Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 1 - 1.The World Ended?

We are looking at a world very similar to Earth. In the year 21XX humanity realized that they were done for. They had missed the mark and were facing inevitable climate change. More and more natural disasters plagued the humans. Storms raged, cities were flooded and the people became desperate. Projects were rushed, solutions were searched, catastrophes brought things to light that should have better stayed in the dark. But it was no movie and no novel. There was no way for them to stop it. Everything kept spiraling out of control, escalating up to the breaking point.

Reeee Reeee Reee~


Drowsily he lifted his head after smacking his alarm clock to the other side of the room…where it was still ringing. ”God da*nit.. ”

Squinting at the clock he rolled off the bed and crawled over to turn it off. Seth had been burning the midnight fuel playing games the night before and forgot to turn off his alarm. Bright light fell in through half closed shutters of the window and burned on his pale skin. Since when was the light in the city so bright?

Seth lived at B City, a medium-sized city at the southeastern corner of the continent. On a normal day the light should be a refreshing yellowish gray, thanks to the invigorating smock of civilization.

So what was up with these disgustingly bright rays of sunlight? Shielding his bluish grey eyes with his hands the youth picked himself up and went towards the window. Brushing his dark hair out of his eyes, he blinked. Then he blinked again.

”Well, that ’s weird. ” He grabbed his phone. Yep, only slept for a few hours…then why the flip was the city overgrown like a forest?! The panorama of the city he had seen and known for almost all his live was tinted with overwhelming green. Streets were covered in tall grass like a Savannah. Trees had broken through the constraints of concrete and structures. Houses and Buildings had been pierced, some actually collapsed because of trees that had skewered them. And almost every vertical surface seemed to have been covered in vines.

His phone had no reception and his internet connection was cut off. Seth pursed the lips. Something was going on. Well, anyone who wasn ’t blind could see THAT. At this moment a voice rang in his head and scenes started to play before his eyes like a cinematic trailer.

He actually knew many of the scenes that were shown from the news. Natural disasters that had been hitting the continent the last few years. But there were some he didn ’t know. Scenes of a destroyed laboratory. Weird lines of code reminding him of a famous science fiction movie. Dark fiery holes opening in midair and glimpses of caves and ever growing darkness.

This sentence was energetically floating in front of him like an early text animation. The letters were thick, golden and kept spinning in order. Seth was reminded of old flashy retro-games.

They kept spinning in the center of his view, no matter where he looked.

”Hmm, sure why not. ”, he said to himself and clicked Y. S

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