That was the last time I saw her, then, the news came that she got pregnant by some guy and thats it. My world collapsed. I felt like drowning deeper and deeper in sadness and pain. She didn even wrote to me or messaged me since she knew perfectly that I would worry about her. I think she did it in purpose. I hated her but I looked for her in and out of Milan and even in the states. But when the news that she came back home and with a girl with her. I knew she was unhappy wherever she was before and came home to have her peace once more.

Lei, I love you and I have always loved you. Please, don push me away again, don leave me just like when you left me before…Lei no, no!!!!, I shouted then woke up comforted by Lei who was already sitting beside her.

Sasa, Sasa, wake up!, Lei managing to sit up though she couldn see what Sasa looked when she tried to reach for her.

Huh….aahhhhhhh…haaaahaaaaaahaaa!, Lei said and woke up catching my breath.

Im sorry, Sasa. I love you too. Im sorry I left you and without saying goodbye. I shouldve called or contacted you. I should have messaged you or told you what happened to me. It was just so painful and I don want to rub on you my past mistakes and use you again. You are my best friend and I love you. I don want you to hate me and regret being with me!, Lei added now sobbing like a little girl.

Stop, no! I did hate you before but I was young then. I didn understand you or what happened to you. But now I do and in the course of missing you. I learned that time truly heals wounds. I believe that theres a reason why you did what you did and I don blame you for making me feel bad. Its my choice and you
e not a master of myself or my feelings, but I am my own feeling. I shouldn blame anyone for my own hurts, past or brokenness, I added. Its just a dream, a bad dream that has already faded because you are now her, with me, loving me and staying with me.

You know, I thought of making things better for you. I called a doctor friend of mine and I will help make you see, again. I have signed you up for physical therapy for your knees and legs. Since you had the accident just for a couple of years, maybe we can work something out and make you walk again.

Oh, Sasa! That would be nice! Thank you!, Lei added hugging me and wiping her tears off with her hands. Nope, don thank me yet, we still need to go through a lot and you will need to cooperate. It might be painful and exerting more efforts, patience and love is the key to your success. Aha! Im like making a speech for one of my talks as a speaker and motivator. Hmm! So, are you ready, sweetie?, I cried very confident that everything will work out right.

Yes, Im ready!, Lei cried willfully looking at the other side of the bed.

Babe, Im here, like turn to your left and theres me!, I replied laughing how funny Lei is when she laughed and geared towards me in embarrassment, her cheeks in pink flush.

Thats okay. I love you! Don ever give up and leave me again. Okay!?, I cried looking at Lei lovingly too.

Yes, maam, I won !, Lei retorted with a crooked salute that made it even more cute. Haaa! Shes so cute I want to bite her. Hehe!, I thought looking at Lei in her playful innocence.

We both stood up from the bed. I held Leis arm and took her to the terrace to wait for the sunrise. Since its summer though the weather is cool and windy, its so nice feeling the breeze touch the skin. Leis hair was down and I can smell her fragrance as I wait for the sun. Wow!, was what I only said when I saw the sun rose and Lei just closed her eyes and felt the glow and shine of it seep through her skin and held my hand harder than usual. Kiss me, Lei! Please kiss me!

I smiled and kissed her mouth. I felt her need and kissed her with all of my heart. Lei, felt safe and felt overpowered by me, but she accepted it. Her power is not in her voice or her beauty but her kisses. She thought I have the power over her. Shes wrong. Lei you are my power, my light, my sun, my wind and my breath. You are my everything and you are enough for me even if I lose my money, fame or influence in the world. But as if I would lose everything, but I gained more to loving her than the millions or trillions of dollars combined.

We kissed and felt that love when we were just teenagers. Lei held my head and caressed my hair. I suddenly felt heat flowed through me and warmed my my heart. I hugged her and touched her back and bottom, pulling her closer and closer towards me. Lei, moaned a bit when I moved to touch her skin lifting her silk sleeping dress up and placed my hands inside her panties massaging her bottom cheeks for her satisfaction.

Lei may be blind or cripple but not her heart or sex drive. Shes still the same old woman, whos full of fire and passion. I pulled Lei close to me and rubbed myself towards her, when she was about to cum I pointed my fingers inside her and let my love come in and out again and again until she totally lost it and moaned without shame. Oh I love you, Lei. And I love you doing that to me. Ahhhhh….haaaaaaahaaaaa, aahhhhhh!!!!

I still have it in me. My powerful gun, my precious fingers, Bammmmmm!!!, Im proud of myself and my girl!

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