Billionaire’s sincerity

Chapter 2 Challenge.

th him.

”How do I stand a chance? ” Sofia smiled self-deprecatingly.

”Don worry, Ill find a way to help you with your vows. ” Elly gave a sly smile.

While everyone happily took turns going to Matvey to talk to him, Elly surreptitiously called Pavel to a corner to talk privately. I don know what the two of them said to each other, only knowing that Elly had a satisfied smile, and Pavel had a deep face.

Elly went back to sit next to Sofia, she reassured Sofia to trust her, she certainly won let her down. She even encourages her to believe in herself, to be brave when given the chance to seduce him. Sofia clenched her fist, glanced at Matvey, then reached for the wine glass on the table and drank it down in one gulp. She needed courage, and she believed only alcohol could help her now.

Matvey from beginning to end did not react when he entered this room, because of Pavel he was forced to come here. He doesn like talking to anyone, only occasionally glancing at someone, then raising his glass of wine to drink. Don care what people around you are talking to you.

”Just come here for a drink? Do you notice any girls? Ill help you get her to bed. ” Pavel took the full glass of wine in exchange for the empty one in Matveys hand.

Matvey glanced at Pavel, of course he knew he was just teasing him, so he didn want to answer him either. He picked up his glass of wine and drank it down in one gulp, unaware that Pavel was laughing inwardly at his decisive action.

Pavel looked at the empty wine glass before he dared to breathe a sigh of relief, he glanced for Ellys figure, then gestured to Elly.

”Sofia, its time for you to show off, fighting. ”

Elly said as she helped Sofia to walk towards Pavel and Matvey.

”Matvey, can you help bring Sofia home, Ill take Elly home. ” Pavel glanced at Matvey suggestively.

”Matvey, please help me. ” Elly smiled and pushed Sofia towards Matvey.


”Whats wrong? Okay, Ill be right there. ” Matvey frowned and turned off the phone. Then he got out of bed, quickly put on his clothes, thought for a moment, and went to the bathroom door. He raised his hand and knocked on the door a few times, then raised his voice.

”I have urgent business to go first, I will call you back. ”

Matveys sudden voice brought Sofia back to reality, she smiled mockingly. I feel so stupid for doing such a thing. Of course, the reason he used to leave her, she couldn believe it. Will you be responsible for her? Who are you? She rushed to tears, at this moment she heard the phone ring, it was her phone ringing. She tried to stand up and opened the door to go outside to find where the bell was coming from. Of course, the whole room was just her. Looking at the displayed phone number, she frowned, but also pressed the button to receive the call, immediately a girls voice came out making her whole body stiff. Then she dropped the phone shaking, she didn believe what she just said. heard, she mumbled softly.

”How is that possible? Your mother can die, this is not true. ”

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