Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 201: The Tailor and the Blacksmith

It has been two weeks since Seth and the party returned. The second auction had been postponed because of the recent invasion. There had been many casualties despite the fast reaction by guilds and authorities. Without the sudden appearance of a mysterious group of high-level players, there would have been even more victims.

Although the situation was dealt with, the populace was still high-strung and careful about leaving the house. Many invited VIPs had canceled their positive answers. So many in fact that it was necessary to postpone the auction until the situation calmed down.

The story about the head of the hunter ’s alliance facing the enemy leader had already a kind of urban legend. It included the fact that someone had allegedly provoked the invaders first.

It was fortunate that no one could connect them with the invasion of the Tuatha de. Seth didn ’t feel guilty or anything, but he was clear of the fact that people might blame them if they knew. And that would be really annoying.

He was glad that his party members were of a similar opinion. None of them saw anything wrong with what they had done. It spared Seth from long talks to alleviate someone ’s bad conscience.

In the past two weeks since they returned Seth found the Chance to officially invite Evee to stay as a permanent part of their party. After he had explained everything that happened in the fog realm and their connection to the recent invasion, she was even more enthusiastic about joining them.

Alison had finally gained the alchemy skill. She and Evee spent most of their time in the laboratory grinding their skills with the ingredients they had brought back with them. The result was a huge amount of low-level and failed potions of various kinds accumulating.

Alison was actually studying chemistry major before the apocalypse and had gotten a good idea of alchemy after studying the church ’s library. She was able to stand by Evee ’s side and help her with her own attempts. But her help could only go so far.

The skills of Alchemists could be said to be more founded in the realms of science, even with magic. Potion brewing and metallurgy followed a more or less set system. A witched brewing on the other hand was much more occult being a kind of mixed discipline.

Witches and alchemists shared a small pool of basic potions, but a witches brewing included many potions that integrated all kinds of magic formations, wards, and unpredictable occult items and practices. The effects of such potions varied immensely and were much more varied than those of alchemists. This brought with it a very high failure chance and unpredictable options even on failed potions.

Link the gourmet hunter on the other hand made himself useful and took over the management of the canteen, cooking most meals all by himself. If he could level his skill up to adept, he might be able to make uncommon meals as long as the main ingredient was uncommon. God knew he had more than enough uncommon meats and materials from their journey that would help him level up fast.

Seth started off his little breaks by recuperating from Al ’s nightly attack. He found the time to check his mail. The church had delivered one big box for him. Inside he found two smaller packages and letters.

The smaller package was something soft wrapped in paper and corded with string. It came with a letter from Nädel.

”Dear Seth,

I ’m glad you didn ’t forget this old unskilled tailor after returning home. I actually consulted with Master Tored about these gloves, and we hit it off. He also told me about the issue you had with that leather, but I ’m sure he will tell you more in his letter.

We worked together on these and it was a great opportunity to work together with a master blacksmith and it gave me many insights. This is another favor I have to thank you for. Without you, I would have never made a connection with such a skilled dwarven master.

In the package, you will find a new pair of gloves. Your master and I incorporated some of our personal reserves into these and I hope you will like them. The effects and materials aside from the bronze were Tored ’s suggestions and I hope you will like them.

You can view them as a goodbye present from me and your Master Tored.


Nädel Fädli ”

Seth ’s heart raced reading this. An item made by the cooperation of a master blacksmith and a craftsman tailor? He carefully lifted the paper package out of the box and ceremoniously untied the strings.

Just wearing the gloves unlocked a full list of fire magic?! The gloves were identical except for the other glove granting +50 Dexterity. Tored had seen through him, long before he himself had made the decision to focus on his fire abilities. These gloves were the best he could have wished for.

The inside lining was a soft red leather, covered in thin golden fabric made from the . On top of the fabric were plates made from soft-looking but very tough scales. The description was true.

Despite looking quite brutal and heavy, they felt weary comfortable to wear and did not hinder any range of movements. He felt the knowledge of the skills come to his mind. It was his first time learning magic aside from .

He also understood why some of the spells were locked. It simply lacked the required level and intelligence to use these. was also a very interesting skill.

Unfortunately, this did not work with the fire he made with his own skills. It might have been too easy otherwise…

If this was Nädel ’s part of the package, what was Tored ’s then?

In the box was a big wooden chest with another letter. This was Tored ’s letter.

”Hi, Seth,

I ’m sorry for only answering so late, but I wanted to investigate things and give you a satisfying answer, before writing back to you. Despite being clearly labeled as not cursed, the leather being cursed is a serious matter, and I ’m sorry to have endangered you like this. Although you shouldn ’t have taken it in the first place, I ’m glad you are okay.

Your friend Nädel approached me some time after you left and asked for your glove size. He ’s a great craftsman and we worked together to make a new pair of gloves for you. They are also a small apology for what happened, and I hope you like them.

He also helped me to find the culprit. It was actually quite funny…

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