Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 121: 121.Fulfilling Promises

His mood was already good when he was eating together with Fin at the inn. Today he wanted to go to Master Tored and give him the final report on the shop. But before he could leave, he met a messenger in the lobby. Nädel had sent him a message that he was done with his orders!

He asked the fairy to stay here since he wanted to surprise her with the robe once he had enchanted it with . He was also looking forward to what Nädel was able to make from the wyvern leather.

”It´s good to see you again, Seth. ” Nädel greeted him when he entered his workshop.

”Hello, Nädel. How are you? ” he asked and sat down on one of the chairs in the room.

”Good, good. Better lately, since you bring me such great materials. ” he smiled gently and brought out four packages. Four?

”You finished these really fast, didn´t you? ”

It had been maybe 2 weeks since he had bought Nädel the materials.

”haha, yes. Let me show you. Let´s start with the robe for your quarter-elven friend. ”

Now Seth remembered why it was four. After he told Lixiss to visit this shop, he had actually forgotten about it. He thought she would get the robe herself. The robe was golden through and through with a dark-blue fabric lining the inside. Nädel explained that the lining was weaved from the wool of midnight sheep. It had a natural property to weaken one ’s presence. A great perk for any mage. Similar to his jacket, the robe had the effect to lighten itself and strengthen its defense. Seth decided to give it to her later when he finished everyone ’s equipment.

Next was Fin´s new robe. It was not a traditional robe like priests usually wore but was more like a suit martial artists were often seen wearing. It was made up of pants, a jacket, and a belt. The outside was gold while the inside was lined with thin wyvern leather. Seth could imagine the fairy, wearing this golden robe and surrounded by her divine aura. She would like one of the characters from a cartoon he watched as a child, Dragon Cubes. She would become Super Saiyafin!

Unable to wipe his grin off his face, Seth urged the old tailor to show him what he did for him. Nädel saw how happy Seth was about the fairy ’s equipment and moved on to the set of shirts and pants he did for him.

When Nädel had said he would need to use some of the ancient bronze to have enough material to make the shirt and pants, Seth had expected a normal kind of leather shirt and pants with gold accents.

What Nädel did was to intricately weave or sew together stripes of the golden cloth and the wyvern leather. The leather he had dyed a deep dark red while the golden stripes almost looked like embroidery, forming a stark contrast between each other. The inside was lined with a soft dark fabric.

”I know, the color scheme might not be to everyone´s taste, but I guarantee you, that the effects are good. If you find an enchanter the natural effects could also be strengthened further. ”

Set-items? The pieces were already great on their own, but he would even get a bonus when he wore them both! And that without any kind of enchantments. Nädel was really a master of his craft, even so, he was still a craftsman.

Not just increased defense, but if he worse both he would have 25% more movement speed. He would be able to run like the wind!

”Try them on. I have to make sure they fit correctly. ” the old man encourages him. Seth didn´t make him wait and equipped the new clothes instead of his casual attire. He could not just feel, that the clothes were light, but he felt his whole body lighten when he put them on. Was this the effect of increased moment speed? It fell as if a weight that was pushing down on him was slightly lifted.

He started to nimbly jog and run, back and forth in the workshop and Nädel observed him see, whether there were problems in his work. He happily nodded as he watched Seth joyfully jump around and could not see any problems.

”I ’m really glad to have met you, Nädel, ” Seth said a little exhausted after he tried his new equipment

”As thanks, I will give you something to look forward to. ” he continued and brought out Puffles in his cocoon.

The old tailor ’s eyes shot open wide and his jaw almost touched the ground. He shuffled close to get a good look but didn´t dare to touch the cocoon.

”Oh, my goodness… ” was all he could say at this moment. Seth stood widely grinning beside him. It was a good thing Nädel didn´t get a heart attack. He gave the man some time to deal with the situation before asking.

”So, what rating do you see it as? I see it as rare, and you? ”

”Epic… definitely epic. A master might even be able to make something legendary from this thread. Just where did you get this? ”

Seth pondered for a while but decided to trust the old tailor. He put Puffles back into the pet space and told Nädel his story. Not the full one, but enough for the old man to understand what the Ivicer was and how it made the thread.

Seth didn´t know how much longer he would stay in the world of Namia or when Puffles would wake up, but he made a deal with Nädel, that before he left, he would bring the old man all the thread Puffles had made until then and let him make something from it.

Seth stayed with Nädel for lunch. In the afternoon he could finally make his way to the Halls of Stone. He knew the way thanks to the map and soon arrived before Master Tored ’s building. He had come here a week earlier to give him a status report. This time he came because his task was finished.

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