Blacksmith of the Apocalypse

Chapter 223: Lets break some Bones! ~

There were quite a few good materials in the elder ’s inventory and Seth soon found something he deemed appropriate to barter for his information.

It was a small rough stone fit to be used in some kind of accessory. Materials that influenced luck were hard to find, but not as sought after as other materials. The price would not be too over the top.

Drosi nodded when Seth told him his choice.

”If your information is sufficient, we have a deal. ”

Seth and Drosi spend quite a while in the yurt exchanging information about Urth until someone notified them that the meal was ready.

”Let ’s pause here and eat something. We can keep talking after a meal. I think you still have other business you wish to talk about. ”

”I appreciate someone that can interrupt business talks for a good meal, ” Seth said thankfully and they left the tent.

At the campfire sat Seth ’s party. They already had bowls with a thick glistening soup in their hand. The smell and sight made Seth ’s mouth water. After the initial awkwardness, the party members had started getting along with the Tijaahk quite well. Tekar ’s daughter Ruby was even playing with the younglings of the group.

Drosi and Seth sat down at the fire and were immediately handed bowls of soup and a soft flatbread as a spoon and for dipping. The thick soup had a strong unknown flavor that captured Seth ’s full attention. He heard the sound of notification that ended with:

It was actually buff food and had a permanent effect! It was a shame that he was not in a position to just hog all the soup for himself… But it was a great sign of hospitality and skill. They had amicable chit-chat during the meal and the cat-people started singing and dancing afterward.

Seth entrusted diplomatic interaction to his party, Ruby especially. She was great at making friends with the foreign race. He and Drosi returned to the yurts and continued their conversation.

When Seth finished talking about Urth the elder gave him the and this finished their deal.

”Now then, I saw that you were interested in other products. ”

”Yes, there are few things I would like to buy. ”

”Tijaahk has wares if you have coins. Can you pay? ”

”Comes down to your prices. I could also barter. I have quite a bit rare gear I could offer, too. ”

”Hmm, Tijaahk prefers cash. ”

”Don ’t speak too fast. You have a lot of materials, but the crafting professions are not that far in this place. Good gear is much more sought after than good items. ”

Drosi nodded. After everything Seth had told him, it was understandable. It didn ’t mean he fully trusted Seth ’s information. But there was no harm in a good deal. Even if they could not sell the gear, good gear could be worn by their warriors.

The old cat and the blacksmith bonded over bartering for several hours. Seth not only acquired the fabrics but also a few interesting materials. Among other and . The latter was a rare leather.

The marble was a big block of stone but didn ’t count as a blacksmith material. Drosi ’s description had caught his attention. It was a marble that collected and focused the power of the sun. Maybe it could be useful to Puffle ’s.

If not, he would find a way to profit from it. It was not too expensive. The most interesting were a few bars of metal called .

He already had a great idea for what he would do with this metal. Seth planned to send the fabrics to Nädel, to have him make a cloak. The result could be really cool. The other things he had mostly bought out of interest.

The best thing was that h did not spend a single piece of his gold instead he managed to barter the materials for some weapons and the rest of the rings he had brought from Ora. Both parties were satisfied with their deal and enjoyed another cup of tea to celebrate.

”So, where do you plan to travel with your caravan? ” Seth finally asked. He had told the elder about the districts and their current situations.

”Hmm, is there a reason you are asking? ”

”Well, I would not recommend you to go to Y-City. They have a hard time dealing with foreigners. We are on the way to Delta where the Chrona Empire has a foothold. Maybe you would like to join us? ”

Seth would have loved for them to join. The caravan of cat people would give great security on their journey. He didn ’t worry about himself or the Party member, but more people meant more people that could protect Ruby.

Everyone else could fight, run or just teleport to Y-city in the worst case. Evee was immortal. But Ruby had no way to fight or run. More people meant more defenders. Although she wasn ’t his daughter, he didn ’t know what to tell Tekar if his daughter died. This journey was his idea after all.

Drosi thought for a moment.

”We have just met. Can you tell me your reason? ”

Seth shared his worries and thoughts about Ruby and Tekar. Drosi ’s eyebrows jumped up in surprise.

”You are a more responsible person than the first impression made me believe. Alright, let ’s travel together from here on. ”

They shook hands and sealed the deal.

Seth returned to his team after they talked about the details for some more time. The party had parked their carriages to the side of the Tijaahk camp and were setting up tents. It was getting dark already.

”Listen up, Guys. I have good news. We will travel together with the caravan from now on. They will help us on the journey and we will lead the way. The caravan is getting for set off tomorrow morning and we should be able to depart before noon. ”

Before they went to sleep Seth explained the plan from now on. The Gourmet Hunter would join up with the scouts of the cat people to scope out the path in front. Alison would stay with the rest of the party in the middle of the caravan. In case something happened to the scouts, she would be the backup to find their right path.

”Evee. Tomorrow morning you will also place your wards on the carriages of the cat people. They have their own measures to keep monsters away, but we decided that it would do no harm to double up on security. ”

Evee nodded motivated. The others also nodded in agreement. Especially Tekar seemed to noticeably relax. It was a quiet night, and they could leave guard duty to the Tijaahk.

The next day, after preparing all morning a freeloading another meal, Seth sat beside Drosi on the driver ’s seat of the caravan leader ’s carriage. The carriage was not as comfortable as the ones added with modern luxuries like seat cushions.

In exchange, they were very sturdy and easily dealt with the crumbling street. The cat carriages were pulled by big, feathered monitor lizards. Seth asked Drosi who explained that they were one of the best mounts for traveling.

The lizards could deal with most climates and had extremely high stamina compared to a low feeding cost. They were not very imposing, but the best if one traveled a lot.

Link and some cat hunters were scouting the way upfront, and they made a lot of ground during the day. They were still in the foothills of the great mountain range and had not yet encountered anything that could go against Evee ’s wards.

It didn ’t mean there were no monsters. Link and the hunters reported a variety of beasts in the vicinity in case the wards or other countermeasures didn ’t work.

Against expectation, they made it through the day without having to fight even once. In the evening they found a place set up a temporary camp.

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