ident may have something to do with Ji Luoyan, the first elder of the Ji family.”
The maid used her Dao energy of the Late stage of the Xuan Realm, and suppressed her voice into a stream of silent whispers, “And…
just now, Ji Hong, the head of the Ji family, and Ji Luoyan, the Great Elder, had a lot of disputes because of the quota Hexuan Shangzhen gave to the Ji family.”

“It must be that Ji Luoyan, making a mess! How can he take his cousin's place with that trash Ji Baiyu?”

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“They didn't dare to kill their cousin directly, because they were afraid that the soul-inducing spell would reveal the person who attacked at the end, so they sent their cousin into the Qingluan Mountain, where there’s a Heavenly Furnace Barrier laid by a tyrannical demon, which can isolate the spell's tracing!”

Zhao Xiaoyun could not control the anger in his heart any longer.
He smashed the sandalwood case table beside him with his backhand, and his body trembled with incomparably rich and pure energy.

The personal maid stepped forward gently, and comforted him for a while before Zhao Xiaoyun barely calmed down.

There were countless ordinary people in the Ancient City of Taichu.
These ordinary people accounted for 99% of the total population in the Ancient City of Taichu.

But in fact, the powers in charge of the Ancient City of Taichu were actually from a few cultivation families.

The cultivation families controlled the huge Ancient City of Taichu, harvesting all the resources that were helpful for cultivation, so that the talents within the family could ignite their Heart Fire and step into the path of cultivation.

With the blessing of ancestral blood, coupled with the continuous supply of cultivation resources, almost every cultivation family had one or two talents which ignited their Heart Fire.

And Ji Yuenian, the eldest son of the Ji family, was the most dazzling person in the cultivation family of Ji.

At the age of six, he ignited his Heart Fire, broke through to the Late stage of the Nascent Dao Realm at the age of eight, and cultivated to the half-step True Dao Realm at the age of fifteen.

Even Hexuan Shangzhen, who oversaw the Ancient City of Taichu, had spoken to him several times.

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The Ancient City of Taichu was one of the nineteen ancient cities under the rule of Tai Yu Sheng Sect.
After tens of thousands of years of reproduction, the human race was so numerous that it was impossible to count.

Nonetheless, there were very few people who could ignite the Heart Fire before entering the sect, and even directly cultivated to the realm of half-step True Dao.

Most of the mortals who had exhausted their efforts to pass the examination, and enter the Tai Yu Sheng Sect had never even ignited their Heart Fire.

Although it was easier for the blood descendants of several noble families to ignite their Heart Fire than ordinary people, there were not even half of them in the Ancient City of Taichu, like Ji Yuenian who had broken through the realms one after another.

The maid walked out of Zhao Xiaoyun's study, looked back at the second son of the Zhao family who sat quietly on the couch, and sighed softly.

There was also another secret news but she dared not and couldn't tell the second young master.
She could only go and report to the Zhao family's patriarch and wait for his decision.
After all, the Zhao family was not prosperous, and the Zhao family's patriarch had only one relative, Ji Yuenian, in the Ji family, and was his only dear nephew.

This news was extremely terrifying, it just came out from the Chu family, and she could not tell whether it was true or not.
But whether the matter was real or not, as the only maid in the Zhao family with a very special identity, she was determined not to dare hide anything from the Zhao family's patriarch.

An elder of the Chu family who was in the initial stage of True Dao Realm had inadvertently sensed that there was a human powerhouse in the upper stage of the Nascent Dao Realm outside the Qingluan Mountain, who was completely crushed by a creature in the late stage of True Dao Realm.
It erased his Heart Fire, cultivation, and even memory, then threw him into the Heavenly Furnace Barrier.

At that time, he did not think much about it, he just thought it was a demon playing tricks to kill practitioners who passed by, so he fled far away.

Until the day before yesterday, when the Ji family reported that the son of Ji Hong was missing, the Chu family elder could only think of it.

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