The moment he saw this group it was clear to Seth that these were the people mentioned in the diary. He used and signaled the other to do the same. Alison cast a hiding spell on herself and Tekar while Link used a similar skill from the hunter skillset.

They did not dare to look out the window and only listened to the sound of the chimes with bated breath. Beside the chimes, they could also hear the clear voices of these passers-by. Like a clear harmony, their idle talk was unaffected by the fog.

”There are surprisingly little nightmares in this region ”

”Someone must have trespassed and hunted them. We should be careful. I heard even a Gaiosk vanished here. ”

”As if! It ’s just a rumor. There is no need to worry if it ’s just some human-like last time. ”

”He was weak but surprisingly witty. Good thing he actually approached us first. We might not have been able to get him otherwise. ”

”Oh please. You wouldn ’t have gotten him. Not all of us lack in detection magic like you. ”

With that, they stopped talking and only the chimes could be heard. They became quieter and quieter until they slowly faded in the distance. A huge weight lifted off the party ’s chest.

”Maybe we should relocate? ” Tekar asked after a while.

”No, I think it ’s better to stay put. We have not seen those guys in the last 3 days. If they are a regular patrol, we are gone by the next time they come along. We could come across another patrol if we move now. ”

”I agree with Alison. It ’s darkest under the lantern. They just came by here and didn ’t get suspicious, so this is the safest place for now. ” Seth said and even Link nodded.

Tekar also agreed to stay after Alison ’s explanation. They would stay here like before but refrain from further hunts. Although Seth could get uncommon souls from these creatures, there was really no need to risk meeting that glowfolk. He already had almost 20 small and 10 medium-sized uncommon souls. It was enough to experiment with once they got back home.

They stayed put in the building for the time being and used the day to rest. Al ’Zalsa had already told them, that she had found a way to transport them back to Urth as long as she was summoned, she could warp them back.

Apparently, the problem had been easier than she had thought. This was not some twin dimension of sorts, but a hub-world. It was the fog that acted as a medium for the travel between places that mirrored each other here and in other dimensions. She had given them a simple explanation and it sounded very mystical. Seth remembered some old legends that had similar stuff.

Just another two days of laying low and-

”Guys, I need your help! She ’s severely injured and needs first aid! ”

On the morning of the sixth day, the gourmet hunter suddenly kicked open their door after he went to scout the vicinity. In his arms, he held the barely conscious and heavily bleeding amazon.

”Oh no, you didn ’t… ”

”Please, we have to help her! ” he said again and put her on the ground.

This guy really had a heavy crush on this slender mythological creature. He endangered their whole party because he had a fantasy boner… The corner of Seth ’s eye twitched as he tried not to smite the fool. Alison lacked his iron will and kicked the hunter in the head.

Feeling satisfied with that Seth heaved a sigh. It was already too late to put the amazon back on the street now, so he summoned Puffles to heal her.

”Th-thank you, ” Lyca mumbled after her face started to look like a face again and less like something you would get at the meat counter in a supermarket.

”Don ’t thank me. I would have preferred if that idiot left you wherever he picked you up. ” Seth said honestly. At this point it didn ’t that she could probably wipe them out, someone out there beat her to near death and Seth had no wish to meet those people. Especially since he had a suspicion about who they were.

She didn ’t get angry and only nodded understandingly. As a warrior, she understood his mindset, especially since they were not very strong. Once her bones were set and the worst wounds were dealt with Puffles took a break. He was very exhausted.

The strength difference was just too huge, so it took a lot of effort to heal her.

”So, who beat you up? ” Seth asked unceremoniously. They needed to be sure, so they could make the right decision.

”They call themself the Tuatha de. They are sneaky and dishonest. I asked for a fair duel and the moment we started fighting the people in the audience cast a weird curse on me that suppressed all my power…They all attacked and I could only run away. My power is still not recovered… ” she explained depressed

She had been fleeing from them for the whole night. She collapsed once she finally managed to lose them. The gourmet hunter had found her soon after.

”Hmm, but you could have beaten them, if not for the weird magic? ”

”Easily! ”

The party held a meeting about what to do. It had not been long since Lyca managed to lose the glowfolk. They would definitely search the area. It was best to leave immediately. But the actual question was whether they could completely lose those pursuers.

”Hmm, leave it to me. I have a great idea how to cover all our traces, ” he said with a meaningful smile.

After the amazon drank an HP potion and rested a little, she was able to walk again. The party was ready to leave and watched Seth ’s actions with great interest. He had really wanted to do this for a long time. It had been like an itch; Seth had really held back every time they smoked out a building.

He summoned the furnace, fired it up until the pale flames flared like a jet flame, and then kicked it over. All the tiny roots, vines, and disgustingly fleshy veins that covered everything in this place caught fire like tinder.

”Okay. Let ’s hurry before we get surrounded by the fire. ” It was a race against the fire that was spreading all across the structures around them. With Lyca ’s directions, they managed to leave the pseudo-city. Only after leaving the danger zone, did they dare to turn around and look. The rising heat dispelled the thick fog that blanketed the world and revealed a terrifying sight. Once again, the pale fire covered a whole cityscape in an eerie inferno!

The gods were still peeping on him even here…

Now, his mood was gone, but the title ’s effect was really good! At least he was not the only one who was spellbound by the scenery, the whole party was staring into the fire. Lastly, Seth summoned and de-summoned the furnace. Now there were no races of the left. Except for the raging fire… but nobody could prove that they started it.

Seth clapped his hand to bring them back to the present.

”Let ’s leave. We wouldn ’t want to meet some medium-rare and angry glowpeople, right? ”

Everyone hesitatingly nodded and turned away from the burning city. They walked across a dead wasteland covered in fog. Seth ’s only worry was that they needed to return if they wanted to get back home.

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