Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 156: Auction


In a dirty small bar sat 4 figures. One was very big and one was so small she sat on the table. ”Yulecat ’s Fur ” lacked their usual jolly atmosphere. Even Mina the promiscuous catgirl had a hard time leaving the table.

The party had sat there all evening and fought a hard fight against the tavern ’s beer supplies.

”Seth really won ’t come back…? ”

Mina was listlessly rested on the table, hugging her tankard.

”At-At least he is okay, ” Mike answered drunk.

”Yeeah… ” Bulko agreed solemnly.

Lixiss was a flyweight when it came to drinking and had slid below the table long ago. She was in a deep drunken slumber.

”Stop moping guys. Didn ’t his letter offer to bring us over? ”

The fairy was sitting on the table and chugging beer from a tankard several times her size.

”We should train really hard. Even if he does not call for us, we should follow him once we are strong enough, ” she said. Fin had planned to follow Seth anyways. Her word fell on fertile ground. In the ears of the terribly drunk group, this sounded like a good idea and took firm root in them.

————Y City

Seth woke up after a long dreamless sleep. He was rolled into his blanket like a caterpillar and had no intention to leave his cozy cocoon.

~Hey! Are you finally awake? ~

The voice of Al destroyed his cozy loafing.

~That guy…Samuel? Has been trying to talk to you for like half an hour. ~

”Samuel? ” he asked drowsily.

”Samuel!? ” he called a little louder to see whether the priest was still there. If not, he could-

”Seth! Are you finally away? The auction will start soon. You should get ready if you want to watch it. ”

”meh… ”

Grumbling and complaining Seth crawled off the bed and pulled himself in the direction of the bathroom. A nice warm shower helped invigorate his tired mind. He left the bathroom and stepped back into his smithy. The 4 pieces of equipment were randomly lying around in his workshop. He had even forgotten to store them away, or at least place them nice and orderly.

Of course, he knew most of their effects but the final effect would have changed again after the set was finished. The first item he picked up was the big Kriegsmesser that was lying on a workbench.

Wyvern Blade

Epic Wyvern set 1/4



Durability: 3500

1.Will absorb part of the target ’s blood to heal and strengthen itself

2.Will absorb part of the target ’s blood to heal and strengthen the user


4.+ 50% damage against enemies that cannot defend themselves

5.+ 150% Damage against armors

A kriegsmesser forged by Journeyman Smith from rare materials. A plethora of special treatments and enchantments massively increased the weapon ’s performance above what just the materials could accomplish.

Set Effect:

2/4 Ring + Blade + 50% damage on all fire related attacks. + 25% damage on physical attacks

2/4 Blade/Shield + 50% on all physical attacks + 25% overall defense

2/4 Shield/Cuirass +50% overall defense

4/4 + 50% damage on all fire related attacks. + 50% on all physical attacks + 50% overall defense

Skill: Dragon Might

Usage Condition: Seth Smith, 70 strength>

Seth had not seen many epic items but compared to the ring ”Dragon bane ” this did not look too shabby.

~ See! I told you, you would not need an extra enchantment. ~

Al said smugly. What she was talking about was

This skill was like a higher version . This was not the only difference. The fear effect had changed, this was most likely a synergy between the material, the soul, and the enchantment ’s effect. The fear effect most likely went into the Set-Effect ’s skill

This seemed way too strong… was it really ok for him to have this at lv.27? The effects depended on the difference in basic strength, so Seth would have to test this in action to see its true worth. But just the description sounded very powerful.

The sword was already such a big surprise, what would the other items look like? Next, he grabbed the ring from the jewelry station.

A Ring created by Journeyman Smith. It ’s the essence of the maker ’s hidden desire to become an even more efficient arsonist.

Set Effect:(collapsed)>

How did the system know his deepest desires?! No! What the hell was wrong with this description! He definitely did NOT plan to be an arsonist!

~Oh Seth. I knew you were good with fire. But I didn ’t know you were that naughty~

Al teased him full of schadenfreude. She too had often suffered from the sarcastic comments the system would randomly add to the item description. The first version of ”Dragon Bane ” called her a rejected dragon-con!

~The great me always knew! Knew it all the time! ~

It was Puffles the lost son. The lazy piece of caterpillar that had been loafing around in the other room, while Seth was working hard. He used the situation to besmirch his reputation as revenge for his day as a silkworm.

”You shut up! What were you even up to while I was working hard? ”

K-kyurr! Kyu.

~I-I meditated, yes. D-don ’t question the great me! I am beyond any doubt! ~

Seth glared down Puffles until the Ivicer retreated to his room. The ring ’s effects were great, but Seth did not feel happy for some reason. He equipped the ring and the blade and started to channel his energy to test the consumption of the fire blade. The energy moved a lot smoother and the consumption of the ability was almost negligible!

He checked his status. The decrease in consumption was one thing, but why was the energy flowing so smoothly? It was then that he saw, that not only had upgraded to < Energy Circulation (2) > but he had also gained a new skill .

Finally! Tored had taught him about this skill. This was a smith skill based on . Energy circulation had the passive effect of slightly strengthening the material. was the intentional use of this effect. The perk of this skill was that it could also be used to strengthen finished items later on.

His mood had improved after finding out about this power-up. On the enchantment table waited the shield for him. It was the last item he had made the other day.

The wyvern face on the front of the shield looked really life-like. It fit the effect of demoralizing those who look at it. The shield was another one of those options that made Seth doubt whether he should be owning this so early in the game.

Measured on the current players, the majority would probably be unable to even break his shield. Just equipping the shield turned him into the popemobile without anyone able to touch him! The shield ’s effects looked a little plain at first glance but were not to be underestimated.

Seth ’s eyes wandered to the piece he saved for last. The cuirass was probably the most ambitious part of the set since it used 3 very different materials as main components.

~ Oh, ho ho, this one ’s something else! ~

Al exclaimed and told him to check number five.

How had this happened? 50% reflection and no cost? Also, the matter with the wounds. This was way stronger than what the effect of the ballad should have been…

”THIS FUCKA! ” Seth exclaimed when Al ’Zalsa confirmed his suspicions.

He WAS cursed! Like hell, it was safe to use. It was by pure chance and luck that the bull ’s terrible curse had mixed with the enchantment and made something… positive. Still, there was no way he would dare to use the rest of the leather for anything!

That curse could easily hurt him if he dared to use this leather randomly. Imagine equipping a pair of leather boots and they start sucking the life out of you because they bestow you with the curse that makes nature and earth itself despise you.

This stuff was worse than drinking the blood of a unicorn. Even Tim Roddle would not dare to suffer this curse.

”Seth, are you ready? The auction will start now! ”

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