Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 193: On the Way back

Seth was close to lv. 30. Burning down the base with almost 50 people had brought him to the cusp of lv. 29. Now he was watching the ruffians slowly bleeding out after Evee had stabbed them over and over.

Just as the first one died, he leveled up and was swept away by a flood of messages.

A bright golden light was engulfing him as he received one blessing after another!

has been created. The skills , have been received. Dexterity +10, Strength +10>

, , have been received. Luck+5, Personality +5>

< Seth, the Heliopolitan God of Chaos has gazed upon you and blessed you with some of his powers as the God of Storms. The skill has been received. The blueprint has been learned. The recipe has been learned. Personality +5 Strength+5>

An overload of information was flooding his brain and he hurriedly sat down as the golden light slowly dimmed. He had gained so much stuff in this short moment…

”Status! ”

(Without items)

”S-Skill Window? ” His Status had not changed by a lot, but he remembered a lot of skills being added.

What was going on with these blessings? Even if one became a champion, wasn ’t there supposed to be only one blessing? And why were they so…misfitting?

The god of the underworld gave him mining skills, the god of blacksmiths gave him a movement skill and the god of chaos gave him recipes? Seth had no idea what was going on anymore…

”Are you okay? ” Evee asked the stupefied blacksmith in a slight panic.

”Oh? Oh, yeah. ”

”Are you sure? You suddenly lit up like a firework and then just stood there for a while … ”

”Just a bunch of blessings coming in. ”

”Blessings? ” Tekar asked surprised. The party had been cleaning up the what was left of the bandit base. They had returned just in time to overhear their conversation.

”Blessing? Did you reach lv. 30 Seth? ” Alison asked curiously.

”Yes, why do you ask? ”

”Wow, to reach lv.30 and immediately become a champion. That really cool! ” Link interjected.

It became clear what they were talking about when he checked the system privileges. The quest to reach lv.30 had made him eligible to be chosen as a god ’s champion. But he had received blessings from three different gods…

The party looked puzzled when he described what had happened. None of them were champion, so they had no idea how it was supposed to be. But this was the first time they heard that someone was chosen by more than one God.

”Yeah, yeah, yeah, it ’s weird, but what did you actually gain? Champions with one God are already totally overpowered. With three blessings, you must have gotten a tremendous power up! ” Link said eagerly.

Seth belatedly looked at the list of skills he had received. and were rather self-explanatory. was the same as had been. It granted resistance and increased power to earth element skills and enchantments.

The blessing of Hephaistos was a bit more interesting.

The first one made sense to be a blessing by the god of blacksmiths. A skill that weakens the power of one ’s own weapons if used against oneself. But the movement skill? Concentrating on the walking technique. Seth ’s mind was filled with the basic knowledge of how to execute the skill.

The skill had a lot to do with precise body control and a special way to circulate one ’s mana while following the steps. Using this skill would make it seem like Seth was limping and slow to an onlooker, betraying the actual speed and range of his movement.

I seemed like an unexpectedly good addition to Seth ’s fighting skills.

The did not look like much at first glance, but his opinion changed when he read the description.

This skill sounded truly terrifying. It was not just manipulating people with words, but with intent. He could greet someone completely normal but provoke him with the greeting as if he had cursed his mother. In the right hands, this skill could raise nations or destroy them.

Seth realized this, but he also knew, that his were the wrong hands. He simply lacked any interest in conquest or domination. But it was a neat skill for him as someone who often had problems articulating his intent.

He roughly summed up his gains as he talked with the party. The other had complicated looks on their faces.

”What ’s up with you guys and those constipated faces? ” Seth asked confused. Evee didn ’t really understand what this was about and also looked at the other three. The three kept quiet in an awkward silence until Alison couldn ’t take it anymore.

”To begin with I ’m not saying those skills are not good, okay? It ’s just… are you sure you got blessed? Normally a champion would become overwhelmingly powerful. I ’m sorry but compared to what we heard about the powers of champions these skills… are a scam. A joke. ”

”Skills…? Oh, I also got some enchantments, recipes, and a trait. Give me a second. ”

He was not really bothered by what Alison had said.

What exactly this meant became clear to Seth when he took a look at his enchantment catalogue. He remembered that the notifications he had gotten after receiving the trait. There were two new categories which were ”Olympian Enchantments ” and ”Underworld Enchantments ”.

He was almost happy if they were not greyed out with everything except the titles unreadable. It said that his level in was too low. Seth guessed that they would unlock bit by bit as long as he leveled the skill.

When he looked at the blueprint of ”Staff of Seth ” he found another row of blueprints greyed out and unreadable. This time it was his that was not up to par. But he found the staff. It was a was-scepter. Except for the material requirement, there was nothing difficult about this weapon.

The material needed to make this staff were of course the . He looked it up in his material catalog and found the recipe, which was quite mystical and not very scientific. were rated between rare and legendary.

It could be refined from ordinary iron. To refine it one needed to draw a formation with the blood of a jackal and a donkey. The formation would need to be infused with mana during the sixth hour of the day. The better the quality of the material, the higher the success chance and resulting rating.

This was one of the first recipes Seth saw that sounded like true magic. And it didn ’t end there. He found that another recipe was added to the catalog, . This material could be refined from ordinary silver and was also rated rare to legendary.

The refinement method sounded just as magical but was totally different. To create one needed to smelt silver in a special furnace using the heat of an active volcano while following a special energy circulation technique to infuse power into the metal.

It was pretty obvious that the latter was unlocked through his new trait and was the metal Hephaistos mostly used to create many of his divine armaments.

It was true that he had not gotten a great immediate power boost but looking at these gains made him look forward to the future.

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