Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 137 - 137. Looking For Group

as both sides collapsed. The restaurant closed for the day after the three waddled out with bulging bellies. They had eaten almost all the ingredients the restaurant had prepared for the day.

The trio left the restaurant and Seth re-equipped the sorceress ’ token. He had found out, that he could make her shut up by putting her in his inventory. She had been constantly nagging and complaining about how they dared to just go and eat without her. ”Unfortunately ” the summon was still on cooldown.

It was when they stepped on the main street and went on their way back to the Halls that they heard screams and commotion from the direction of the city gate. A crowd of refugees, beggars, and citizens came running in their direction.

From the gates sounded the horns that signaled an attack and the air was filled by the rattling of giant chains as the city gates were completely sealed off. Followed by the impacts of giant bolts that locked the gate and made it as strong, if not stronger than the walls around it.

It didn ’t end there. After the gates closed, a magic shield rose from the city walls and closed off Ora ’s airspace as it joined with the tall cliff wall at the back of the city. At first, they wondered why the barrier was raised but soon dark spots appeared in the sky above Ora.

A mix of flying creatures filled the air above Ora. Some were humanoid with batwings and spears, others seemed like completely deformed beasts and birds.

”Just what is this? ” Seth could not help but ask. They had found a corner to hide from the panicking crowd.

”How would I know? I bet that guy over there will tell us soon enough. ” the dwarf said and pointed at an especially big humanoid creature with goat legs and batwings. It looked like a genuine devil. One, ancient priests imagined to scare people.

”Your time has come, dwarven worms! ” it bellowed so it could be heard in the whole city.

”Your soft heart has opened us your doors! All the vermin that fled here have turned into our troops! Your pathetic walls cannot stop us! ” It let out a high-pitched screech and suddenly a great part of the beggars and refugees that had just rushed into the city started attacking anyone in their sight! It was like a scene from a zombie apocalypse movie as they started to bite people and rip them open with their bare hands.

And here started the distinct difference to a modern scenario. They simply didn ’t just run away crying for help. The refugees had no way to defend themself, but among them were many adventurers and merchants, or well-off citizens who switched to armor and defensive gear to protect their own life.

In a city like Ora, common armor could often be bought for cheap so many people opted to have at least some kind of life insurance in their inventory. Wealthy traders would sometimes have better equipment than adventurers, despite being non-combatants in general.

The horde of corpse walkers was slowed down by groups of defiant citizens and adventurers on break. Seth and Tored also equipped their gear and jumped into the fray. Unlike the two blacksmiths, that were able to mow down the corpse walkers, the citizens and adventurers were slowly overwhelmed by the refugees that had turned into monsters.

”Haha, you can try to struggle, but you will all become our slaves in the end! ” the demon in the air roared and smashed a giant staff against the barrier, trying to break it.

”Shit, there are so many of them! ”

Tored, Seth and Puffles were fighting back-to-back with the help of other adventurers.

”It ’s ok, we just have to buy time for the defenseless to get away. This situation will soon be dealt with. ” the dwarf answered confidently. Older adventurers and the few dwarfs among the defenders had a similarly confident expression, while the younger ones were becoming nervous.

As if to answer the demons claim, horns sounded from the direction of the gates and were answered by an even louder horn from the golden gates of the halls of stone. The next moment a magic spark shot along the city walls and a shock traveled through the barrier.

Outside the barrier, it created an energy wave that unceremoniously disintegrated the enemy ’s whole air force only leaving the big demon with horrendous scorch marks behind. Its red skin was blistering and oozing blood.

”Urgh- This will not stop us! We will- ”

”Out of my sight, demon scum! ”

An enraged roar interrupted the demon and made the city tremble. The next moment a mighty energy beam, originating from the golden gates, penetrated the demon ’s chest and it exploded. At the gates stood a wizened dwarf. Its bald head reflected the rays of the sun and the smooth white beard reached down to his feet. He wore a majestic magical robe and held a thick staff with a big crystal ball at the tip.

Even the corpse walkers halted at the sight of the giant energy beam that had just illuminated the city.

”Dear citizen, there is no need to panic. I, Mayor Ray, will not let any more harm come to you. ”

It followed several chantless lightning strikes, that jumped across all the corpse walkers like chain lightning and turned most of them into charred corpses, without the walking part. This was inside the city, outside the city looked like a lightning storm as a myriad of strikes descended around the city.

This was the most flashy and mighty magic Seth had seen so far. The sight rivaled the giant hanging tree covering a whole city with its crown. Just what level was the mayor….

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