ol breeze touched the thick blue carpet, mingling the scent of the beautiful rain with the fragrance already placed into the weaves. A candle sits nestled in one corner of the room on a black wrought iron glass top table, illuminating the pale blue behind it.

A candle sits on the two windows across the room from each other, the flames dancing tightly in time and in tune with one another, but never going out. Two more candles sit at the center of two end tables snuggled close to either side of the bed. The faintest music of wind chimes that hang in the last window behind me can be heard over the sweet tinker and echo of the rain. Our king-sized bed sits in the center of the room, draped in glossy red satin sheets, topped with a thick red feather blanket, with several plush feather pillows lining the cherry wood headboard. The light was so very dim, but even so, I can see everything clearly in the muted glow.

I can see Danielle sitting on the bed, head resting comfortably on the plush pillows. Shes wearing a red silk nightgown with her body curve drawn from inside. Her feet are crossed and propped up on the folded-down blanket. Her arms are crossed over her soft breasts pulling tightly against the taut fabric.

I was standing naked in front of the bed looking at her.

I wore the crooked sexy smile that she had always found so dreamy on me and it always made her weak at the knees. I stretched my muscular body, arms raised over my head and her feet reaching towards me. My body relaxed again and scooted down a little, still looking at her.

Her eyes slowly slide down my body, then even more leisurely back up. Again, her gaze lingered on my muscular body.

I stepped up towards the high bed and put one leg up on the blanket and painstakingly slowly I raised myself up from the floor to stand before her on the bed. I slowly rocked side to side; grinding my hips down slowly towards the bed until my knees were touching the feather blanket, then leaned down forward on my hands until I was on all fours before her. I came forward a little, and with my one hand, I began to untie the little satin ribbon that was holding the top of her nightgown. I let my greedy eyes get even hungrier at the sight of her supple breasts. ”Do you like what you see? ” she said in a husky whisper.

Just the sight of licking my dry lips makes her know that I do.

The music slows down a little to another song, and now I know what I want to do. Somehow it was there inside me all along; I just didn know how to get it out.

That animal passion that I wanted to use when teasing her all night long was finally coming out in me.

With the beat of the music, I explored her body with ardent pleasure starting from her collarbone, gently nipping and biting her as I slowly began to kiss her body.

The music changes again and I can hold on any longer. I reached her head pulling close to me and kiss her while in a kneeling position. I gently bite her lip as I kiss her and feel the passionate searing pain of her nails on my back. I draw in a sharp breath, not from the pain from exploring. She arched her back up into my hands, feeling her nails lingering on my lower back. I looked at her and she barely nods back to me, but it is enough for her to know Ill finally let us into this dance.

Her arms are around my shoulders now as she feels me move more on top of her, feeling every curve of her body welding with mine. Our breaths get shallow and quickened, but neither of those things matters right now. All that matters in this one moment is Danielle and me. She began to close her eyes when I begin to enter her lovely heaven. I whisper to her to open her eyes and look into my eyes, and my first blow made her totally energized.

We rock back and forth in this sensual dance. I hugged her so tight and kissed her so hard. We collapsed together, our passions spent, and gave her a silver ring as an engagement. She rested in my arms breathing slowly and contentedly. We soon fall asleep in each others arms, knowing to myself that I captured her, like a prisoner in a cage!


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