Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 124 - 124. The Training Begins

Seth returned to the Inn to look for Mike and Mina. He had not left the Halls of Stone for a week and was happy to find Fin and the catgirl at the inn ’s eatery. He had not known how much he had missed her until Mina suddenly caught him in a tight hug; pressing her soft body against him. He had not much time to enjoy it before a sobbing fairy tightly gripped-embraced his face and blocked his sight.

”Seth! I already thought you wouldn′t come out anymore! ” she whined, rubbing snot and tears on his forehead. It had never felt this uncomfortable to meet Fin… Had she become stronger?

”F-Fin! Let go! You are c-crushing my skull! ” he stuttered and the pressure on his head finally weakened. Everyone calmed down and they sat down at one of the tables.

”I finished your equipment. Do you know where the rest of the party is? Could you get them? ” he asked Mina. She nodded and went off to collect the crew, leaving him alone with the fairy. Fin looked a little down. Having finished the items, meant that he was ready to start his training.

”hey, it will be alright. It′s not like he will lock me into the workshop. We can meet up when you guys come back from quests. ” he gave her a smile. ”Remember. No goodbyes, only see you later. ”

With that, he took out the tiny martial arts robe from his inventory and put it before Fin on the table.

”This will remind you of me and make sure you return to me in one piece ”

The fairy had still been mopey until now, but her eyes suddenly started shining and she threw herself into the golden outfit. When she started floating wearing the golden dragon cubes-attire an overwhelming aura emitted from the tiny figure as she laughed in a sinister manner. She had instinctively used ”Rule of the Strong ” and it got her blood boiling.

”I can feel it! Unlimited power! ” she screamed and started throwing fists clad in golden energy in the air to test her new found powers. Seth took cover as the fairy started indiscriminately throwing fists and kicks. She created winds in the eatery that made the cutlery jump and furniture tremble.

”Fin! Calm down! ”

Belatedly the fairy slowed down after the skill ’s effect wore off.

”Whoopsy! Fin is sorry. Fin lost control a little bit… ” she acted cutely and apologized to Seth and the inn owner couple.

Seth explained to her the effects of the robe until Mina returned with the rest of the party. It was fortunate none of them saw Fin getting overexcited.

For Bulko he had the reinforced leather robe. He had gone out of his way and infused a medium-sized soul that strengthened the poison resistance of the snake leather to 25% and gave the Priest 100 additional mana.

”I′m sorry I can′t do more than this. But I can ’t make staffs or similar caster equipment, yet. ” he apologized to Bulko, as it was not much, compared to what the others would get. The good-hearted giant with ogre-blood only nodded understanding. He was more than satisfied with an uncommon-rated robe like this. It gave good defense all around and even had additional effects.

Mike got the snake bone armor and shield, which was similar to his, but had a better performance thanks to his growth since he had made his own. He also gave him a sword made from with a simple fire-enchantment made with mithril inlays.

It was his first fire enchantment and the idea was Tored ’s. Seth ’s thoughts had always been more focused on what he could do with his armor to cover his weaknesses. It came as enlightenment, when the old master told him, that enchantments that aligned with one ’s own affinity would have better results. As such the sword did almost 50 fire damage without any increased cost and was rated uncommon after he finished the enchantment.

He gave Mina the tight-fitting leather clothes that fit her athletic figure. For this one, he had the help of master Tored, as Seth knew no enchantments that fit the job of an assassin. Tored was not a master for nothing. After rummaging through his warehouse, he found a pair of gloves that gave the effect to slightly decrease one ’s presence.

After Seth had learned it, he used several small souls to give every piece of the attire the permanent effect to decrease the wearer ’s presence by 5%. If she wore everything it would decrease the likelihood of being discovered or noticed by 40%.

On top of that, he gave her a .

Lixiss was the last one. Seth pulled the robe that looked as if it was made from golden silk.

”This is for you. It′s made by N?del a craftsman-level tailor. Its current rating is rare, but if you can find the right enchanter it might grow to epic. ”

He had not messed with the robe N?del gave him for her. He was of the opinion that he had done enough by providing the material and the craftsman. He was also not sure how the enchantment of a wizard and would mesh together, this was why he left it up to Lixiss to find the fitting person for the job.

Cladding a whole party in uncommon and rare items seems like much, but Seth felt that he had cut enough corners to make it an appropriate payment for the wyvern materials. Seeing everyone marveling at his present warmed his heart. They kept talking and explaining until later in the day when Seth remembered that he had another thing to do before returned to the dwarven district.

He excused himself from his merry company and left the inn. Walking down the darkening streets of Ora he thought about the past and the future. He felt a little sad that he would not be able to spend as much time with Fin, but he was also looking forward to increasing his skills. Once he finished his training, he would return to Urth.

Why return to a place where death lurks around every corner? A world in the middle of destruction?

Seth came up with many logical answers. Many people advised him to return, not just the church, but Fin and recently also Tored, when he heard that he was an ori huma. Allegedly there was much to gain in a world that was going through its transition, such as legendary and even mythical new materials. But he also said there would be other advantages a pacified world like theirs could not offer an ori huma.

He trusted these people, but their words were not the real reason. Was it homesickness? It was itching in his hands. A fire burning in his chest. It was a distinct difference he felt growing ever since he had left Urth.

Why was he thinking about this?

He stopped this train of thought when he reached the system church. This destination was the reason for his strange thoughts. Once he felt ready, he would come here to return to Urth. But for now, he was only here to send off the 30 armors for the lord of Zhiqe.

”Hello, Mr. Smith. Did you come to send something, or would you like to check your mail? ”

Seth was greeted by the clerk. He came here regularly since he still had contact to Sarina and the people in Zhiqe thanks to the letter sent via the church. That and he was also the only ori huma currently in Ora.

”I have something to send away. I will check my mail since I′m already here. ”

”Alright. Give us a moment to process your shipment. Let′s see, you have one letter. It′s from Priest Simon. ”

Simon, the Priest from Starta, had written him a letter once in a while after Seth had informed him, that he had finally reached Ora. The staff gave him the small letter. Inside was only a short note written.

”Things look dire. Don′t return to Urth for the time being. -Simon ”

Seth was perplexed by this sudden warning. Since when had the Priest cared this much about him? It wasn ’t like he planned to return to Urth any time soon, anyway. He shrugged and had soon forgotten the concerning word when he saw the shipping costs.

It was the first time Seth sent merchandise through the church and he understood why merchants rather took the risk of a caravan than teleport stuff around. The teleportation fee for the three boxes with armors in them was 15 gold. If Seth was just a retailer, there would be no way for him to make any kind of profit in such a deal.

If he thought of the remuneration, he got for taking part as an adventurer in a B-Rank emergency quest… 15 gold would be enough to pay a B-Rank party to protect a whole caravan or several C-rank parties.

He paid the money and left still grumbling about this robbery in open daylight.. Well, it had already become evening.

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