The figure of the demon wolf finally pounced down, but the calmness of the mountain ghost made it tremble faintly from the bottom of his heart.
The moment before bombarding the mountain ghost's dharma, he subconsciously held back some of his strength.

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Boom! ! !

The spiritual body of the mountain ghost completely exploded.

The blazing white light swept across all directions.
The entire northwest corner of the Qingluan Mountain turned into a flat ground, and the roar resounded through heaven and the earth.

The mountain ghost who was at the Late Stage of the True Dao Realm had exploded her own spiritual body.


The bell that shook the heavens and the earth sounded throughout the Qingluan Mountain, and there were two tyrannical figures who rushed towards the northwest corner from the Ancient Temple.
Apparently, the accident in the northwest corner of the mountain range had attracted the attention of the Ancient Temple.

Although the demon wolf's body was thick and fleshy, it was also difficult to resist the full power of the spiritual body of the mountain ghost, who was also in the Late Stage of True Dao Realm.
He was afraid that his demon body would suffer irreparable and terrible damage.

Even so, his situation was not optimistic at this time.
After the demonic light dissipated, the demon wolf turned into a purple-robed man again, sat cross-legged on the ground to regulate his breath with all his strength, and the aura around him was weakened to the extreme.

Moreover, after Qing Yan's dharma body exploded, the ghost's yin energy source turned into a black light, which went straight into Ji Yuenian's Jinggong acupuncture point.

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The Jinggong acupoint, located between the eyebrows, was where the souls of all living beings were located.

As soon as she entered Ji Yuenian's Jinggong acupuncture point, Qing Yan sensed something wrong.

“Why is this boy's soul so strangely quiet?”

A group of brilliant light manifested into the appearance of an illusory and beautiful girl, walking slowly in the quiet darkness.

“Where is this child's divine soul origin? What about the ignited Heart Fire?”

A few breaths later, the illusory girl's face couldn't help but show more doubts.

The yin energy detection of the Late Stage of True Dao Realm swept out, but the feedback was only the boundless dark abyss.

Suddenly, a little crimson flame appeared out of thin air in front of Qing Yan.

“The fire in this person's heart has finally ignited a while ago!”

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There was a hint of joy on Qing Yan's face, and she wanted to urge the yin energy to devour the dim flame.

But the flames did not change in the slightest under the perfusion of the yin energy, but the crimson color gradually faded and completely turned into pitch black!

A circle of dazzling golden light lingered around the pitch-black flame, and it kept burning and flickering, increasing in intensity second by second.

“Dark Heart Fire…
This, this, could it be…”

Qing Yan's complexion changed dramatically, and she quickly recalled the records of the soul's fire in the original memory, and a trace of horror and fear gradually appeared in her eyes.

Under the flow of flames, a handsome young man in a satin robe condensed into a phantom, which was the manifestation of Ji Yuenian's spirit.

“Mountain ghost, you ate the flesh of my left arm raw, how did it taste?”

At this time, Ji Yuenian's arms were intact, long and jade-like.
He was actually more than a head taller than the girl in white clothes.

The boy's eyes were calm, and she could not hear any emotional fluctuations in his calm tone.

The mountain ghost, Qing Yan, had long since lost the ferocity and brutality of the past.
With eyes full of horror, she said in a trembling voice, “You…you are a mere human, how could you possibly ignite a Psychic…”

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The young man flicked his sleeves, and a jet-black flame swept over, directly smashing Qing Yan's head, and countless pure and extremely yin energy escaped and scattered within the soul domain.

“Spare my life!”

Qing Yan's petite body trembled slightly, and after a while, a brand new head grew out of her neck.
Before Ji Yuenian made another move, she had already hurriedly opened her mouth, her beautiful little face full of sincerity.

Ji Yuenian lowered his gaze, staring at Qing Yan's pitiful beautiful face, the girl's clear eyes were now full of tears.

“Didn't you always want to escape from this mountain area, then I'll be a good person and send you back to the afterlife?” The young man just waved his sleeves again, and the dark flames behind him spread towards Qing Yan, “In this way, you can be considered to have left Qingluan Mountain.”

“No! No!”

Qing Yan's little face was distorted to the extreme, and the terrifying triangular grimace of the mountain ghost loomed, letting out a shrill roar of resentment.


The dark Heart Fire surged and engulfed the girl's thin figure completely, and in a moment, it completely melted into a large mass of extremely pure yin energy, which escaped in the reflection of the golden light around the Heart Fire within his soul.

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How vast was the source of yin energy in the upper stage of True Dao Realm, it was far beyond what Ji Yuenian's soul could absorb at this time.
However, under the heat of the dark Heart Fire, these sources of yin energy have all settled down and were scattered in the depths of the soul, continuously enhancing Ji Yuenian's divine soul.

The burning Heart Fire gradually stabilized, and began to absorb the vitality of the heaven, the earth, the sun, and the moon through the Shengong acupoint, and a trace of Xuan light appeared around Ji Yuenian's body.

This means…
he completely ignited the Heart Fire without any master, and broke through the first realm of spiritual cultivation, the Xuan Realm!

“I was wrong just now.
The Psychic Karma Fire can not only devour your soul, but even your true spirit will burn and melt.
It seems that you have no chance of reincarnation.”

Ji Yuenian murmured in a low voice, and the phantom that appeared from his soul also disappeared into the darkness.

The world was so vast and boundless that any bizarre thing could happen.
Apart from being guided by a master to ignite their Heart Fire, there were only a few souls who had ignited their Heart Fire by themselves under various coincidences and had been able to cultivate.

The demon wolf sat cross-legged not far away, while secretly adjusting his breath, he looked at Ji Yuenian who opened his eyes in disbelief.

The young man opened and closed his eyes, and a trace of golden light gradually disappeared from his eyes.

Countless pictures came one after another, and within a few breaths he recalled all the memories of this life.

The Ji family was one of the several aristocratic families in the ancient city of Taichu.
And he was the first descendant of Ji Hong, the head of the Ji family, and the eldest son of the Ji family.

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