ntaminating blood.

”Riel Come Forth! ” Sergile commanded the Captain of his Security, the same that whacked the other.

”Yes my lord? ” He came to his master dutifully and knelt before him.

”As soon as this carrier touches the ground, I want you to take as many Personals as you need and scout that platform! ” And this was the order given to him.

Everyone in the quarter looked at him confused, wondering why the sudden shift in seeming partially interest to downright sending his Personals on a mission that will lead them all to question the senates integrity.

That was their thought, and that was until Riel looked at the serious no nonsense expression that made him realized:

e not seriously thinking that their project could be an actual titan, my lord? ” And when he blurted this out in disbelief with a minor in faith, everyone on board became shaken.

”So I guess my theory was right… ” and this Personnel was shut down quickly when everyone except Sergile gave him a hate fueled gaze.

”Still don you think thats an overreaction, my lord? ” This thought came from Edamame their Vice Captain.

”Would you risk the allegiance for just a mere thought? ” And Riel again questioned if this notion was sound.

And Sergile gaze at him ” Just…a…mere…thought? ” And each vowel echoed unto the next as the lighting began to flicker repeatedly, whereas the turbulence could be felt and become more frantic.

Soon the entire room became almost as cold as ice as the air became pressurized and began to squeeze them. They know what was being done:

He is angry that they all know and fear was creeping behind them.

When they began to falter, Sergile played to his anger for a view more seconds before it all went away.

Everyone except for him heaved on board, they were indeed sweating and huffing, but nonetheless got the result that he needs, that they will take his words more seriously:

”I fought a Titan before. ” And his words led them to give an ear, but to Saline and her Company, they were amazed to know that he had personally confronted one.

”Ubelheim, ever heard of it? ” In this, he questioned everyone present.

They shook their head in response, and he went on to say, ”You wouldn know the lesser known of all realms, but a single Titan destroyed this one! ”



And there was a pregnant pause among the people, they could not believe what they just heard.

A single Titan have that sort of power? This was the one thing unknown to them. Theyve only heard Titans coming in a group of twos and even threes, but there was never a report of one destroying a realm.

”Grim I know, but when I was, I discovered a giant bud the size of this carrier, and when we played ignorant to it, just being a native species of the realm, it shifted and expand its mass across the entire realm when we least expected it ” and before they can dwell on such a notion, Sergile continued:

”A simple disguise, and one that worked. It adorned such a form within that realm of ever expanding forest absorbing every black Monolith and biomass that it can find, and by the time I took complete notice of it, it had already consumed the final Black Monolith, which action cause the realm to implode upon itself. ”

”I survived the aftermath employing my astrolabe, so Ill advise you and make it known to all of you. Always be mindful of the things that seemed suspicious, even if its originally said as a joke, and you just heard that one realm paid for it. ”

Saline, Riel, and everyone else gulped and were incredibly shaken that they looked at the doofus that caused their fright, and at the platform that may or may not bring about an apocalypse.

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