Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 173: 173 Some Peace (3)

The next morning, he was woken by the bright sunlight. He was glad to live at the church right now since he could simply visit the canteen and eat as much as he wanted. Late morning, when he was done with his breakfast, the party members started to slowly arrive and sat down with him at his table. Mary and Jane also joined when they saw the group sitting around Seth.

He planned to work with all of them in the future, so he was happy that they got along without any problems. After breakfast, they went back into that meeting room, where they had first met.

”I asked you all to come by because I wanted to talk about your equipment. We already spent some time with each other in something others might call a Life or Death situation. I got a rough idea, but I did not want to ignore your preferences. ”

”I actually really like this dark knight set. ” Tekar was the first who spoke up. He was scratching his cheek embarrassed. He was sure that asking for this full set of rare armor was too much, but maybe Seth could make him something similar?

But Seth just sat there and nodded while thinking. He had already planned to leave the set to Tekar, simply because it was not as useful if the full set could not be worn.

”That ’s good, then I only need to make you a better weapon and shield. Actually, I had an interesting idea. You don ’t have any good sword skills or something like that right? ”

The big man blushed and nodded. He barely managed to gain lv.1.

”How about we focus on your class ’s advantages and you use 2 shields? Since you can ’t deal much damage no matter what, let ’s max out your defensive power. We have others for the damage. ”

Tekar nodded relieved. He had also thought of this in the very beginning, but since he lacked any kind of taunt skills, he had to use a weapon to provoke monsters. It was different with Seth around. He could simply make items, that fit him and fixed this weakness.

Listening to their conversation gave Alison the courage to also speak up.

”I-I know a blacksmith is probably not versed in making stuff like robes or hats, but could you maybe make me accessories that buff agility and casting speed? I finally managed to learn yesterday, which allows me to move while chanting. But my agility is… nonexistent. ”

This surprised Seth. She explained that she had tried hard the last few days because of the experiences in their week together. She had used her skill points to level up her chanting and ended up gaining .

Seth still had the ”padded jacket ” as an ace up his sleeve, but he asked.

”Hmm, so where would you get good robes then, if not from me? ”

”Ah! Err, there is actually a famous apprentice tailor in Y-City who manages to make uncommon equipment once in a while. I have been saving up money to get a robe and hat from there. ”

Seth was a little surprised that there actually was an apprentice tailor in Y-City. on the other hand, they definitely had more than enough time. It was good, that she could get a hat on her own. Maybe they could get a good one from the dungeons, too.

”I have a good cloth armor for you, so use that money to get a good hat. As for the accessories, I will try to make you something that increases your agility, too. ”

”Me, me, me next! ” Link suddenly broke out. He was the only one left anyways…why did he have to act like this?

”We have to hunt a little in the next few days, I would like some better leather for your equipment. ”

The gourmet hunter ’s expression turned when it sounded like he was the only one who had to wait. Tekar already had his armor and Seth already had Alison ’s cloth armor, only he would need to wait until their next hunt or longer.

”But I have a suggestion I wanted to talk to you about. Your weapon skill is , right? ”

Link nodded surprised. What was Seth getting at?

”That means you could also use stuff like muskets or crossbows, right? ”

Another nod.

”Would you change to a crossbow? I have a really cool idea for a wicked crossbow. ”

The hunter ’s eyes lit up and he excitedly agreed. It was good that he was not attached to using the bow. It had been a good idea to speak with him before he went ahead with making the items. How would he have known that Alison had managed to learn ?

Seth had no problem supplying them with accessories. He still had a badge he originally wanted to sell in his shop. They were just generic enchantments, but they were all rare rated and would more than suffice for now.

For Allison ’s robe, he decided to sacrifice one of the big souls from the Tuatha de. Using he shaped the big soul into a shape similar to the padded golden jacket. He had learned from experience, that the closer he got the soul to the shape of the item he would infuse it to, the less loss there was.

It was something he had to accept. When he infused a soul into an item, there was always a slight loss in the power of the soul. But when he used he could reduce the loss, the more precise he worked. It was just that it was quite hard to forge intricate details into a metaphysical item like a soul.

Seth guessed that it would become easier once the skill level increased. Once he had forged a he used the soul engraver to enchant it with and Agility. The reason why he did not choose any overly powerful enchantments was simple, the simple effects of the soul were already the most beneficial for their wizard. A huge increase in her mana pool was together with the inherent effects of the soul was already more than enough.

Like Nädel had said back then, the jacket was not far off an epic item, and with the infusion of the soul, the outcome was an epic caster item.

If Seth was a mage or had plans to become one, he would probably not give this away. He was sure this would give their wizard a great boost in power and survivability.

For Tekar ’s shields, Seth chose to make something similar to his . For the first time in a long while he used ’s function to design them. They were bigger than a regular buckler but smaller than a full-size round shield. On top of the shield boss, he added a long vicious spike, so Tekar could deal more damage with attacks like or .

As the main material, he chose , not just because it fits well with the armor. The material had good compatibility with the dark element and dark magic. This made it a good base for enchantments that would give nefarious negative status effects. Seth wanted to make the tank as annoying as possible to an enemy.

During the forging, Seth used a demonic ballad he had avoided so far. Al ’Zalsa had not taught him many different ballads and some he had avoided because their price was too high. This ballad ’s effect was very similar to the mind disruption that the monster souls were able to inflict.

The range of mind-based status ailments was a little wider, but the price of the effect was that the user himself also needed to withstand the demonic corruption. It made the enchanted quite literally a cursed or demonic item like Seth had always read about in novels.

Seth ’s worries were alleviated by the inherent effects of the monster souls to grant resistance. Using this to counteract the cursed effect he infused a medium-sized uncommon soul into each of the shields.

Seth used the two snake fangs, that had been aging in his inventory, to forge the shield spikes. The spike ’s shape would lend itself to pierce armor and cause bleeding. He added a deadly poison enchantment, the more intricate version of a simple poison enchantment, to add another layer of status effects. As a second enchantment, he chose shield for one and agility for the other.

He finished the first shield in the evening after their meeting. He infused another 2 medium-sized common souls to max out the effects of the souls.

Seth deliberated and decided that he would use the ballad for reflection on the second shield, so the burden on Tekar ’s mind would not become too overwhelming. With that, he ended his day and went for a late dinner.

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