Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 169: Taking a break

”What are you doing here? ”

Three people said in sync. They were seated around a small round coffee table in a tiny but cozy study. One of them looked haggard and pale with a beard and hair so dense and black it made him look even paler. But nothing could hide his handsomeness and the fascinating attraction that radiated from his deep dark eyes.

”Once again we are aiming for the same man, Nephew ” he spoke to one of the two others. This man ’s build was also slim, but his bare arms bulged with hardened muscle. His face too was covered in a beard. It was a dark reddish-brown like the light of embers shining on soot. His face was normal, but the big crooked nose and wild beard gave him a rough and unattractive look. The man sighed.

”Uncle, how come we always choose the same one? Can ’t you look for people among other professions…? ”

They were interrupted by the third man.

”It ’s great that you two have a family reunion, but can you have that somewhere else and leave him to me? ”

He had a long handsome face with a dark goatee and a big toothy grin. He wore a thin sleeveless white linen coat and beige wide trousers. His clothes revealed his broad muscular body that was honed by battle and covered in scars. His wild mane of black long hair was tamed in two triangular topknots that stood up at the back of his head. His eyes focusing the other two were two intimidating empty holes that spoke of war and destruction.

”Oh, please. Stop the parlor tricks. You won ’t impress anyone with that. ” said the haggard one with a voice so cold it made the other shudder.

”I see you are having fun! Let me join! ” said a joyful voice. A fourth person had entered the room and just closed the door behind himself.

This person was very different from the others. The newcomer wore a blue robe with all kinds of chaotically scribbled yellow stars on it. He also wore a matching cone-shaped hat. On the robe fell a long snow-white beard that almost touched the ground. It was tucked behind a broad leather belt.

When he turned his face towards them there was…nothing. It was like the featureless face of a mannequin made of polished black marble. This was the System God and host of this little get-together. The tree guests froze from the sudden appearance of the host.

”You don ’t seem to be up for fun anymore… ” he said a little disappointed.

From somewhere in his endless wizard robe he pulled out a common clipboard and pencil.

”Then should we start with business? After all, I AM a very busy person, you know. I recently found a really funny guy to watch on the northeast of Urth. Ah, anyways. You guys were invited here because all of you claim patronage of… wait a minute ” he moved the pencil as if searching for something on the clipboard.

”The blacksmith Tim Thornhammir, yes? ” he looked up questioning.

”Not? Oh, my fault, my fault. Wrong blacksmith with a ridiculous name. Here he is Seth Smith. And you want the system to rule in this case. ”

The system god sat down on the table and a tiny espresso cup appeared before everyone.

”Then tell me your claims and we will see who claims the exclusive streaming rights- I mean patronage. Let ’s start to my left and go clockwise, yes? ”

The man with the ember beard stood up to speak, as he sat directly left to the System God.

”He is a blacksmith through and through. As the god of blacksmiths, I, Hephaistos, want to take him as my champion on Urth. I think this is more than enough justification. ”

The system god nodded at him as a sign that he heard him and that he could sit back down. Next, he looked at the haggard man. He did not stand up to speak, like his nephew.

”He inherited the class of one of my previous champions. His abilities dabble in my jurisdiction. I don ’t think it is appropriate for him to have the powers, without being my chosen champion. As such I demand exclusive streaming rights- I mean patronage of this man. ” he had kept a cool atmosphere that was broken when he accidentally spoke his thoughts.

”kekeke. You pretentious people. ” lastly the burly man spoke, he also did not bother to stand up to speak. ”Nobody has more justification than me! He carries my name! Since ancient times this is an act of asking for my powers. His fighting style fits me, too. He ’s ruthless and takes any chance without being hindered by useless chivalry. And the way he uses fire, merciless like the desert sun. And I also have some power over ores, so he is totally mine. Stop arguing with me already. ”

The System God nodded with crossed arms after hearing all of their claims.

”Except for Seth, all your claims are valid. ”

”Hey! You are being biased! He carries my name, doesn ’t he! By ancients right, he is one of mine! It ’s a rule! ”

Suddenly the room became dark and the System God ’s presence swelled by several tens of times.

”I AM the System God, I AM the RULES. ” then he returned back to normal. ”Got it? Your objections have been heard. I have made a decision. ” even so the face was featureless, they could hear the god ’s smirk.

”You three will share the streaming rights and neither of you will become his full patron. Each of you will give him a blessing outside of your realm of expertise. It can ’t be part of your main aspect. On the other hand, you are allowed to keep your right of choosing an additional personal champion. ”

”A Champion can be shared? ” Hephaistos asked doubtfully

”Did I stutter? I am the rules. He can be shared if I say so. It will also be fun to see you three share the streaming rights. ”

And just like this, it was decided, that Seth would not become the champion of one God, but gain blessings from three different ones. The system God stayed seated as the other three grumbling gods stood up and left the room.

They needed to come up with a way to share the rights and what kind of blessing they were to give Seth.

Why had the System God made this kind of decision? He brought up the clipboard, which had turned into a tablet pc and showed the scene of Seth and his party returning to Y City. This god had also watched Seth once in a while. He even ”helped ” him once.

The simple reason for his decision was, that it was much more interesting this way. He had no idea what blessing these three would give Seth, but it would definitely become funny since they had to bless him with something not part of their direct authority.

Otherwise, the god would have had an easy time foreseeing Seth ’s future path. As the champion of Hephaistos, he would have started making mind-blowing weapons and probably created an army of automatons. This was still a possibility, so this blessing might have been redundant and just saved him some time.

As the champion of Hades, he would probably have concentrated on the aspects of the afterworld. Maybe he would have chosen to become a necromancer and revive demigods as soldiers or stuff like that.

With Seth ’s blessing… he would have probably turned into a crazy but very charismatic warlord. But now, the possibilities were endless. The System God watched in excitement.

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