Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 218: Somewhere Else (3)

For this, he had spent quite some time drawing a formation with donkey and jackal blood that had arrived together with the other materials. In the middle, he had piled 50 ingots of .

At 11 o ’clock in the morning of the 8th day, he kneeled at the formation and supplied it with power using a special technique written in the recipe. This was the third time he did this, and it was still as fascinating as ever.

~ The domain of gods is really something else. No wonder even dragons bow their heads before the gods. ~

Once in a while, the pocket lich would comment on things, but she was rather quiet lately. It didn ’t stop her from demanding his nightly service when the summon went off cool down. Maybe it was his imagination, but lately, she had become gentler.

Or he had just become stronger. Yeah, that had to be it. He had put most of the attribute point he had gained from leveling up into endurance and gained the title ”Sturdy ” when he reached 100p. It increased his multiplier for physical defense by 0,5 per point. He got pulled out of his thoughts when the formation went into action.

The formation lit up in a pale red light that seeped into the steel bars. Mixing with the original gray of the steel it tainted the bars in a dark red. The coloration was not homogenous which gave the a blurry pattern of a lighter dark red and an almost black dark red.

With the uncommon steel and the common blood, the end result was a pile of rare rated . One could say this was the cheapest way to get big amounts of rare materials.

Seth ’s reason to make so much of it was Tekar ’s daughter. In the last few days before their departure, Seth planned to make some last-minute preparation. One of them was to completely armor a carriage with this material.

The girl had no class yet and could not fight on her own. That ’s why the party decided to put her into a tank, or the closest equivalent to a tank they could come up with. It took him a day to cover a whole carriage in the metal.

The church ’s workers had exchanged the carriage wheels for modern tires, so they could handle the additional weight. The carriage made by expert craftsmen had a rating of uncommon beforehand and was upgraded to rare with the modern tires and new armor. It was important it didn ’t break down on their journey across the mountains.

In the remaining two days everyone could go out to take care of their personal preparations.

The big preparations were done, so now Seth had time to experiment a little with the things at his disposal. He still had a bunch of left and he wanted to test out what exactly the weasel souls could do. What was the effect of a soul that retained a lot of memory?

But first, he started off with the . Of course, the blueprint gave him a rough estimate of what to expect, but the margin was simply huge. The item itself ranged from Common to Divine which Seth guessed was a rank even above myth.

Maybe it was a special rank like Unique, where it was not necessarily part of the hierarchy. But one thing Seth knew for sure. Divine armaments were a lot rarer than mythic rated items. Simply by the fact that he never heard of the rank, not even from Tored.

He was really curious what rank he would be able to attain with the he had made from uncommon steel and common bloods.

The crafting process was not overly complicated. He forged a was scepter from the special iron while chanting a cryptic verse that resembled a smithing ballad. Like before when the iron was originally blessed, a red aura descended onto the metal as he forged it.

It also came with its own specific enchantment that stretched all over the staff, when he finished the enchanting process, the engraving lit up in the pale red aura before darkening again.

Overall, it was a Was Scepter with a metallic black patina of iron oxide.

Although it was just a rare version of the scepter, it had some terrifying effects. The most surprising was the incredibly high durability the material had.

After finishing the staff, he went for sparring with the rest of the party. Monique and Jonah were diligent and hardworking and spend most of their time in the training room. Seth guessed he would learn the most about wielding a staff by sparring with a master of the spear.

Monique was in the middle of going through different spear stances and fighting imaginary opponents. Her breathing was heavy and sweat was flying with every fast movement. It did not lessen her beauty I the slightest, it even increased it.

Seth watched her with a blank expression until she was done and called out to him.

”Boss, you came for sparring? ” she asked looking at the long hard staff in his hand.

”Oh… ” he said with a slight regret before he came back to his senses. ”Oh yeah. I wanted to test this new weapon a little. ”

”Can I try it for a moment? ” she asked interested.

”Hmm, okay. Try it. Let ’s see if you can. Be careful. ” he answered.

He wanted to see her reaction when he lent her the staff. The moment she grasped the scepter it slipped out of her hands with a flustered face. With a bright clang, it fell on the ground.

She blushed slightly and tried to pick it up but could not lift it even a little bit off the ground. Seth watched her for a moment before she explained the situation with a mischievous smile.

”Meanie! ” she punched his shoulder light and turned away pouting. Sometimes she acted surprisingly innocent. He picked up the staff and got into position.

But Monique said rigorously ”No. I ’m not sparring with you until you apologized. ”

Seth had to spend a few minutes to coax the pouty powerhouse to spar with him. They started off with slow sets of movements and slowly became faster. The option of increasing the blunt damage had a great effect.

Even during sparring, Monique had a hard time blocking the staff with her spear. They were currently sparring without any other equipment, and he could theoretically pressure someone almost 10 levels higher with the staff.

Of course, this was only because of sparring. If this was a serious fight, she could easily overwhelm him without his items. They sparred until it was time for dinner. They had almost forgotten time.

They went for a shower and joined the rest of the party in the canteen. Even Evee and Alison were here today, instead of locking themself up in the laboratory. It was nice seeing that everyone actually relaxed a little in these last two days.

Tomorrow was their last day in Y-City. Seth was glad they could leave behind this powder keg.

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