Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 158: Oddball Leader

Inigo looked perplexed at the sword. Was this really possible? There were even small tears in the corner of his eyes. This reaction was quite normal, for someone who wielded a good weapon for the first time.

Inigo was a Fencer, an uncommon advancement from a swordsman. His attack power was based on his attributes Dex/Agi and the performance of the weapon. Like most combat classes, the power of his skills was based and scaled with his basic attack power.

The difference in effect between this sword and his original sword that had a damage of 75 was simply astronomical. He felt like was eating soup with a fork and now somebody finally gave him a spoon!

”I think this should suffice to demonstrate the weapons performance. Thank you, Mr. Monte. ”

Very reluctantly Inigo put the sword back in its sheath and onto the display. As he left the stage and gave it one last wistful glance like a lover seeing off her husband.

”As you can see, we have 7 Sword. Supply is limited but there is no need to be anxious. From now on, we will hold this auction regularly. Even if you don ’t get an item today, you can always come back! Let us begin. ”

The course of the auction was a good example of supply and demand. In Ora, Seth would sell this kind of weapon for 5 or 6 gold. If a gold coin equaled 100k he would get only 500k for one of the swords. But the demand for these weapons was over the top and the bidders easily drove the price into the millions. And the price kept climbing with every sword that was sold.

In the end, the swords very sold for the sum of 67 million credits. Seth would have no financial problems in the near future. As for who bought the sword…Three of the swords were actually bought by an acquaintance, Mark Baker. Seth had no idea that he too had come to Y-City, but he guessed that he acted as the representative of the SDD.

On that note, Seth felt curious whether they had already used the interface and what they bought. Were they consolidating good items to make an elite squad? Depending on their decisions Seth might need to hurry with putting together his team before they snatched people away from him.

While Samuel was busy auctioning off the swords and people were busy bidding on them, Seth was not lazy. With the help of his All-seeing Al, he was able to spot the people with potential. And with some gossip, he also got a rough idea about their reputation and personality.

There were some promising people, but one person really attracted his interest.

The Gourmet -lv 31

Class Gourmet Hunter- Unique

A mix of a hunter and a cook with the ability to gain permanent powers from cooked food.

Seth ’s eyes sparkled. How good would it be to travel with someone like that?


”Hah, how unlucky. ”

The auction had just ended. He was unlucky and unable to buy any of the swords. The prices had far exceeded what little fortune he was able to accumulate since the world went downhill. In the end, Money still mattered.

Although he had no skills to use a sword, he could have tried to gain and train the skill. He might have even thought about changing his class. With the strength, he could gain it would become easier to protect his daughter. Alas, since he did not get one, it meant he had no fate with those swords. He could only sigh and move on. It wasn ’t like he was doing bad at the moment.

”Mr. Jackson, do you have a moment? ”

As he was about to leave the venue a clerk suddenly approached him, they knew his name? What could the church want from him… he didn ’t offend them, right? It couldn ’t be that he accidentally did something heretic and now they would punish him…

”Mr. Jackson? Are you okay? The patron of today ’s auction would like to invite you to a private meeting. ”

The patron? Tekar was hesitant but it did not seem like they wanted to punish him. This might be a chance. Patron sounded like it would be an important person. He followed the clerk to the elevator which brought them to one of the upper floors where they entered a cozy-looking meeting room.

It seemed like the church hat modified this place and it looked more like a lounge with comfy chairs and couches. In the room were already several people waiting. There was a young woman with long straight hair. If not for her rectangular glasses, her face would be hidden behind that curtain of her hair. She wore a dark purple robe and had a silent composed aura.

Leisurely sitting on the couch with his arms and legs spread away from him sat a young man in colorful casual clothes. His bright blond hair was styled into spikes making his head look like a brush. He wore funky sunglasses and a big self-confident smile on his face.

”Please have a seat. Your host will soon join you. ” the clerk said before leaving the room.

Was he the last person to arrive? Tekar didn ’t know the girl, but the man on the couch was the gourmet hunter. He knew that the hunter had a unique class like himself. What could this patron want from them? Judging by the fact that he did not even know who the girl was, none of them were very strong or prominent figures. The only reason many knew the gourmet hunter was his eccentrical behavior.


The other two also observed the newcomer. A hulking black man with a buzzcut and a pencil mustache. He wore a tight suit that had a hard time restricting the bulging muscle from making the rest of the world feel inferior.

Nobody talked as they waited for something to happen. It did not take long before a different door opened and a man entered the lounge. He was tall, no as tall as Tekar, and he had a muscular build, more balance,d and not as massive as Tekar.

He wore alien-looking clothes in a style, not from current Urth. An otherworlder? He wore a kind smile on his handsome face as he started speaking.

”I ’m glad all of you decided to follow my invitation. Miss Arrcany, Mr. Lighting, Mr. Jackson. ”

The woman blushed when she heard her name and cringed when she heard the hunter ’s name. The hunter had a wide smile when he saw that he did not hesitate to use the name he gave himself. Tekar also cringed a little when he heard the name Lightning.

”It seems I have a little advantage. I know all of your names, but you don ’t know mine. Let me introduce myself. I am Seth Smith- ”

”I ’m a blacksmith from A City. And I ’m the one who supplied the swords for the auction today. ”

They all stared at him surprised. There was actually someone from Urth able to craft such items? But how? Their question was written on their faces and Seth decided to answer them.

”Since I started with a crafting class, I went and studied my craft in a different world. ”

”That totally makes sense…not! How did you simply travel to a different world?! ” Lightning, the gourmet jumped up.

”If you join the church they transport you for free. I found a starter village after escaping from A City. But that ’s not the point. I recently returned and I wish to build a place for myself. ”

”And what does this have to do with us? ” Tekar asked calmly.

”I wish to invite you to join my party, ” Seth said with a big smile.

”I really believe we could be a great team. ”

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