he suddenly caught a glimpse of the piece of silk on the side of the girl in white.

This piece of silk was torn down from the silk clothes he was wearing.
It was used by this mountain ghost to wipe her legs and feet before, but here was the strangeness.

The mountain ghost had strong yin energy and countless powerful techniques.
She could even wipe the water droplets off her body with a moment of thought.
How could she wipe it with cloth like a mortal?

Ji Yuenian's eyes became more and more squinted, and at this time he also noticed an extremely important detail.
The white halo that lingered around the mountain ghost all the time had completely dissipated.
Based on her appearance, she was just like an ordinary mortal girl.

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A terrible guess gradually came to mind.

Is the mountain ghost no longer as powerful as the previous time for some reason?

If one were more bold, one could even say…
Had she lost the yin energy of the upper stage of True Dao Realm!?

Although Ji Yuenian didn't know the specific cultivation realm, he had seen the horror of mountain ghosts with his own eyes.
After the terrifying power was fully revealed, it was enough to split mountains and crack rocks, and a roar could change the trajectory of the wind and clouds.

He knew very well that the mountain ghost had no good intentions to heal himself, but that at the Qingluan Mountain, she had not tasted the flesh of a human for too long, and now she just wanted to keep himself in captivity as a livestock, and eat him slowly.

In the depths of his mind, the dark Heart Fire loomed, but Ji Yuenian didn't want to try to mobilize it again.
This mountain ghost was moody and extremely emotional.
Maybe she would kill him when she found out.

By then it would be too late to regret.

Heart Fire, which was possessed by countless living beings, was crimson red and extinguished most of the time.

It was the foundation of beings' ability to cultivate.
If one wanted to ignite their Heart Fire, the conditions were extremely harsh.
However, there were also many souls who had their Heart Fire ignited by chance, and had been able to cultivate with the help of the heaven, the earth, the sun, and the moon.

And once the Heart Fire was ignited, it couldn't be extinguished again.
Once it was extinguished, the soul would be completely lost, the body would be destroyed, and reincarnated.
In severe cases, the true spirit would be annihilated and the soul would be scattered between heaven and earth.

Although the mountain ghost could sense that Ji Yuenian's Heart Fire was burning, she didn't know that his Heart Fire was dark, so she didn't take it seriously at all.
After all, even if this mortal ignited his Heart Fire by chance, he was still an ant that could be crushed to death in front of the mountain ghost of the upper realm.

But if she learned about this, she would definitely kill Ji Yuenian without hesitation!

“Qing Yan, what's the point of urging me to come with such a hurried spell?”

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The gust of wind blew up, and a purple-black demon cloud came out from the mountain forest, and condensed into the figure of a purple-robed man in front of the mountain ghost Qing Yan.

The mountain ghost crushed the demonic spell in her hand very casually and said softly, “Mo Yuan, you and I live next to each other in the northwest of the Qingluan Mountain, but we have not had a few complete face to face meetings, so this time I naturally asked my old neighbor to talk.”

The man turned his head and glanced at Ji Yuenian not far away, then turned around and laughed, “This statement is really ridiculous, we are all captured by the Egret demon king and imprisoned here.
Our fate is already doomed.
Even if you are lucky enough to survive and be my neighbor for thousands of years, there is nothing to talk about.”

The mountain ghost Qing Yan flicked her sleeves, and a breeze rose from her fingertips out of thin air.
Ji Yuenian was swept in front of the two without any resistance.
The aura of flesh and blood in the demon's sense of smell was magnified hundreds of times, making the purple-robed man gulp down involuntarily.

“Mo Yuan, since you were taken to the Qingluan Mountain, you haven't tasted human flesh for many years? This person was specially raised by me, and I called you this time to share it together.”

Qing Yan's tone was flat, looking at Ji Yuenian as if gazing at a livestock.

Mo Yuan's eyes trembled slightly, looking down at Ji Yuenian, a fierce yellow-brown light bloomed from it, making the boy tremble subconsciously, and the dark Heart Fire above his soul burned more and more intensely.

Mo Yuan was a demon wolf incarnation, and his cultivation at this time was similar to that of the mountain ghost Qing Yan.
However, Qing Yan had an illusory spiritual body, and it seemed that she intended to hide her cultivation in front of the demon wolf, Mo Yuan.
Therefore, at this moment, the cultivation of Qing Yan in Mo Yuan's eyes was still the initial stage of the True Dao Realm like from previous hundreds of years.

Licking his lips, Mo Yuan said in a low voice, “Qing Yan, if you have something to say, you can say it directly, you don't need to be so secretive.”

Obviously, he didn't think the mountain ghost Qing Yan would be so kind that she would invite him to share a meal of a rare human in the Qingluan Mountain for no reason.

Qing Yan chuckled lightly and said, “I created a magic spell by myself a few days ago, and if I continue to deduce it, this magic spell may be able to break the Heavenly Furnace Barrier in the Qingluan Mountain, but if I use my own power to cast this magic spell, it may not work, so I need your help.
If I can get out of this cage, I will definitely lead you out as soon as possible.”

“Don't joke around.” Mo Yuan was startled for a moment, and then he laughed loudly, “The Heavenly Furnace Barrier was set up by the Egret demon king himself, and even the Xuanyuan Spiritual Bell in the temple was used as the eye of the furnace.
In the entire Qingluan Mountain, not to mention your initial stage of True Dao Realm, even the creatures who have crossed the realm of karma, I am afraid will not be able to escape from such a cage.”

Qing Yan shook her head slightly, but her eyes were looking at the distant sky, where the sunset appeared golden red in the cloud filled sky.

It was already evening.

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