“This is impossible!”

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The ghostly claws of the black-clothed girl melted away under the golden light, and in just a few breaths, they turned into smoke and dissipated away.

Ji Yuenian raised his head slightly, and his dazzling eyes reflected the golden stars.
Under the shimmering golden light, the area around his lost arm began to interwoven with countless dense golden rays of light, and two complete arms were formed in a matter of seconds.

At the same time, a trace of Buddha's light emerged from his Shengong acupoint, and circulated through the two major acupoints of Shengong and Jianggong, spreading throughout the 36 meridians, thoroughly cleansing his soul, body and meridians.

Wherever the golden light passed, a dark substance seeped out from Ji Yuenian's body and eventually coalesced into a large, foul-smelling black ball, which floated quietly in the mid-air.

The black-clothed girl had already retreated a dozen feet away, and she stood there, looking at Ji Yuenian, who seemed to be undergoing a rebirth, with a horrified expression that masked her face.

“Who the hell are you, and why do you have the secret skill of ‘Purifying the Soul and Cleansing the Marrow’!?”

As the name suggested, ‘Purifying the Soul and Cleansing the Marrow’ could purify the soul, meridians, etc.
from the inside out.

The skill to purify the soul and marrow only existed in rumors within the Yuanyan Earth Realm, and no creature had ever undergone it.

But rumors did not mean it did not exist.
This skill originated from the ‘Spirit Purging Buddha Mantra’ from Luo Jia Holy Mountain.
At the beginning of the practice, it had the shocking effect of purifying the soul and cleansing the marrow, and this was just at the foundation realm.

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Ji Yuenian glanced at her calmly, but did not answer.
He took the foul-smelling black ball hovering by his side, and held it between his palms.
This black ball kept shrinking under the pressure of the golden light, and was finally sucked into a white jade bottle by him.
Then, it was put away.

This thing was called “Soul Ashes”, and it was an impurity that existed in the body of any living being.
However, for ordinary mortals, it was difficult to take out the Soul Ashes from their body.

The black-clothed girl looked at Ji Yuenian who collected the ashes and seemed to turn his head to look at herself.
The Yin energy around her subconsciously surged violently.
Her eyes moved slightly, revealing that she obviously had the intention of retreating.

“You know what Spirit Reposing is?”

Ji Yuenian raised his eyes slightly, looked at the girl in black and asked softly.

He was born very handsome, but after his soul was purified and marrow cleansed, his appearance had still undergone some very obvious changes.

The long black hair fell like a waterfall, his lips were red and his teeth shone white.
His eyebrows and eyes were picturesque, and he appeared extremely gorgeous.

“How would I know? Don't ask me!” The black-clothed girl was stared at by Ji Yuenian's calm eyes, and her tone became a little flustered unconsciously.
She forced a smile, and pointed at the top of her head, “It's raining too much, I'll find a place to hide first.”

After the words fell, she did not hesitate any longer, turned her head around, and her entire body turned into an extremely rich Yin energy, disappearing into the rain curtain in a moment.

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To the incomparably weak Ji Yuenian before, she was a terrifying ghost, but in front of Ji Yuenian, who had now been reborn, she was no different from a mortal girl, with the same fear, admiration, worry, and every complex emotions such as cowardice and so on.

The boy stood still in the heavily pouring rain, but before the raindrops fell on top of his head, it was completely blocked by a translucent golden light shield.

“Spirit Repose means destroying your True Spirit so that you will lose the chance of reincarnation, and completely dissipate from the world.”

While muttering in a low voice, Ji Yuenian clenched his empty palm, and a golden light emerged from it.
After a few breaths, a golden longbow condensed on his hand.

“There are only three types of mantras in the Spirit Reposing Mantra.
The first type of mantra is called the Great Compassion Mantra.”

He bent the bow.

A blazing golden arrow condensed at the center of the bowstring.

Then Ji Yuenian let go of his fingers casually.


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A dazzling golden light pierced through the rain curtain and shone with blinding light, reflecting heaven and earth!

A moment later, a shrill and terrifying ghost howl echoed, but the gloomy sound only lasted for a moment, and then came to an abrupt end.

The black-clothed girl in the late stage of the Xuan Realm was annihilated along with its dharma and the True spirit.

The Great Compassion Mantra was the most basic mantra among the three types of mantras of the Spirit Reposing Mantra.


The golden light around Ji Yuenian’s body faded away, and he fell onto the ground, laced with mud and water.

Fortunately, after the annihilation, the dharma of the ghostly creature released a huge amount of pure ghost energy, and most of it was devoured by the already enhanced and terrifying Psychic Karma Fire.
Ji Yuenian urged the fire to transform a little of his own Xuan energy from it, allowing him to barely stand up.

Even though there was a trace of real Buddha power from the beginning of the practice of the Spirit Reposing Mantra, this trace of Buddha power was all consumed in Ji Yuenian's soul purification and marrow cleansing, so the golden bow and arrow that Ji Yuenian had manifested with the Great Compassion Mantra were all part of the golden mystical power obtained from the initial fusion of the Heart Fire and the Spirit Reposing Mantra.

At this moment, his Shengong acupuncture point was completely depleted.
Except for the fiery phantom of the Heart Fire, there was not even a trace of Xuan energy.

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This was the disadvantage of not having refined the Xuan sea, no matter whether it was the azure Xuan energy of 'The Cultivation Manual Of The Secret Supernatural Skill – Indestructible Body' or the golden Xuan energy of the 'Spirit Reposing Mantra', they were all like water without a source and a tree without roots.
So he could only rely on the Heart Fire to slowly recover by absorbing the power of heaven, earth, sun and moon.

The rain still did not weaken, so Ji Yuenian once again activated his Heart Fire, forcibly transforming part of the mountain ghost’s Origin Yin energy that had settled deep in his soul, and only then did the azure Xuan energy and golden Xuan energy gradually began to emerge from the Shengong acupoint.

After the soul was purified and the marrow was cleansed, the flame of the Psychic Karma Fire had now become extremely intense, and even with the raging violent rain, this dark flame was still burning, without showing any indication of extinguishment.

However, if he stayed in the rain for too long, it would not be good for cultivation.

Ji Yuenian traveled about several dozen feet and found the remaining half-dilapidated wall of the Taoist Temple.
It was relatively well preserved and could withstand most of the wind and rain.

Ji Yuenian propped up a light golden shield around himself, and sat under the wall, slowly sinking into the cultivation.

What he did not know was that, just a hundred feet away, there was a slender and translucent human-shaped phantom silently observing him for a long time.
For some reason, its figure eventually was getting fainter and fainter, until it completely disappeared under the storm.

This was an extremely terrifying thing that only appeared when the celestial phenomena such as frost, wind, rain, snow, etc.
Once a creature was targeted by it, the consequences would be disastrous.

But it seemed to have some inexplicable fear of Ji Yuenian, and it left there quietly without leaving any trace.

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