Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 176 - 176. Ambiguous Divination

try and tap into that information.

Once Seth was in position, she started chanting in a deep disconcerting voice. It sounded like a deep rumbling; completely unfitting the ethereal beauty uttering it.

Slowly glowing lines started to rise from the drawn circles and diagrams. They gathered together in the center of the room and formed a three-dimensional holographic map. The map showed the Y-City district before zooming and enlarging an area in the south close to the sea.

That was Arigiri at the coast of Homju Lake and the place where Evee had lived with her aunt ’s family. After it zoomed in on the city a huge area in the city was marked by a circle. It reminded Seth of quests in some RPGs and FPS he had played, where not a specific quest goal was marked, but a huge mission area where the player had to find or solve the objective on their own.

When Seth checked he found the marked area among the quest information and also marked in the map of his skill. he had never been to Arigiri, so it was a big red circle in the middle of a greyed-out map.

When he looked up, he found that the big circled area had started changing colors between red, blue, and green. Sweat started forming on the diviner ’s smooth forehead as she frantically chanted. This went on for a while, but the area kept changing nonetheless.

Her fa?ade finally broke and she started wildly gesticulating and chanting. Seth could see the distress building up on her face until she fully covered her face with her hands and let out a big sigh. The color finally settled on blue. He guessed, that the area was probably not supposed to be blinking like that.

Quite similar to Seth ’s thought, the diviner soon explained.

”I was able to narrow down her location to this area but… Her current condition is inconclusive. If she was dead the color would be red. Green if she was alive. Blue means that my skills can ’t accurately discern whether she is dead or alive. I can only tell you, that she is probably not fine and healthy. I ’m sorry. ”

After hearing the brother ’s story, she felt very invested in helping to fulfill this last wish. She had tried everything, but her skills were simply not enough to give a better divination about Evee ’s location.

Seth bore witness to the whole process and recognized her efforts. Locating someone to this degree, with just a picture, a wallet, and a diary, was already a great result. She was a good person and definitely worth her money. He would have given her a 5 Star review on pley, but he didn ’t think anyone would care with the current shape the world was in.

How much did Seth have to pay? He just needed to give Samuel 3 of the blood drinker weapons he planned to send back to his shop in Ora. This added up to values of about 50 Gold.

After a moment, the light started dimming and the hologram vanished. She had canceled her skill. The diviner looked so dejected that Seth approached her and patted her shoulder.

”Don ’t worry. This is already more than enough. We will definitely find her and bring her back thanks to your work. ” he tried to cheer her up. It helped a little and she put up a half-hearted smile. Her demeanor from before was gone and she seemed much more approachable.

”Thank you. ” she gave him a sweet smile.

Less like a mystic master of divination and more like a clumsy but charming neighbor girl. Seth resisted the urge to pet her head, he still had no idea how old she was. He couldn ’t possibly pet the head of someone much older than himself, right?

”It ’s good that you are satisfied with the result. Should I prepare the information on Arigiri for you? ” Samuel stepped in with a big smile. He was very happy that everything had worked out in the end. It would have really hurt his heart if Seth denied paying.

”That would be great, thanks.. I will talk with my party and we will leave as soon as the preparations are done.

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