Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 200: 200.Present beyond imagination

On the second day of their journey through the safety zone, they saw a huge number of new damages across the city. It seemed like something had happened. Suddenly Seth hurriedly stopped the wagon.

The reason was a familiar shine in the ruins of a collapsed building.

What a great find! Was there a recent monster attack? What kind of creatures had attacked while they were away to leave so much damages? The soul obediently floated towards him and entered his inventory. He would have to use it in an item, to find out what abilities it would grant if any. But just a big soul was a big gain, too.

On their journey to the center of Y-City, this became a common occurrence as Seth picked up another four of these souls along the way. As they arrived at the church building, he found another three souls close to the entrance.

Had the church been sieged by monsters? The church had a system buff that could keep most monsters under the system ’s influence away. But the church still stood, so Seth did not worry much.

”Daddy! ” when they entered the church they heard a high-pitched voice and a tiny creature stormed at them. Tekar ’s daughter charged into the father ’s arms and almost toppled him over. Some distance behind her followed Mary and Jane with wry smiles.

The little girl had constantly looked outside the window, waiting for her father to come back. When she finally saw him arriving in front of the building, they could not stop her from rushing down to greet him.

As Seth and Evee entered the lobby he finally heard a long-awaited ding.

Finally, the quest requirements were fulfilled! Who would have thought they were so strict? When Seth asked Samuel because of the quest later, the old man conjectured that ”making sure of her wellbeing ” meant not just to get her to safety alive.

It also meant to get her into a situation where she had the possibility to lead a life in safety if she chose to. Technically, Evee could join the church and live a peaceful life under its protection. The point was that it was her decision from here onwards.

An Epic soul! This was his first epic soul; he would have to deliberate what he would make from it. But not right now. They had just returned and there was a lot to do and catch up about. The first would be a talk with Evee.

He wanted her to join his group as a healer/magician. An immortal healer, how good was that? Then they would have two healers that could dabble as damage dealers and tanks. He also waited for the answer from Nädel. As good as the two gauntlets he had made were, he wanted more. There were also the obsidian shards.

The others would also need some time to grind their skills with all the new ingredients they had acquired. As he was thinking of all the stuff that waited to be done, he was interrupted by a jovial voice.

”Seth! I ’m glad you guys made it back safe and sound! ” Samuel came to greet them with wide-open arms. He was sure the old man was only happy that he came in time before the next auction. Seth had kept the box with the auction items in his inventory. He thought at first but then he noticed the dark bags under the old man ’s eyes.

”You look tired, Samuel. Did something happen? We saw a lot of new damages in the city. ” Everyone ’s gaze was now directed at the old priest. Even Tekar who had been in his own world with his daughter looked up.

”Yes… Do you remember the glowing people you told me when you returned after going missing for a week? ”

Their faces became serious, and Seth nodded.

”A small army of them attacked Y-City. My guess would be that they came looking for you. ”

The old man described what had happened recently and the current emergency state of the city. Their eyes widened when they heard where the Tuatha de had flocked to.

”I don ’t think the authorities suspect anything, yet. You should be careful for the next few days and stay away from the places you usually go. ”

”I think the timing is quite opportune. We have a lot of things to do. I suggest all of you stay at the church for the time being and grind your skills. ”

The journey had brought them a great increase in power, but levels were not everything. Training their skills took priority now, especially Evee and Seth who gained access to a whole bunch of new ones needed to get accustomed to them.

They had more than enough material for Link, Evee, and Alison to train their crafting skills and there was no need to mention how much Seth had on his plate.

”And you, Tekar. You can spend your time with your daughter and maybe train with the people of the church. ”

Hearing that he could just stay here for free and spend time with his daughter cast a smile on the big man ’s face. He really loved his daughter.

Samuel ’s smile was a little complicated when he heard that they would simply hole up in the church. But it was Seth ’s floor and he paid for it. He could do with the rooms whatever he wanted. His smile became genuine when Seth convinced Tekar, Link, and Evee to also join the church as lay members.

They had a small coming home party in the canteen before everyone went to Seth ’s floor and chose a room. Back alone in his room, Seth sighed. The silence after being with people for so long felt good and weird at the same time.

He sat down at his table and wrote down all the things he had to do and wanted to do in the near future. And then he took out the token. He felt like a man who had just written his last will. But it was not that bad, right?

~ I have waited long enough! We are back, now keep your promise! ~

The moment he summoned the spicy sorceress she pushed him down on his bed.

While the others were peacefully sleeping after a long journey and party, Seth had to do steamy stuff. Poor Seth.

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