I am her prince or princess charming that she desired for ever since we were little. I can make you happy Lei, I am here, just see me as someone who loves you, everything about you!, I added and kissed her on the cheek then on the lips. I slept beside her with my face in front of hers about an inch, where I can smell her sweetness and her breath that is mixed rum, mint gum and strawberry toothpaste.

Lei opened her eyes and heard everything Sasa said. She heard that her friend loves her so much that she is willing to give herself, her whole life to her. Lei thought emotionally, no, Sasa, you
e better off without me. You are so smart and beautiful Im worthless that Im not even worthy to have you as a friend. Youve put up with my mess, my craziness and cruel character that I love you too with all of my heart. She whispered to Sasa when she thought her friend is already asleep. ”But I can because you are so precious and you deserve to be with someone high, mighty and beautiful as you. I love you so much. Your light shines on my darkness. You
e a sun that heats me up when Im cold. Your love comforts me when Im restless and alone. You are my all and my favorite girl, Sasa. I couldn bear hurting you with my careless, stubborn and carefree self. I don want you to hate me. Thank you! I love you so much!, Lei kissed Sasa on the lips and closed her eyes with tears on them.

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