Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 1 - 1.The World Ended?

eth had no idea what exactly was going on, but a tutorial sounded like a good start to find out.

His Vision became blurry and his surroundings changed into a dark void.

Like the copy of a game tutorial the system started to explain how to use things like Quest-, Status-, Skill- and Inventory Window which could be opened by thinking or reciting the names. It also mentioned, that most skills he could obtain would be self explanatory when he concentrated on them.

His Status looked something like this

Name: Seth Smith


Exp: 0%

Race: Ori Huma



Class: None

Affiliation: None





Agility: 12






Free AP(Attribute points):10

He had no skills or quests yet, so the skill window was empty. Similarly, the inventory window only showed what he was currently wearing and a field of 3×3, so 9 item slots to store his items in.

As Seth had expected, he could collect experience to level up. Each level up would grant 5-10 free AP.

And about gathering experience:

, the system said ominously and a sword appeared in front of him. It was a plain arming sword with some rust and a scratched up blade.

With this a small ugly humanoid appeared in the void in front of him.

”Is that a goblin? Seriously? What a cliche… ”

Seth grasped the sword and noticed surprised, that even so it looked beat up and plain, the sword seemed well balanced and felt good in his hand. The moment the sword fit into his hand the green creature charged at him with an unnerving screech.

It rang in his tired head and really annoyed him.

His body moved, using the sword like a club, trying to direct the sharp side towards the creature and hack down in it ’s shoulder. The sword went halfway through it ’s rib cage, almost splitting it in two.

Seth felt everything travelling up the hilt of the sword. Cutting it ’s meager wiry frame and tough flesh. The edge crushing and splitting apart it ’s bones under his hand. It was all real! he was looking on in shock as it ’s dark smelly blood splashed everywhere and the goblin collapsed at his feet.

Until now, he was half convinced that it was some weird, but really cool, dream. He scratched his scraggly beard, trying to think of what to do now… But his thoughts were interrupted by the system.

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