Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 202: Stocking up on Blingbling

Once upon a time, there was a dwarven blacksmith called Tored. He was a famous and popular master of his craft among the people of Ora and his race. As you would expect of such a figure, he was also a man of character.

He said what was on his mind, stood up for what he believed, and did not avoid offending people. Now it came to be, that he offended one among his fellow dwarfs. It was a powerful merchant, neither a warrior nor a craftsman.

He was known as a social butterfly and his habit to brag and show off with the most expensive and exclusive stuff he could get his hands on. Only to discard it and get something new in time for the next party.

You need to know, that merchants are not much appreciated among the race of craftsmen, even if they are very rich. This was valid for this one especially.

One day this merchant visited the great blacksmith and spoke.

”Great blacksmith! Make me the best weapon there is and the best armor, too. I can pay you any price you want! Just make it so no one takes their eyes off of me! ”

But the master denied this commission.

”But why? I can pay you any price you want! ” the merchants asked agitated.

At this question, the blacksmith, with his rough, sooty finger poked the merchant ’s big flabby belly covered in the finest fabrics. And left a black mark on the clean clothes. The blacksmith knew the merchants and his habits.

”Weapons are made to reap life. Armor is created to save life. They lose their meaning in the hands of someone who would never risk his life or raise his hand to take another. My works are not for you to decorate yourself and proudly strut about like a peacock. ”

The merchant ’s face became red from anger and embarrassment. How dare he reject his money? He was just a service provider, a mere craftsman! So what if he was a master! He should just take the money and complete the order!

Enraged the merchant stormed out of the workshop. At the next party, he had nothing new or exclusive to show off. He felt the scorn of his peers. He knew they were looking down on him. It was all the blacksmith ’s fault.

The hatred grew in his heart, and he hatched a plot most foul. Using his money and connection he sold the blacksmith a fantastical but cursed material. The moment the blacksmith tried to use it the curse would break out and reap the man ’s life under much pain and horror.

And as the merchant had planned, the blacksmith did not suspect a thing, happily taking the material.

It was an act of pure coincidence which broke the evil merchant ’s meticulous scheme. The dwarf ’s apprentice had just become a journeyman and prepared to go on his travels. On accident, he packed the master ’s precious material and was on his way with the cursed thing.

Now, the apprentice was quite different from the master. He was versed in curses and demonic arts. When he used the cursed material he was able to turn the curse around, so it would strike his enemies in battle.

Agitated he wrote his master about the cursed material. The Master was dismayed to hear from his apprentice later. He was glad to hear that he was alright, but it gnawed on his heart, that he had endangered his disciple in such a way.

He was still thinking about what to do when a crafty tailor visited his shop. As well-known as the dwarf was among the dwarfs, the tailor was among the humans of Ora. He was an acquaintance of his disciple and asked for help with gloves for the other.

Being able to do something for his disciple the blacksmith readily agreed. The more they talked the friendlier they became with each other. After a night of talks and drinks, the man and dwarf had bonded like brothers.

The crafty tailor declared that he would help the dwarf to find the culprit. With the tailor ’s help, it was not hard to find the traces of the evil merchant. But how were they supposed to prove his guilt?

It was the tailor who offered his help and came up with a scheme. As a famous craftsman who was rather picky with his clients himself, he would advertise his newest creation and that he would personally choose the buyer.

It was not just a chance to meet a famous figure, but also to get an exclusive item. There was no way the merchant could withstand this temptation. And as expected, the merchant came. Of course, the tailor chose the evil merchant, and they came to talk for a long time where the tailor easily befriended the vain man with all kinds of empty lip service and flattery.

They started drinking and once the merchant was drunk, the tailor led the conversation. Not in control of himself, he spilled his whole scheme to the tailor. With every little detail and a smug smile.

When the merchant woke up the next day and his head hammered from a terrible hangover, he found himself in a dungeon cell. What he had no expected was that his whole conversation with the tailor was heard and recorded by an acquainted guard that had hidden in the room.

With two witnesses and a recording, there was no way out for him. Imprisoned for forgery, fraud, and attempted murder he would see the light of day never again.

Having fought injustice together, the two became brothers and worked together to make a legendary pair of gloves for their friend and apprentice, who had uncovered this plot with his life on the line.

Seeing that the great silk, his apprentice had given his brother tailor, was running out the dwarven master added another gift of his own on top of the gloves.


PS. I hope you can send some more of the Celestial bronze for Nädel. ”

In the chest, Tored had sent were 15 bars of , 15 bars of and 15 bars of . Everything needed to make a whole lot of for Nädel. Puffles did not spend so much time making threats recently and was more occupied with destroying meals, growing and growing stronger.

He would follow Tored ’s will and give all of this to the ivicer.


~ This great me shall take care of this! ~

It was unexpectedly easy to convince the ivicer to turn back into a silkworm… something felt off. Seth decided to keep an eye on his divine pet.

Now he had time to take care of his plans.

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