Billionaire’s sincerity

Chapter 2 Challenge.

”Girl, do you know what you
e doing? ” The mans voice was hoarse, his eyes cloudy as he stared at the girl sitting on top of him.

”I know, I want to sleep with you. ” Sofia clenched her fist, although a little scared and nervous, she bravely stated her intentions.

The man squinted at her for a long time but did not speak, nor did he do anything. Just keep looking at her like that. He didn know anything about the girl in front of him other than her name. Because of Pavels pleas for help, he agreed to take her home. I didn expect her to be such a lazy woman.

Sofia in her heart began to worry, but somehow her reason still urged her to continue. She ignored the suspicious and somewhat disgusted look of the man. She ran her hand over each button of his shirt, her lips moving up to kiss his. She had never kissed anyone before, this was her first kiss so it was awkward.

”You want to die? ” The man coldly dodged her kiss, while holding her hand firmly in front of his chest. His eyes were cold and dark as he looked at her.

But maybe because there was some alcohol in her body, Sofia wasn afraid of his warning. Because just now after kissing him, she felt it was wonderful and she wanted to try more. So she pulled her hand away from him, wrapped her arms around his head and kissed him on the lips again.

The man stared at her with wide eyes, but his bodys reaction sold out his thoughts. With just a little physical touch and this girls awkward kiss, his legs had a reaction.

Sofia didn see him react, so she continued to mess around with him, she reached out and started to search for the hem of his shirt, then slowly found the zipper of his pants.

”Stop, are you always so casual with all the men who bring you home? ”

The effects of alcohol made Sofias mind more and more uncontrollable, she was no longer awake to distinguish right from wrong. So she just said what she was thinking.

”You were my first man. Ive never slept with anyone. ” Sofia looked at the man with dreamy eyes and smiled in a low voice.

Her mind became more and more foggy, so she began to lose control of her words.

”I just want to sleep with you. I want everyone to know, Im a beautiful woman too. ”

The man frowned, he wanted to look closely at her expression to see if she was lying or telling the truth. But unfortunately she is drunk, and drunk people always tell the truth. He didn have to hesitate to verify her words.

He had never had a crush on any girl before, but somehow he had a reaction to her just now. Maybe it was the special effects of alcohol, or he was suspecting that Pavel had quietly put aphrodisiacs into his wine glass. So now his body is getting hotter and hotter. Especially when being touched by the girl in front of you is even more uncomfortable.

Sofia felt increasingly uncomfortable not being able to touch the mans body, she struggled against his body again, and inadvertently her small hand touched the protruding object of her pants. between his legs.

Her sudden movement caused the man to take a deep breath. He reached out and grabbed her hand and pushed her away then pulled her head to kiss her lips, his kiss was so intense, if she wanted to do it with him, and if he couldn control his feelings either. Then he would try to let himself go for once.

He kissed the bride passionately, his hands started messing around her body, but suddenly he stopped moving, then pushed her aside and said coldly.

”Wait a minute, its not appropriate here. ”

The man used the fastest speed to drive in front of a five-star hotel, when the car stopped, he quickly carried her out of the car and went straight inside, when he passed the front desk he was decisive.

”Presidential. ”


As soon as he entered the room, the man carried her straight to the bed, gently laid her down, then without hesitation pressed on top of her, lowered his head and kissed her on the lips, while kissing and using his hands to undress her, then it was the clothes on his body that he also took off. After a while they were both naked in front of each other.

Sofia because she was so drunk that she was no longer conscious, so she had no qualms about showing her naked body in front of him, even when she saw the mans body, she whispered in a low voice.

”Your body is beautiful, this thing is big. ”

The man narrowed his eyes and reached out his hand to grab the hand that was grasping the object between his legs. She was actually braver than he thought. He did not push her small hand away, but instead guided her step by step to ”pamper ” the object between his legs. He bent his head to kiss her lips, then slowly down her collarbone, then stopped at her pink and white breasts. With one hand he caressed and caressed, the other he sucked on her rose bud. His action made her groan.

”Um… um. ”

Her moans pleased him, stimulated and excited him even more. He didn rush into the gap between her legs, he gently reached out his hand to find the gap, then continued gently in and out with his index finger. Until he felt the sweet nectar begin to flow. His breathing was getting heavier and heavier.

”I ask you one last time, do you regret it? ”

”I… ah… um. ”

The man whispered as if he wanted to ask her opinion, but he did not wait for her answer and decisively entered her body.

”Be good, bear with it a little, very soon you will not feel the pain anymore. ”

The man smirked seductively, because he could feel the tug of her body against him. He had never had sex with a girl before but he knew what it was like for a womans first time.

He started to move gently in her body, then bent down to kiss her breasts again, kissing and moving. He knew she was in pain for the first time so he didn want to try many positions. Finally after her moans, he couldn hold it anymore but increased his speed and ended up in her body. He was in no hurry to leave her body.

However, Sofia was tired, still confused by the feeling of love, but she regained her senses a bit, she began to feel confused by what had just happened. She pushed him away and then tried to get up and ran to the bathroom, closing the door tightly.

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