Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 203: Second Auction

Seth had a lot to do at least the gloves were no cause of worries. It would probably take months before he could even make something comparable. Not to mention something better. The only thing he could do was to further improve them by infusing a soul armament.

However, he held back on that for now. Only one of those geniuses as worth for these gloves, but the wanderer ’s souls were unfitting. He really needed to find a reliable way to gain better souls. He had a good harvest during the time in the ruins, but they were mostly small or common souls.

This would not only add more effects and improve the performance but also make the enchantments permanent, as long as the soul was big enough. He felt a little bad to exchange his gloves so soon, but he could keep these for Tekar to use later.

Seth had not just the orb and the obsidian he had gotten from the stronghold, he also had a bunch of new skills and recipes to explore. Especially and that could turn rather normal metals into something high-grade.

He lacked an active volcano to make the silver and could only ask Samuel for the donkey and jackal blood. They had not come across anything that could be called a monster donkey or jackal on their journey.

The blueprints and enchantments were locked because he lacked skill. All except for , but he needed the bones for that one. Putting those on ice Seth focused on what he could do.

The first and most prominent idea in his head was making a staff for Alison using the . His thought process was simple. Alison already fulfilled the skill requirement and the wind affinity. Like him she was already close to lv. 40. All she lacked was lightning affinity and Seth planned to cover this with the staff.

For this he needed either a very special metal or wood. There was the wood from trees that were baptized by lightning and survived the strike. This incorporated a high affinity to the lightning element into these woods. In the case of metals, it was quite similar.

The problem was that these things were very scarce and hard to find. Again, Seth asked Samuel to look for those, but he had no high hopes to get them any time soon. Seth had many plans, but he lacked the details which stopped him from executing them immediately.

The only things he could work with now were the obsidian shards. And he planned to take a step he had avoid for the longest time: Piercing his ears. The helped him make the decision to finally make earrings.

At least piercing the ears was much simpler thanks to the system. The healing process took almost no time making it a laughably easy procedure of mere minutes.

The earrings gave Seth a new appreciation for his and . He did not want big earring but that made enchanting them harder. For a regular blacksmith. Seth could simply enchant the soul armament and circumvent this problem.

He was not much of a gem cutter himself. He simply lacked the eyes to see what part of the stone would be the best. Another point on his list: Find a good gem cutter. As he knew he would not do a great job he opted to not do it at all.

He took a relatively small shard of . The shard was about the length of a pinky and the thickness of a pencil. All he did was split it in half and slightly match the two pieces to each other.

Using Seth made a gem setting with a chain that led to the hook at the earlobe. It was not a very complex design, but it didn ’t look bad and did its job. He didn ’t use a smithing ballad as he was missing a fitting one. He could remake them later if he learned something appropriate.

Since earrings counted as a pair, just like boots, there was only one slot. Just like with boots, there was little sense in giving them different effects. So, he made them like he would make a set with one of the big souls split between the two.

He forged two earrings from the big soul similar to the ones he had just finished and enchanted them with willpower and intelligence.

The systems remarks were as biting as ever… In a similar fashion, he created two rings using obsidian. But this time he used the ballad to add a random curse to attacks.

These effects were chosen after thoroughly testing his skills and abilities with the fire gloves. Thanks to all the improvements to cost and power he was now able to use and control his spirit flame just as well and much as he could use normal fire without equipment.

With his on level three he was able to effectively control a fire up to a range of 15 meters. It became exponentially harder past this range. The magic unlocked by the gloves on the other hand had a huge much greater range.

But magic costed mana instead of mental energy. That ’s why he decided to focus on effects for casters for the rest of his equipment. It was not just about the added range. Most of his items lowered the cost and increased the power of fire skills. Having another way to attack with fire, based on a second resource increased his overall firepower and survivability.

Now Seth was fully loaded with jewelry and every accessory slot was filled. And they were not just practical. When he looked in the mirror Seth could not deny that he looked quite fabulous, dazzling even. Especially when he only wore the golden cloth armors and new gloves.

~ If you keep staring you will fall in love with yourself. ~

”Yeah yeah… ” Seth sighed.

Al broke the mood. Why couldn ’t he enjoy nice things for once?

After finishing these accessories his came close to 50% proficiency. only gained a little, while was just before leveling up to lv. 2.

Now Seth could only wait for the church to find the materials he needed to make something substantial. This didn ’t mean he would just idle around in the meantime

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