or in the purple-robed man's eyes became more and more intense, and a breeze stirred up around him.
In a moment, it turned into a violent demonic wind capable of overturning everything, and it swept out with a bang!

“Idiot, you actually want to escape from Qingluan Mountain.
Once detected by the temple, the two of us will die without a place to be buried!” Mo Yuan grabbed Ji Yuenian in his hands and laughed wildly, “Just a flesh and blood of a human, and you want me to share such a huge risk with you? Qing Yan, you really have a good plan!”

Qing Yan's face was cold, obviously she never expected Mo Yuan to change his face so quickly, but the next moment she slightly raised the corners of her lips and said, “Look at what you are holding?”

Mo Yuan looked down, Ji Yuenian in his hand turned into countless white lights and dissipated, and the real Ji Yuenian slowly emerged at Qing Yan's feet!

Qing Yan was a mountain ghost and was best at playing illusionary spells.
After Mo Yuan tore off Ji Yuenian's right arm, Ji Yuenian was taken back to her side quietly by her.

Mo Yuan's complexion was a little ugly, and his yellow-brown eyes showed a hint of resentment as he gritted his teeth, “It's just a human and it is harmless.
But if you want to escape, I will definitely report to the Ancient Temple.
If I report to the Ancient Temple, maybe it can be exchanged for hundreds of years of lifespan, which is also an unexpected joy.”

Hearing those words, Qing Yan's face sank.

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“Why, are you afraid?” Mo Yuan said with a sullen smile, “Give this human to me, I will consider it, and help you hide it for the time being.”

The girl tapped her toes on the ground.

Her figure slowly floated in the air, with a pale white halo lingering around her, and she coldly said, “I'm afraid that even if I hand it over to you, you won't help me hide it.
Well, this is my negligence.
Although I have done all the calculations, I have never predicted the demon wolf Mo Yuan, who used to control a demon city by himself, at this time, has lost all his heart and soul.
He is so useless like a dog, wagging his tail and begging for more time to live from the Ancient Temple.”

Mo Yuan's complexion changed several times, and finally turned into a sneer with a little embarrassment and anger, “You actually want to attack me? A mountain ghost who's at the initial stage of True Dao Realm?”

“Initial stage of True Dao Realm…
” Qing Yan murmured in a low voice, and between her sleeves, countless bright white lights gathered together, “Spiritual Curse.”

The Spiritual Curse! A spell that could only be cast by ghosts in the upper realm!

“Upper stage of True Dao Realm!”

Mo Yuan's eyes were slightly dark as he raised his head to look at the white light behind the girl, his hands turned into sharp claws, and he quickly pinched out several incomparably complicated claw runes.
The monster's huge body was firmly protected in it.

The white light finally took shape completely, and condensed a ferocious giant claw that was more than ten feet wide.
It swept down accompanied by the fierce howling wind and furiously grabbed Mo Yuan!


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The white light exploded, and Mo Yuan's body was blown dozens of feet away, embedded at the base of the mountain, leaving the whole mountain in an eerie silence.

The mountain ghost Qing Yan stood still in the air, and her expression did not slacken in the slightest.

Mo Yuan was in the upper stage of the True Dao Realm, and had the body of a real demon.
Although her cultivation base also broke through to the upper stage of True Dao Realm not long ago, her main body was that of a mountain ghost that was relatively illusory.
Even the manifestation of the mountain ghost dharma was weaker than that.


The dull but ferocious wolf howls echoed all over the mountains.

The base of the mountain trembled slightly, and from time to time, large pieces of gravel rolled down from it along with countless cracks, and it seemed that something terrifying was awakening within it.


The crack finally spread to the limit, and the entire mountain completely burst apart.

An incomparably huge figure gradually appeared amidst the smoke and dust.

Standing more than seven feet tall, he had a black-armor encompassing his body, and his purple-black fur shone with hellish dark light with a tinge of purple.
His monstrous head swayed slightly, and his mighty imposing power proved that this upper realm demon wolf finally showed his terrifying body.

“Ignorant ghost, even if you have an upper realm as a cultivation base, you are just a ghost that can be crushed by the back of my palm!”

The hoarse and dull voice turned into invisible sound waves, surging towards Qing Yan.

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