Billionaire’s sincerity

Chapter 4 Timely rescuer.

Sofia didn expect today to be the same bad day for her. She foolishly listened to her friends and then lost her innocence. And that man only saw her as a sexual partner, with no intention of being responsible for her. She also laughs at her own thoughts, that she voluntarily went to bed with him, how can she make him responsible for her. But what made her fall into a more desperate situation was her mothers death in an accident. Apparently yesterday she was still able to talk to her mother. Did god want to punish her for her stupidity? Because she didn cherish the body her mother gave her.

”Mom! Ill go find you, can you wait for me? ”

Sofia smiled bitterly and got up, climbed into the bathtub, filled the tub with water, and sank down. Just when she thought she was going to end her life today, the bathroom door opened.

”Sofia, where are you? God! Why are you doing such a stupid thing? Sofia, wake up. ” Elly panicked when she discovered Sofia immersed in the bathtub.

Together Elly and Mabel pull Sofia up. The two tried to give Sofia first aid, but she still didn wake up. Both worried and scared together took Sofia to the hospital for an emergency.

After going to the hospital, Elly and Mabel learned the news that Sofias mother had died in an accident today, and both of them understood why Sofia wanted to commit suicide.

”I even think Sofia committed suicide because she spent the night with that man. Im still blaming myself. ” Elly spoke sadly.

”But she must be in a crisis too. She has no family in this world anymore. She is really pitiful. Should we go find that man and hold him accountable? with Sofia? ” Mabel asked Elly in a low voice.

But before Elly could answer, a very small sound rang out.

”No need. As I volunteer, I don need anyone to be responsible for me. ”

”Sofia, you
e awake, you scared me. Don be sad. Your mother has passed away but she is still in your heart, she will always watch over you. ” Elly jumped with joy when Sofia woke up, she walked over to the hospital bed and hugged Sofia to reassure her.

”Sofia, no matter what happens in the future, you still have me and Elly as your relatives. We will always support you and be by your side. ” Mabel also spoke to comfort Sofia.

Sofia burst into tears. She was really heartbroken over her mothers sudden death. She felt even more desperate when she had just done the stupid thing of having a one-night stand with a man who didn love her. She is feeling extremely regretful, if she had returned home earlier, and gone out with her mother, perhaps her mother would not have died in an accident.

While Sofia is grieving the sudden passing of her mother. Matvey is at the police station right now. He ran here directly from the hotel. Because he received a phone call from the police department, telling his brother that he was drunk and caused a fatal accident. He originally wanted to stay to make it clear to Sofia that he would take responsibility for her. But he was afraid that if he was late to the police station, his brother would be arrested.

”Mr Matvey, you can rest assured. Mr. Martin will be fine, well find a way to get him out. ” The police captain promised Matvey a smile.

”Thank you for your help, as for the victims, I will transfer them some money to compensate. But I hope you will think of a way so that they don know anything about the person who caused the accident. ” Matvey warned carefully.

Coming out of the police station, Matvey looked at Martin, who was still unconscious, and extremely angry. If he wasn my biological brother, I wouldn have come to bail. He also doesn understand why he has repeatedly reminded him to be more mature, stop playing around. But in the end, he still didn listen.

”Martin, Im really disappointed in you..I hope youll find a girl soon to change your bad character. ” Matvey mutters.

Because he thinks to make a man change, if his loved ones can do it, only the girl they love. Because of love that changes to be perfect in the eyes of the girl he likes, and changes to be a good man so that her parents agree to marry her.

After bringing Matin home, Matvey phoned Pavel to find out information about the girl who had an affair with him. He wanted to make up for her, even though he didn have feelings for her, but if he decided to touch her body, he would definitely take responsibility. As soon as the phone was connected, he coldly ordered.

”Send that girl an apartment and a credit card. ”

Turning off the phone, he smirked. He also didn understand why he was attracted to that girl at that time. There were many girls who were better than her before, but he had never lost control of them. She was the only one who made the thing between his legs not obey his control.

While recuperating in the hospital, suddenly a man appeared in Sofias room. She was no stranger to him, but at the moment she didn want to see anyone.

”Elly, I don want to see anyone, you kick him out. ”

”Wait, Im not bothering you, Im just sending you some presents on behalf of Mr. Matvey. ” Pavel hastily spoke up.

Elly glared at Pavel to stop talking, but he insisted on staying. If she knew that he had sent her a text message to find Sofia just now because of this, she certainly wouldn have told him that Sofia was at the hospital. Maybe he thinks Sofia committed suicide because of an affair with Matvey. She also regrets that she did not tell him earlier the reason why Sofia is so miserable now.

”Go out, I don want to see you. Get out of here for me. ” Sofia shouted angrily.

”Go out, do you hear what I say, hurry up. ” Elly grabbed Pavels hand and tried to pull him out.

”Sofia, Mr. Matvey will take responsibility for you, he will make up for you. Don be sad and hopeless. ” Pavel tried to shout out loud hoping Sofia heard him.

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