It must not be long before this matter would spread to the ears of the Ji family.
Several big families in the Ancient City of Taichu were also gloating at their misfortune, watching the affairs of the Ji family in secret.

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The night was getting colder and colder, and not long after that, raindrops fell down.

When the rain poured heavily, the full moon still hung high in the sky.

The bright white moonlight shone through the rain curtain, adding a strange paleness to the medieval Taoist Temple on the edge of the mountain.

Ji Yuenian dissipated some of the Xuan energy covering his head, and once again looked back at the increasingly dense night rain, then pushed open the tattered door of the main hall of the Taoist Temple, and walked in.

This rain was not ordinary rain.

Even if he had the cultivation base of the initial stage of the Xuan Realm at this time, if he forcibly walked through the rain, he was afraid that all his Xuan energy would be exhausted after just a stick of incense, and even the Heart Fire would be extinguished.

The phenomena of thunder, frost, rain, snow, etc.
between heaven and earth was unusual.

However, to avoid it was not difficult, mortal beings only needed to devoutly worship the gods of the earth and heaven in their region, and take more care to hide in time when the celestial phenomenon descended, then they would not suffer from its erosion.

In fact, the various celestial phenomena that appeared from time to time were just one of the countless means by which the inaccessible Heavenly Court of the 33rd heaven collected faith.

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“Demon? Ghost? Or human?”

A panicked voice was heard.

Ji Yuenian closed the heavy and dilapidated gate of the temple, and when he turned around, he realized that there were already several people in this Taoist Temple.

The person who just opened his mouth was a well-built man with a solemn expression.

The other two people in the Taoist Temple were a pair of fair and clean children about four or five years old.
Their eyes held vigilance beyond words.

An ordinary person, and two tree demon spirits who were born not long ago.

Ji Yuenian made a judgment in an instant.

Seeing that Ji Yuenian was silent, the well-built man could not help but panic even more.
He backhanded himself and pulled out a fine iron longsword in front of him.
He forced himself to calm down and said, “No matter what you are, I have nothing against you.
There are two stupid little demons over there, eat them if you want to eat them!”

Although he seemed calm on the surface, he had already cursed in his heart.
The Qingluan Mountain really lived up to its reputation.
Even before he entered it, he was already lost early on the edge of the mountain.

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Not long ago, he escaped from the claws of an evil tiger that was about to turn into a demon, and then encountered this terrible night rain.
As a last resort, he found a Taoist Temple here to avoid troubles.
Who knew that he would run into two little demons head-on.
Fortunately, these two tree demon spirits looked a little stupid and had no intention of attacking, otherwise he would not survive tonight.

Naturally, Ji Yuenian did not know the messy thoughts in the mind of the sturdy man at this time.
He just felt a little funny, shook his head, and said, “I'm not a demon, nor a ghost.”

The well-built man was slightly relieved when he heard the words, but the hand holding the sword did not relax at all.

A dark wind blew again.

“Be careful!” A Demonic Tree called out anxiously, wrinkling its white and tender face.

Ji Yuenian sensed it early.
He jumped towards the inner area of the temple, and left the temple gate at that moment.

The raging ghostly wind passed through the gap in the hall door, whirled into the hall, gradually condensed and entangled at the position where Ji Yuenian stood earlier, and after a few breaths, turned into a beautiful black-clothed girl.

The black-clothed girl looked indifferent, glanced coldly at Demonic Tree who had just spoken, then looked at Ji Yuenian, and said in a hoarse voice, “You came out of the Heavenly Furnace Barrier, can you tell me what’s inside? Are the rumors true that the Qingluan Mountain, which is shrouded by the Heavenly Furnace Barrier, is a holy place for demons, spirits, and ghosts to cultivate?”

The Qingluan Mountain was located thousands of miles west of the Ancient City of Taichu.
Due to the existence and obstruction of the Heavenly Furnace, it had always been extremely mysterious, and very few people knew its true appearance.

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Although human beings were not blocked by the barrier of the Heavenly Furnace, they also vaguely knew that there was an extremely tyrannical monster in it, so they had always kept a distance from this place.
Only the numerous weak and small local spirits and monsters within the territory of hundreds of miles around the Qingluan Mountain had an inexplicable yearning for the mysterious Qingluan Mountain.

Ji Yuenian was stunned, thought for a moment, and smiled.
“You better not know.”

The black-clothed girl's eyes sank slightly, her green slender white jade fingers trembled, and the strong ghostly energy around her became more and more tyrannical.
“I casted the soul-reversing spell last time, and I learned that Cui Niang was killed by you.
I only chased after you all the way and haven't bothered you yet.
Tell me honestly about the Qingluan Mountain, and I can consider letting you live.”

“Cui… Cui Niang?” Ji Yuenian frowned slightly, looking puzzled.

“Cui Niang was a mutated thorn flower Demonic Tree who I am familiar with.” The black-clothed girl's expression became even more ugly.
“She was melted and killed by you using a pitch-black flame spell not long ago.”

Ji Yuenian seemed to finally remember, and suddenly said, “I remember, the girl you are talking about is that ugly withered vine monster? Don't worry, I have sent her to reincarnation, and the girl doesn't have to worry about anything anymore.”

“You're courting death!” The girl finally realized that Ji Yuenian was playing tricks on her.
Under extreme rage, her originally beautiful and slender face became twisted to the limit, and a sharp and resentful ghost howl came out of her mouth!

Late stage of Xuan Realm!

There was a huge difference between ghosts and the weak Demonic Tree.
On the same cultivation level of the late stage of the Xuan Realm, their combat power was too terrifying.

In front of Ji Yuenian, there were various azure lights that emerged, blocking all the dark ripples that swept in, but the sturdy man beside him had no such means, and was directly infiltrated by ghost energy while screaming in horror.
In just a short while, his whole body turned into a pure white gas, which was inhaled into the nose and mouth by the girl in black.

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The azure light exploded, and the two Demonic Tree joined forces to form a light shield of demonic energy, which was able to block the sound wave of this ghost’s howl.

“A bunch of trash.”

The black-clothed girl sneered, her snow-white plain hands danced lightly, and the ghost energy entwined around her rolled violently, finally condensing into two giant black hands.
They made a grabbing motion towards Ji Yuenian and the two Demonic Trees respectively!


The Taoist Temple, which was already in ruins, was torn apart by the giant black hands, and was completely shattered.

The moonlight was gray, and the dark clouds weighed down heavily.

The pouring rain did not show mercy and continued to fall.

Ji Yuenian did not have enough Xuan energy to block the rain, and his long jet-black hair was soaked in the rain, falling down chaotically from his fair forehead.

The only remaining Xuan energy in his Shengong acupoint was rapidly reduced within the rain curtain.
If this continued, the rain would completely erode all his Xuan energy after one more stick of incense.

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